Homemade Velveeta

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Ok, I know your thinking that sounds pretty gross and how could you actually make something similar to that totally processed cheese product. Well I made this recipe a few weeks ago and it actually wasn’t bad. It was the same texture as Velveeta so it could be used in the same recipes but yet its not so bad for you! Keep in mind when you are making it that real Velvetta is pretty salty and this recipe doesn’t have any salt in it so the taste won’t exatly match and you might need to add a little extra salt say if you were making soup or something. Enjoy!
Mix these ingredients together in a blender until cheese is pretty much disolved into the mixture, pour into a loaf pan lined with aluminum foil. Repeat the mixture twice more and pour into the same loaf pan. Carefully mix together the mixture in the loaf pan, then cover and chill at least over night. Pull the foil out of the pan and put the cheese into a tupperware and use as needed. Keep refrigerated.
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  1. Does it melt like velveeta? I mostly used velveeta in a crockpot dip recipe. It would be wonderful to use real food instead.

  2. I have to try this. my hubby is on a next to no sodium diet and although the cheddar cheese is pretty salty it still would be so much less than the boughten kind. Yes, I said boughten lol. normal word here in Michigan too

  3. Is this 1/2 lb each time (since you repeat recipe) or total? Thanks. I buy cheese in bulk and shred it myself. Why would this only keep for a week? Is it if your buying cheese already shredded from the store? Just curious. I keep my bulk cheese for at least a month. Thanks