Living Like Little Town on the Prairie: A Good Old Walk

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“Laura missed the pleasant long walks to school and back. She delighted in them.” ~ Little Town on the Prairie p. 144


I pulled this phrase out of Little Town on the Prairie while reading a few chapters this morning. Sure, there was probably something else to write on but just these 2 little sentences brought back some memories for me.

Memories of long walks out in the pasture with my grandma. We’d either go around “the loop” or down to the stock dam to take the dog for a swim. My Granny wasn’t much for talking on those walks and now I understand why.

Life gets busy, crazy, even insane sometimes. Days start to pass before you even get a chance to get used to them. Dreams that we had one day are a distant memory by the time we get around to finding time to work on them.

Those long walks we use to have were a good time to reflect. To rebuild ideas and plans. To give your mind a time to take a breather and catch up.

Often we get to working so hard and so long that we forget to take these mental breaks. We convince ourselves that if we work harder we will get to our goal that much faster but then we realize once we get to that goal there is another one that we just have to reach.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having goals and dreams. I couldn’t function through a day without my goals list and my dreams are what keeps me reaching. But it’s just a good reminder to give ourselves that mental break every so once in a while. Even if it just means a walk around the loop. :)

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