Planning Out and Growing Your Perfect Garden

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Have you been wanting to create a beautiful perfect garden this year or in the years to come? Perhaps you’ve already been gardening a while, but are looking to make things better, extend your growing season, or learn how to grow different types of plants.

Planning Out and Growing Your Perfect Garden

There is a brand new bundle available from Ultimate Bundles that I think will help! I’ve been so excited to see this bundle come together when I first heard about it a few months ago and I had the privilege of getting a copy early so that I could check everything out before I shared it with you.

Gardening Bundle

I love to garden, I always have, and I think I always will. I’ve been gardening for a long time but I know that there are still plenty of new things that I can learn to improve my garden and to be able to have a better success rate with what I’m growing.

I was so excited to check out the Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle that I downloaded my copy right away and dove right in. Seeing the categories on the top of the downloads page was even more fun.

Gardening Bundle Categories

There are so many different resources and things that I can learn about when it comes to gardening or homesteading that can be found in this Gardening Bundle!

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I could go on forever about the fun things that I discovered while reading through my copy of the bundle, but instead, I thought I’d share the highlights of my favorite resources within the bundle so you can see if it might be right for you.

Some of my Favorite Resources from the Bundle

Living Off the Grid

21 Ways to Get Started Living Off Grid

Since I’m always trying to work more towards living off the grid, this was the first ebook that I jumped on from the bundle.

The ebook starts out talking about finding a good place to begin living off grid or to move towards living off grid and helps you ask yourself a lot of good questions about the potential properties you might consider.

Then the ebook launches into how you can learn to start living off grid right now and how to identify the best off grid options for your home. I even liked the extra tips that were provided that I would not have thought of, such as taking a first aid class. I also like the actionable tips that were included because I respond well to challenges like that!


Dehydrating Masterclass

I’m hoping to have a big year of preserving this summer and fall and for me that would include plenty of dehydrating. I’m glad I can take this Dehydrating Masterclass From Wardee Harmon so that I can brush up on my skills before the season really starts!

This class is really detailed so I’m still working through it but I’ve been learning a lot so far!

Edible Gardens

Edible Front Yard Gardens

I’m a big fan of growing food and not yards so this was another book that I was super excited to read!

I love that the ebook features ideas on both perennial and annual plants that are great to grow in the yard. Not only do they look pretty they can also provide other functions besides food (such as shade).

Since I’m creating a brand new yard this year, I’m going to have to take the tips in this book into consideration.

Fall Gardening

Homestead Honey’s Guide to Fall Gardening: How and When to Plant Cool Weather Vegetables so You Can Eat From the Garden All Year Long!

I’ve grown veggies into the fall before but I want to get better at it so I was really excited to see this guide to fall gardening. I love that she includes a month by month breakdown of what you can do during the year of gardening and what is able to be planted.

Another thing that I found really helpful was the list of specific varieties of seeds to plant during the fall. Of course, I knew that parsnips grow well when it’s cold (especially after the frost!) but I didn’t know that I should be looking for Halblange Wiesse SE Parsnip Seeds. That will be so helpful when I put in another seed order!

I’m looking forward to using all the tips I found in this ebook in my perfect garden this fall.

What All Does the Gardening Bundle Include?

This bundle includes 6 courses, 21 eBooks, 5 Planners and Printables.

How Much Does the Gardening Bundle Cost?

The cost for all of these resources is just $24.99, a $577.17 value over the actual retail price if you were going to buy all these resources individually!

Homestead Management

Special Bonus for Little House Living Readers Only

You know that I appreciate each and every one of my loyal readers and I also know that you know that I will make affiliate commissions from sales of the Gardening Bundle should you choose to buy your copy through my links. Our family really appreciates this because all of the money we make helps to pay our bills and keep LHL running!

As a thank you, if you end up buying the Gardening Bundle through one of my links, I will send you a FREE copy of my Homesteader’s Home Management Binder Pages. Just send me an email (to: [email protected]) with your name and email address so I can verify your purchase and I will send you the Binder pages for FREE!

Go Here to Buy the Bundle

I hope that you enjoy the Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle just as much as I am so far! Find all of my Gardening posts here.

If you’ve already bought the bundle, what is your favorite resource in it? How will it help you grow the perfect garden this year?

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