Free Printable Canning Jar Labels

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Here are some Free Printable Canning Jar Labels for your mason jars! Grab these cute printables and start labeling your jars to know exactly what is in each one!

We created these cute free printable canning jar labels that you can print out and use on all your projects! (They look pretty on the regular mason jars but even more gorgeous on the colored Ball Jars!) Whether it be for spice storage or your jars with homemade mixes or even gifts in a jar, feel free to use as you wish and share them with friends too! #canningjarlabels #jarlabels

Free Printable Canning Jar Labels

I usually make up at least 500 jars of home-canned produce each year. That’s a lot. After I finish each jar, I label it somehow and put it away with all my other home-canned food storage.

Normally, if it’s something that’s just for us, I write the contents of jar and the year it was produced on the top of the jar and stick it in the pantry. When I put together special mixes or gifts into jars, I like to label those a little differently.

When my custom mix jars are empty, I refill them with the same things so I need a label that lasts. Since they’re usually stored in a pantry shelf with other mixes, I also need a label that’s easy to read from the front of the jar, instead of the top.

Homemade Mixes to Go in Mason Jars

Here are some of the many homemade mixes I keep on hand in my pantry and have labeled with these free printable canning jar labels:

Homemade Gifts in a Jar

What about gifts in a jar? So many fun things can be made in a jar and given as gifts for all occasions. A nice little label on the front with the name and directions written on it is the perfect touch for gift-giving. Here are a few things that I’ve given as gifts in the past:

Free Printable Canning Jar Labels

We created these cute free printable mason jar labels so that you can print them out and use them on all your projects! (They look pretty on the regular Mason jars but even more gorgeous on the colored Ball Jars!)

Whether it be for spice storage, homemade mixes, or even gifts in a jar, feel free to use them as you wish and share them with your friends!

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How do you label your canning jars?

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  1. Hi Merissa,
    Dairy allergic reader again 🙂 I was looking at some of your mixes (which is an awesome idea by the way and I”ll be putting some of that up soon), is there a substitute I can use for powdered milk? I normally drink almond milk now but now sure what kind of powdered milk/substitute I could use.
    Thanks in advance if you know anything.

  2. Again, I don’t normally post on your site but I DO LOVE all the ideas you send and I don’t want you to ever get sad or depressed because of the few hateful people who respond. You’re beautiful and your children are so fortunate to grow up in a home where love, creativity, and sustainability are evident daily.

  3. I love these labels. I love that you are so generous as to share your time and talents with so many people that you don’t VRN know. I love your creativity, and how your website is set up – such great recipes, advice and ideas. Thank you for many years of learning and enjoyment. I haven’t seen any mean comments, but saw reference to them, above. Ignore the haters and pettiness. For every one comment like that, there are hundreds of people who love you and learn from you, every day. God bless you and your family and the wonderful work you do. 🥰🙏❤️

    1. Hi Jennifer, I don’t have printable labels for the mix recipes. Personally I just write down all the instructions in a notebook or print out the entire recipe and store it in my recipe binder.

  4. Could u please make me labels to print & put on my jars of Honey Sugar Scrub plus how to use it, plus ingredients. I will print them & put them on the jars. ♥️♥️ Love Darlene….

    Thanks !!