How to Cook Home Canned Potatoes

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Have you ever found yourself scrambling for something to think of to serve for supper or got lost in the hours of the day and low and behold, the family is hungry? I have been there, too often to want to remember!

If you are a canner, you can be prepared for this situation. Today I’m going to share a few ways how to cook home canned potatoes!

If you are a gardner and have had extra potatoes or found a wonderful deal on several pounds or bags of potatoes and you are a canner….you are in business.


Canning potatoes is easy and once you have a stash of canned potatoes, it is limitless what you can think of to use them for. Here are a couple of my favorite and easy ways to use them.

  • Make a Pot Pie with them.

You can easily use your canned chicken, vegetables, and potatoes to make a pot pie with. Just add the chicken, broth, vegetables, and a can of potatoes to the pot. Thicken with cornstarch or potato starch or arrowroot. Place in a pie shell and cover with a crust of your choice ( homemade or store bought). Bake in the oven until the crust is golden brown.


  • Soups or Stews. They hold up well used in the crockpot or for any skillet meals.


  • You can also use them as a side dish. This meal was entirely made by canned items. I pulled a jar of canned beef, canned corn, and the canned potatoes. Warmed all three of them up and used the juice from the beef and potatoes to make gravy. Complete meal was ready in less then 15 minutes.

Let us know your suggestions or ideas on how to cook home canned potatoes!

Until next time, Julie


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  1. I never considered canning potatoes before but you’ve made it look like a really convenient food to have on hand! I especially like the pot pie idea, to help eliminate some of the steps involved. Thanks!

  2. I’ve canned potatoes for a few years and find they come in very handy on the cold winter nights of Maine. Open a jar of potatoes, a can of canned beef, a can of carrots and it’s supper in no time. We really like them as home fries. TIP: when making home fries, to get them nice and crisp use a non-stick pan.

  3. I make pot pie and use crescent roll dough for crust. I do prebake it for 10 min before i fill it. I also make the same filling and bake biscuits on top. I mash them. Fry them and mix in eggs and top w cheese to put in tortillas. Potato soup. Love my canned taters!

  4. Canned potatoes and we fry them for breakfast. they are just diced. Love them. thanks so much. I had never canned them before. oh and made mashed potatoes. so easy.

  5. Our favorite way to use canned (1inch dice) potatoes is to drain the liquid off of them and coat with flour and Cavanders Greek seasoning. Then I deep fry them until golden brown. It’s not very good for us, but it tastes so good!

  6. We have canned potatoes for a while now. One idea I have not seen on here is to make potato salad. I open a can and rinse well then let them drain. Proceed with your own recipe for potato salad.

  7. I can all of my “ugly” potatoes. You know the ones you hit with the spade when digging up or have really unusual shapes or even lots of green from sun scald. These all get peeled, diced and canned. Great for fast meals!