Homemade Bug Spray

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Homemade Bug Spray

We are gearing up for bug season here….mosquitoes, ticks, creepy crawlers!

It is good to be prepared with a natural solution to help fight off these pests. Here is the natural, simple, easy, yet effective mixture that I will be mixing up and using for myself and my family.

Homemade Bug Spray

This homemade Bug Spray is easy to put together, you will just need a few basic essential oils to make it. Here’s the recipe that has been working well for us!

Homemade Bug Spray

What You Need:

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Homemade Bug Spray

Mix all ingredients and oils together and place in a spray bottle. You can find small spray bottles in the travel section of most stores. These work perfectly for this spray and are especially a nice size if you want to carry the spray in your car or purse when you are out and about.

When you are ready to use, spray over skin or clothing, remember that lemongrass is somewhat photosensitive so make sure you are wearing sun protection as well if you plan on spraying this directly on skin or just leave it out if you want to use directly on skin.

I hope that this will help you have a BUG FREE or BITE FREE season!!

Here is another great post you might want to check out about preventing mosquitoes around your yard. There are many things that you can plant and do to help reduce the insect population in addition to using a Homemade Bug Spray!

And if you do end up getting bit this summer, a great thing to have on hand is some Bentonite Clay. It will help take away the sting and itch of many different kinds of bites so they won’t continue to bother you!

Do not use this spray (since it contains peppermint oil) on young children.

What should you make next? How about Homemade Shaving Cream?

What other body products would you like to see me make with essential oils?

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  1. I need some help with my little one. She is two, and very clumbsy so she gets a lot of scrapes. She is allergic to the adhesive in bandaids so i cant cover them, and she likes to pick at them. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

    1. When my little guy is having any kind of issue I end up using gauze wrap and wrapping it around the effected area and then, if possible, covering it with his pants or shirt so he can’t get at it.

  2. Hi, I love this recipe, plan to make some for a friend who is always being bitten. Just to clarify as I’m a Brit, when you say T, you mean tablespoons? Or is it teaspoons?

  3. Can you tell me why you include witch hazel in the recipe? Does it help with the spraying aspect or does it help with the bug repellant aspect? Thanks!!

  4. Always good to have another way to keep mosquitoes from biting! I notice that you state that lemongrass is photosensitive – could you share your source for this info? I’ve used essential oils for quite a few years and have researched phototoxic EOs in order to avoid exacerbating my own extreme photosensitivity, but I’ve never seen lemongrass listed. Thanks!