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Remember awhile back when I posted that DIY of how to make your own tea bags? Well, I am back again to talk about how to make your own tea. As you may know, the hubs and I love drinking tea together. Sometimes we drink tea in the morning, sometimes we drink tea in the afternoon, and sometimes we drink tea at night. Other times we drink tea all day long.

Most of the time we drink tea that our friends and family has bought for us. Usually in tea bags that they come in. Our favorite is the original Good Earth Tea. I also drink a lot of English breakfast tea with milk and sugar.

Little House Living - Make Your Own Tea

Then my sister brought home some loose leaf tea from her trip to China. I believe it is some kind of green tea. So we would brew it in a French press. Then, as you know, we made our own reusable tea bags and would brew this tea in those bags.

The other day, while at a local coffee shop, the hubs and I decided to buy some other kinds of loose leaf tea to try. We ended up standing in front of their mason jars of tea, looking, opening, and smelling all of their different kinds. We ended up buying three different kinds of tea to try separately and to mix and match.

Little House Living - Make Your Own Tea

  • Green Tea, called Gunpowder, from the Temple of Heaven in China
  • Tisane (which is a mixture of dried herbs) called Blood Orange
  • Peppermint, which is an herb

To make your own tea, simply add teaspoon of a mixture of tea & herbs to a tea bag. Steep in a cup with hot water for 3-5 minutes. Sip & enjoy! (You could also steep in a French press. Just add a teaspoon of tea mixture for every 6oz of water).

Did you know that different kinds of spices and leaves have health benefits to them? My favorites are lemon grass (which alleviates menstrual cramps) and peppermint (which is an antioxidant and a muscle relaxer)!

Looking for a homemade tea recipe? Try this one for Fruity Strawberry Apple Loose Tea!

What kind of tea to you make at home? Do you make your own tea and create your own blends?

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  1. I make it very simply when my herbs are growing. Pluck a few peppermint leavesor chamomile blossoms, wash, and drop in a min of hot water. When steeped to taste, fish out the leaves or blossoms with a spoon! I also dry them for winter.

  2. Can you please make a tea that has no caffeine please? I can’t drink green or black tea. That would be awesome!!!

    1. Making a tea with no caffeine can be easy. What herbs do you like? You can mix peppermint with dried orange. Or chamomile with whatever. Does that make sense? Have fun with it using ingredients you know are good for your body.

  3. You can also add spices to your tea bags when making you own. I did a Christmas spice that was cinnamon, orange peel and cloves. You can find what you want to accomplish such as stress relief, muscle aches or just enjoyment of tea and add that as well. It is so fun.

  4. I love to drink teas, i have tried fresh peppermint and tarragon leaves and its so soothing. I will try that lemmon grass, thanks!

  5. Hi Love your website. I make my own tea using dandelion, cilantro,
    mint, etc. but I am wondering if it is sensible to make tea from Arugula.
    Dried of course. I’ve been told that it is so strong and bad tasting that it is probably bad for your health .
    What do you think?

  6. One thing to consider is that different teas do have different steeping temperatures…green and white teas can scorch if the water is too hot. Black teas steep best just after water is removed from boiling. Herbals can vary as well.