BioLite Solar Products Review and Giveaway

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In honor of National Preparedness Month, I’m partnering with BioLite to giveaway some great products so that you can be prepared in case of an emergency.

In honor of National Preparedness Month, I’m partnering with BioLite to give away some great products so that you can be prepared in case of an emergency. #nationalpreparednessmonth #prepper #beready #preparednotscared

September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Each year, this month is recognized to help raise awareness of the need for disaster and emergency planning. You never know when an emergency situation will happen and being prepared makes all the difference.

One of the best ways to be prepared is to have an emergency kit ready for the unexpected. Whether you have a natural disaster or simply a power outage in a strong thunderstorm, BioLite’s solar panels, battery storage, and rechargeable lighting are important additions to your emergency kit.

–Learn more about Creating a Winter Emergency Survival Kit

If you’ve been reading Little House Living for a while, you may already know that we always have an emergency plan. That’s why I’m excited to share more with you about BioLite products and offer a Giveaway for some of their products.

What is BioLite?

BioLite is a company that creates energy products to power people’s lives off the grid. They are a trusted resource for off-grid & prepper families nationwide. Their products would also be great for camping and boondocking.

BioLite Products

HeadLamp + StuffSack

  • This 330 lumen handsfree light is super bright and can last for up to 40 hours on low mode. When your inside a home and have other light sources (such as the SunLight) you won’t need to use this on high brightness so it can last you for multiple days of use without a charge.
  • When the power goes out you need directional, hands free lighting to navigate your way around the house – to check the breaker in the dark basement, or place light sources, cook meals, gather supplies, etc.
  • Thanks to BioLite’s 3D Slimfit design it’s super comfortable – you’ll forget you’re wearing it. 
  • It can also be adjusted to fit kids!
  • At the same time, when you’re just hanging out around the home, you’ll want some ambient light (for enjoying meals, reading, playing games) Just use the stuff sack and turn your headlamp into an instant lantern by hanging it up in the middle of the room.
  • HeadLamp 330 also has a red mode which is great if you’re in a group so you don’t disrupt everyone’s vision when it gets dark out.

Merissa’s Thoughts – We love using these! My husband is big into using a headlamp for doing chores after dark, especially in the winter when it gets dark so quickly. The kids have also loved these HeadLamps from BioLite. We will definitely be taking them on our next camping trip.


  • These 100 lumen lights great prep items because they basically just replace candles – they won’t tip over, no risk of starting a fire. They also won’t run out because you can charge them up via the included SolarPanel or via MicroUSB
  • And if you pick up a 4 pack, you can place them around the house where you would a candle, one in the bathroom, one on your nightstand, etc.
  • You can turn them on, navigate your way to where you’d like to place them and stand them up or hang them anywhere you need light and they are dimmable so you can control the energy you need
  • And the lights can change color which is a fun way to lighten the mood during a storm and also means you can put them into Red Night vision so you don’t disturb people’s eyesight in the pitch dark.

Merissa’s Thoughts – Honestly, this was my children’s favorite item in the whole set. They love all the fun colors that these lights change into! They will be using them as nightlights in their rooms.

SolarHome 620 + Charger

  • SolarHome 620 is one of the most popular products in this category
  • The AC adaptor for the SH620 that allows you to charge up the system’s battery from a wall port. I recommend using this to charge up your system before putting it into storage – that way it’s completely charged up when the power goes out. Then you just place it back in the box (that’s the size of a shoebox and can easily be stored under a sink, inside your closet, etc).
  • Solar Panel – When you need more power and an outlet isn’t available, this 6W panel will charge up the entire system with just one full day of sun. Just place the panel outside on a roof or deck in direct sunlight
  • Control Box – This is your system’s hub where you control lighting and access your power.
  • This system has 3 hanging lights that can be strung throughout the house to provide overhead lighting around the home. For example, you can light the living room, hallway and kitchen depending on where each is located. Each light is super lightweight so you can hang from rafters, hooks, existing lights without any extra installation.
  • Each has a switch that controls the brightness (low, medium, high) depending on your needs in each area
  • 3 hanging lights offer overhead lighting, meaning no harsh shadows like when you use a floodlight or flashlight as your primary lighting

Merissa’s Thoughts – I’ve always wanted one of these SolarHome kits to put a few rooms off the grid in terms of lighting. I actually thought they would be cool to set up in a chicken coop or some kind of animal barn that you don’t necessarily want to run electricity to because of the expense but still need to be able to see in the dark. For now, I’m stashing this kit away for a stormy day.

LifeStraw Classic:

  • The original personal “straw” filter that you might know from outdoors – is actually great for emergencies too as it removes bacteria, parasites, and microplastics
  • Durable and ultralight: weighs only 2 ounces (0.10 lbs)
  • Long-lasting: filters 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters), enough drinking water for an individual for over 5 years
  • Ultimate survival tool, no shelf life, easy to clean and store, used and tested all over the globe

Merissa’s Thoughts – I’ve seen these advertised before but haven’t owned one until now. Our family loves to hike and camp so this will be perfect to take along since it’s small enough to fit in a backpack and since we tend to hike and camp near streams.

This September, BioLite is offering 3 bundles to help you prepare your emergency kits so that you can be prepared, not scared, in case of an emergency. 

Prep Kit: Solo Edition

Access reliable on-the-go energy with this ultra-packable emergency bundle designed for 1-2 people. Includes HeadLamp 330 + Light Diffusing StuffsackSunLight Solar Lantern, Charge 20Wh Battery Bank, 1 Lifestraw Classic (Save $20)

Prep Kit: Apartment Edition

This midsize kit provides reliable light, power, and safe water when the grid goes down. Ideal for groups of 2-4 people and designed to be used around the home or in an emergency shelter. Kit includes SolarHome 620 + Adapter, 2 HeadLamp 330’s + Light Diffusing Stuffsacks, 2 SunLight Solar Lanterns, 1 Lifestraw Classic (Save $50)

Prep Kit: Family Edition

Our largest kit this Preparedness Season, this bundle provides reliable light, power, and safe water for the whole family. Featuring high-volume water filtration, personal illumination for everyone, and multi-room lighting, the kit includes SolarHome 620 + Adapter, 4 HeadLamp 330’s + Light Diffusing Stuffsacks, 4 SunLight Solar Lanterns, 1 Lifestraw Gravity Filter (Save $75)

BioLite Giveaway

Thanks to BioLite, one Little House Living reader will win a HeadLamp & Light Diffusing stuffsack. (Worth over $65) To enter to win, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Be sure to share this giveaway with your friends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Please note: I will email the giveaway winner as soon as the giveaway has ended. The winner has 72 hours to respond to the email and claim the prize. If there is no response, all books will be donated to my local library. Please add [email protected] to your email contacts to help ensure email delivery.**

Which BioLite products are you hoping to add to your emergency kit?

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  1. This is awesome! I love that they carry Lifestraw…I sent one along with my daughter when she entered the mission field.

  2. The solar products are fantastic and any would be useful in a home. I like the life straw or any product. Thank you for your blog, I love it and read and refer often to it.

  3. I would love the Prep Kit Apartment Edition as I will be moving into a new apartment next year in an area that gets tornadoes and hurricanes more then where I currently live.