Christmas on the Homestead

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Christmas looks different for us this year since we moved to the farm a few months ago. Of course we are still living in the rv too until the house is finished so it looks different this year than it will look ever again. Here’s a few shots we took this week around the farm of what Christmas looks like for us. Enjoy and have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Above is our barn that we added a little festive holiday touch to. 🙂


We have a wooden fence all around our yard part of the property, we decorated some of it. We still have several inches of snow from a recent storm (and are getting more today!) so it’s perfect sledding weather!


Our stockings are hung in the window of the rv with care. 🙂 Our small tree sits in the middle of the living room floor, we had to do some unique re-arranging but it works! No ornaments this year since I’m not sure where they are but it’s probably best with the little one anyways. Besides, he’s been “decorating” the tree all week with his toys.


Our new puppy Audrey and her little human going on an adventure in the snow.


Some big lights we strung along the fence around the pasture.


Our family Christmas present, the Golden Retriever Audrey. We got her at the beginning of December and she’s growing like a weed. She loves playing in the snow!


It started snowing pretty hard around mid-day on Christmas Eve, not that I was worried since we already had several inches but it’s for sure going to be a white Christmas!


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  1. Looks so much like Christmas, tree looks big in picture, stocking look cozy. I love your lights outside and your wreath on the barn. That puppy will grow up with your little human, looks like a good match! I like seeing the puppy running in the snow, actually looks happy!

    Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing

  2. Awesomeness .. I still love my warm Florida though..used to live in Okla as a kid loved it we lived on a hill and when it snowed we would get in my granny’s pans and slide down the hill so much fun miss it but have great mems. Beautiful place u have….

  3. Merry Christmas! It looks very festive. Audrey is adorable! We adopted a puppy in October and she has brought us a lot of joy as well. Take care!

  4. Very beautiful! Love the festive spirit and holiday homesteading. May the new year bring you much happiness!! Ranger, my golden puppy, would looooove to play with Audrey. That’s goldens for ya, they play and play and play. Merry Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas! I have search and can’t find your story why you are still in the trailer for Christmas. Why aren’t you in the house yet?

    1. We’ve been updating in our newsletters right now. The house is turning into more work than we thought, it’s just not livable right now or for a while yet 🙁 Plus we’ve kind of run out of money for the remodel since some bigger things have come up. It will get there! Just not as soon as we thought.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family…I enjoyed seeing all your photo’s, I enjoy everything you post,,have a wonderful holiday,,,

  7. Merrisa,
    Sorry to hear that.My husband and I are starting to build a house on our land in the spring.Living in a trailer while we build (out of pocket) My fear is being in the camping trailer in the winter and having frozen pipes. You are very inspiring, Thank You…

    1. It’s definitely not ideal. Our pipes freeze on and off, once for 6 days we had no running water. I’m very ready to be in the house! 🙂 At least it’s nice and warm in here though.

  8. It looks so comfy and cozy.
    Love all the lights and the old barn. The puppy is adorable.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us. It gives me hope that we too can do it.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

    Paulina and family

  9. Love it… I often wish I had made my life more simple before now… got too caught up in this and that and forgot what it’s really all about. Now though is a turning point and the start of something fresh and new. Wishing you and yours the best Christmas ever and a happy, healthy New Year!

  10. Merry Christmas-everything looks festive and like Christmas-and what an awesome gift for the family-
    I have enjoyed reading your posts Merry Christmas from the Ozarks of Missouri

  11. Your homestead is Beautiful. looks like the little one and Audrey are best friends. Enjoy your Blessings. Merry Christmas. Can’t wait to see what you do with the homestead this next year, exciting times for you all I am sure.

  12. Merry Christmas, enjoy the gift of your child and a puppy, I love your posts! You are keeping it real … Good things come to those that wait! <3

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us today. You are quite the photographer! I only just discovered your group about a week ago, and I am so happy to receive everything you post. I love it. Merry Christmas!!

  14. One of the best trees we ever had was when we didn’t have any decorations or money to buy any! I went thru the kids’ toy box and gathered all the toys from McDonald’s happy meals, put ribbons on them and hung them on the tree! That was close to 20 years ago and the kids still talk about it to this day!

  15. Wow, everything looks just like it should! My family lived in an RV as well for several years in my young childhood, and we always had great fun. As you know, it’s not the size of the space but the amount of love to fill it with 🙂 Can’t wait to see how things change for you next year! Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Loved all the photos! … all worthy of a magazine – I wish you and your little family peace and a happy, healthy New Year –

    God Bless You

    mia Ibanez rural s.e. Indiana 🙂

  17. Aw. How beautiful! The lights on the fence reminded me of the year I decorated our fence between the driveway and the pasture. I strung them up one afternoon and we enjoyed their beauty that evening but the next evening they weren’t working. When I investigated the following day, I learned the horses were curious about the lights and bit the miniature bulbs. So much for that. Lol. Your little is so adorable. Merry Christmas!

  18. i have only recently discovered this blog/website (don’t know which it is) and totally enjoy your crafts, tips, etc. the pictures are beautiful and bespeak icy cold. merry christmas to you and yours!

  19. Audrey is so cute! I’m late to wish a Merry Christmas but never the less, wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year!

  20. I just love your site and love the pictures of the new property, gorgeous, simple and I just LOVE it! Thank you for sharing!

  21. I love your place If I were younger would love to homestead.

    Love your place.If I was younger I would homestead.But at 75 and a widow its too late so I will follow your adventures and enjoy.That is my idea of the way to live. Have fun

    iwas younger would homestead


  22. Merry Christmas Merissa! (I know, three days late) Glad to see your family is well and enjoying the snow. What a cute puppy! He will be great for you guys I’m sure 🙂

  23. Merissa,
    I just found your blog Via Pineterest and absolutely love it!! I would like to wish you and your Family a Very Happy New Year!!! : )

  24. Love the pics…..would love to have a place like this….you are very blessed! And you are an inspiration! Please keep pics coming of remodel also!

  25. wow i love these pictures they are so warm and friendly. We were stuck here in sunny California at almost 80 degrees. I also like that very simple look your homestead has. BTW… Audrey looks like she loves the snow I wish my dog Phil spent his christmas that free too

  26. I was looking at the house. Was it ever a barn? We live in Va beach, VA but are thinking of liquidating and trying to find a barn in PA (somewhere near Gettysburg or Lancaster) and living in an RV in the barn ’till we can make parts livable. I know a guy who used the alternator off a tow truck to connect to a windmill and he lives off “off the grid” power wise.

  27. I love the pics, especially the one of the little one and puppy! I’ve never lived on a farm so I’ll have to live through you! 🙂

  28. Merissa….how lucky am I that I stumbled upon Little House Living just at this moment…..thankful its a Friday night because I am sure I will b up late enjoying reading your blog!!! Such beautiful Christmas pics….Thank You….You are such a inspiration 🙂

  29. Wow! What an awesome looking place! Just like a Norman Rockwell painting. May the Lord look favorably upon y’all and shower you with abundant blessings!