Organizing a Clothes Swap

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Organizing a Clothes Swap

Free new-to-you clothes. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? To be able to change up your wardrobe and still be able to tell your spouse, “Honey, I didn’t spend a dime!”

Well, as I recently discovered, it is possible to be able to say such a thing! All you need to do is put together a clothes swap in your area. You get rid of clothes you are tired of, don’t fit into, or just aren’t wearing anymore and you can swap for new clothes for your closet! Here’s some tips to organize your swap and to make the most of it!

1. Search out people to swap with. If you want to swap with a small group you will have to find people that are all around the same size or that would have clothes about the same size. If you want to have a large group you could swap several sizes.

2. Plan a day that works for all of you. Have fun with yours plans too. Ask everyone to make snacks!

3. Get your clothes ready. Clean out your closet and find things that no longer fit you, that you no longer wear, or that you just don’t like. Don’t put clothes in your clothing swap pile that are stained or not in a good condition. If it’s too yucky for you to wear do you think your friends will want to wear it?

4. Decide how “fancy” you want the swap to be. Do you want to have tables to set different categories of clothing on like a store? Or do you just want each guest to bring their clothes in a large tote that you can dig thru?

5. Make your house ready. Clean it up and make sure you have plenty of “changing room” space for your guests to try on their new clothes.

6. Decide together what to do with the leftover clothes. Are you going to donate them? Give them to families in need? Take them back home?

7. Have fun!

Having a clothes swap is not difficult but it does help if you are all on the same page before you get to the day of. Planning a few things out like this ahead of time will reduce the stress of the swap day so you can all have a good time and enjoy your new clothes!

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