Free Simple Living Devotional

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Looking for the perfect devotional to go along with your journey into the simple life? I’ve written this Simpler Living Devotional just for you!

Simple Living Devotional

Simple Living Devotional

Sometimes a burst of inspiration hits and you have to follow it’s lead. For a long time, I’ve been wanting to write a devotional but just haven’t made the time to do it. One afternoon not long ago, a burst of inspiration hit me and I couldn’t stop writing and researching for several hours.

What was produced is what you will find here. A simple living devotional that is perfect for women who are just beginning their journey into simpler living or who are looking for a deeper meaning within the simpler lifestyle.

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Who is this Simple Living Devotional for?

Anyone can use this devotional, however, it has been written for women or moms that have a family. You can enjoy it on any stage of a simpler living journey but it is written for those that are just beginning to live a simpler life and are looking for a Bible study that will accompany their journey.

How do I get this Simple Living Devotional?

Just enter your email in the box below and I will send it to you!

What kind of format is this Simple Living devotional in?

This devotional is a pdf file which means I can email it instantly to you. We do not currently have it in a printed book form but can consider it in the future if we have enough requests.

What makes you qualified to write this Simple Living Devotional?

Although I haven’t publicly shared my testimony here on Little House Living yet, you can know that our family is Bible-believing Christians. We are active members of our local church and believe that nothing is more important in this life than sharing the love of God with anyone who will receive it. We are currently full-time missionaries with Village Missions. I’m not sure how “qualified” that makes me but that’s my heart. 🙂

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How long is this Simple Living Devotional? 

This devotional is designed to last 4 weeks with each week having a special area of focus from living a simple life.

Will you write more?

If there is enough interest I’m happy to write more! 🙂

How do you use this Simple Living Devotional?

Each week has a highlighted section of verses and a personal experience. It also shares the background behind the highlighted verses. Each week also features a reading and study challenge and then offers 5 days of journaling prompts for each topic.

How much does the Simple Living Devotional cost?

My heart didn’t feel right charging for a product like this that could help someone on their spiritual journey so we’ve decided to make the devotional free for anyone that wants it. If you really enjoy this product and do want to support our family and Little House Living, feel free to share this page (or our main website) with a friend that would also enjoy it.

Ready to get your devotional? Just enter your email in the box below and I will send it over to you right away. I hope you enjoy it!

Have you already begun this Simple Living Devotional? Be sure and let me know what you think about it in the comments section!

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  1. With things the way they are a little more inspiration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless you!