5 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Water Bottles

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5 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Water Bottles

There are so many everyday items that we have around our homes that can be reused and recycled before they really need to head off to the trash or the compost pile. One of those very useful things is plastic water bottles.

Now before you panic on me about reusing plastic, here’s a tip. If you do plan on reusing your plastic water bottles, first check the number on the bottom. If it’s a 1 or 2, these water bottles are safe to reuse. If it’s any other number it’s time to toss in the recycling bin or in the trash once you’ve used it once. Any number besides 1 or a 2 is not a good enough plastic to reuse and will end up leeching chemicals into whatever you a reusing the water bottle for. We don’t need that!

So what can you do with an old plastic water bottle? Here are some ideas!

Use as a mini greenhouse. Did you just plant a little flower or veggie and need it to get growing? Cut off the bottom of a water bottle and use the top as a mini greenhouse for your plant. You could also do this with bigger plants and large plastic bottles such as old soda bottles or milk jugs. (We use milk jugs in the garden!)

Take off the screw cap so that your greenhouse has a vent and you can also water your plant through this little hole as well.


Store extra green onions or herbs. If you’ve already gone through all the work of chopping up extra herbs or green onions, just use a funnel and pour them into the bottle and freeze. When you are ready to use you already have an easy-pour bottle to get your onions or herbs right into the dish you are cooking!

This is a great way to store any extra fresh herbs that you may have grown in your gardens such as Mint, Lemongrass, Chives, or Cilantro.

Reuse as a water bottle. Seems simple right? As long as you have the #1 or #2 plastic you can reuse your water bottle as a water bottle. You can also fill up and stick in the freezer to use as an ice pack that you can drink as it thaws!

Make your own funnel. Cut off the top of the water bottle and turn over to use as a little funnel. Perfect for a funnel in a pinch if you don’t have one on hand. Just make sure to remember not to pour any hot liquids through it as they may melt the plastic.


Use the empty bottles to create a Cheap Baby Sensory Toy. My little boy just loves playing with water bottles and I’m more than happy to let him, it’s a cheap toy!

You can use any water bottle for the sensory toys but the ones that are a little thicker plastic will last through more play.

Find even more Repurposing Ideas on this page.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg…what do you reuse your plastic water bottles for?


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  1. I have these movable garden beds on wheels. We thru a bunch of the water bottles in the bottom to help keep air pockets and so the garden is lighter to roll.

  2. I freeze water in my water bottles to pack along as ice packs in my cooler. Then as they melt the ice-cold water is there to enjoy. This is especially good on an outdoor picnic or a long car trip.

    1. I do that too use water bottles….Gatorade etc. for freezing and then putting in coolers for travel….I find they are much better to go from No Georgia mountains to South Florida….some ice you buy … well most….dont last….having “holes” in the middle and therefore…dont last….then we are buying half way…..

  3. Great ideas!

    Something I have done before: Using a bottle to catch some household flies/gnats during warm weather. Cut off the top third or so of the bottle (as if you were making the funnel). Fill the bottom part of the bottle with sugar, water, and honey or maple syrup. Turn over the top part and put it back into the bottle (so that the “funnel” is basically pointing down into it).

  4. Most plastic jugs and bottles are 100 percent recyclable. Plastic #1 and #2 are the most commonly used forms of plastic in bottled water containers – and the most commonly collected. The plastic in jugs and bottles is lightweight, durable, flexible and, yes, at times controversial.

  5. Plastic exists in almost every object we use and it is not bio-degradable. Toys,bags, cars, bottles, parts of electric appliances are just a few things from endless list. Plastic material can’t be removed from nature so the only way is to reduce demand for it and to reuse what we already have.

  6. Make dog toys out of an “odd” sock stuffed with a plastic bottle. I use my old zip lock bags for the used litter when I clean the potty box.

  7. If you cut approx in half, you can use the top part (with the bottle cap) to “close” your partially-used bags of chocolate chips/ dry beans etc. by tucking the open end of the bag into the screw top area and then tightening top.

  8. Bottles filled with water and placed in black reused flower pots lined up along the south wall of a mini greenhouse makes a great solar heating system.

  9. Cut a water bottle in half or thirds…Save a partially used bag of chocolate chips/dried lentils by twisting the end through the top portion of a water bottle and then twisting cap back on.

  10. Eye spy bottles for the little.guys. Puts all toys, letters numbers,pics, etc in the bottle with lots of rice. As they shake an turn the bottle different objects will come into view. Tape or hot glue will keep little fingers from opening.

    My daughter is a kindergarten teacher and uses them as calm down bottles. Fill it with colored water and glitter or sequins. When a tantrum starts she shakes it and they have to hold it until all the glitter settles. The kids stare at the bottle and quickly forget what they were upset about as they watch the glitter settle. Even I find it calming to look at!