My Dream Finally Came True…And I Finally Get to Share It With You!

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Today is a day that I wasn’t sure would ever come. Ever since I was a little girl I would write in my journal about wanting to be a writer someday and to be able to write a book that would make a difference in someone’s life. I spent my high school years writing poetry, being involved in creative writing contests, and hoping that someday my dream would come true.

But then came college, and marriage, and babies and I wasn’t sure where my path would take me….and then it happened….

The Craziness

Last summer I signed with Gallery Books to publish my first print book and I’m so excited to share today that “Little House Living: A Make Your Own Guide to a Frugal, Simple, and Self Sufficient Life” is done and available for pre-order! (The title is set to be released on October 20th.)

It’s been a crazy year. Writing and photographing a book was something I’d always dreamed about but I really had no idea what the process would be like and how much work it would really take! I’ve spent hours, and days, and weeks, and months putting this book together just for you, and I think you are going to love it.

The Book

The book features over 200 recipes including: DIY Body and Beauty Recipes (like a recipe for Eczema Cream), DIY Kids and Pets Recipes (like how to make your own watercolors!), Household Recipes (like how to make your own furniture polish), and a huge Make Ahead Mix Section (with recipes like Onion Soup Mix, All Purpose Baking Mix and more), plus SO much more including a meal planning with homemade mixes section and a HUGE appendix with how to make the most of pretty much everything that you have!

I’ve put my heart and soul into every section of  this book and not only is it filled with all of these helpful recipes and tutorials but it’s also filled with inspiration, lifestyle tips, and a glimpse into our simple life here on our farmstead. I really hope you enjoy the book, find it useful, and are inspired to make the most with what you have in your own life!

Pre-Ordering Info and Free Things!

Although the book isn’t out just yet, it is available for pre-order on Amazon AND we are offering some special freebies for those that pre-order!

Pre-Order From Amazon Here

Pre-Order from Barnes and Noble Here


For the First 10 Pre-Orders Today

For the first 10 people that pre-order the book today and come back and fill out the form below, I will send you a Blue Reusable Tote Bag with the Little House Living “girl and her chickens” on the front plus a personal thank you from me! You will receive a free bag for EACH book you order so if you pre-order one for you and one for a gift I will send a bag for you and one for your friend as well!

Click here to fill out the form to get your free gift!  Promotion Ended


For All Pre-Orders of “Little House Living”

For everyone else that pre-orders the book (at any time!) you can fill out this form and I will send you some free exclusive mix recipes that can’t be found in the book or on the website. Just fill out the form and I will send it to your email address.

Click here to fill out the form for your free exclusive recipes!

I want to thank you, my amazing loyal readers for joining me on this crazy journey of blogging for the last 6 years and now the release of my first book. I couldn’t have continued my blogging and writing journey without your continual encouragement and support and I hope you will stay along for the ride as I continue blogging for the foreseeable future. I hope this book will bless you and your family for many years to come and that you will continue to read the blog and be a part of the amazing community we’ve been building together!


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  1. The Barnes and Noble link isn’t work. It says product not found. I’m very excited about your book and look forward to ordering it when I can. Congratulations, how exciting for you! Can’t wait to read your book.

  2. Congratulations! I went to Barnes and Noble to pre-order but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  3. I’m really looking forward to reading this. Unfortunately, my husband’s in the gap between short-term and long-term disability, so I can’t preorder. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it once it’s released, though. Congratulations!

  4. Also had trouble with Barnes and Noble, gave me 2 different order numbers, called and got it corrected hope all goes through ok.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. For now I’ve taken the link out of the post until they get it straighten out, I’m glad you figure it out though!

  5. Merissa,

    Congratulations on your new book!!! I am so excited for you:-) I love reading your blog and have saved so much for future references. I have pre-ordered my book from Barnes and Noble and can’t wait until I get to read it!

  6. congratulations! what an accomplishment. it’s so wonderful to hear of people chasing their dreams and working until they become a reality. you’re an inspiration!

  7. How wonderful!! As I have said many have achieved so much for someone so young. My heartiest congratulations!! I will be pre-ordering your book and I hope it is a huge success for you.

  8. Great job Merissa!! We are excited for you and are anxious to buy your book. Glad for your little family living and enjoying the country life.

  9. Congratulations, what a gorgeous cover, too. I love it. I am so happy to have all your info/essays/tips in a beautiful keepsake. So proud of you and your hard work. The best is yet to come!!!

  10. Congratulations Merissa!
    Can’t wait to read your book… and have so much knowledge at my finger tips! 🙂

  11. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your love and passion with us…I pre-ordered and look forward to enjoying your book in October 🙂

  12. yup…totally just pre-ordered a digital copy of the book…since its March, and it’s not due Out until my birthday…it will be a nice little surprise to myself (that I will have surely forgot that I purchased) lol. Can’t wait to read, and use as a reference guide on my journey.

  13. most exciting! and to have so many of your diy/crafts/recipes in one spot is really great! congrats to you!

  14. congratulations! I read your blog but hardly ever comment- and I love your blog so much! I look forward to reading your book and coming back to it over and over like a treasured friend 🙂

  15. I wandered on your page today and saw this post, CONGRATS! That is so exciting.

    The three ingredient recipes caught my eye too, have to check it out more later.

    Best of luck with the book, Molly

  16. I am so happy for you!! You deserve this so much, I’ve been following your blog and facebook page for a few years now, and I look forward to each and every post, and I refer to your recipes often. You are one of the most ‘real’ blog people I have come across, you tell it like it is, nice and simple, and you really seem to be just what you show on your page. So congratulations! I can’t wait to get your book. 🙂