Poison Ivy Home Remedies

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Poison Ivy Home Remedies

Poison Ivy produces one of the most irritating rashes that one can experience. Anyone that has experienced the itching and burning sensations can attest to that. I first discovered the joys of poison ivy when I went on a hike near a creek. We don’t exactly have poison ivy out on the prairie so it didn’t occur to me to think about checking for it in other places. What a mistake!

Poison Ivy Home Remedies

Luckily there are many home remedies for beating that awful poison ivy itch! Here are several homemade solutions to a very annoying summertime problem:

Bentonite Clay

I love benotonite clay for so many different things but one of my favorite uses for it is for an anti-itch cream and boy does it work! (Ask this girl that is allergic to ant bites but apparently tastes like candy to ants….!). I usually get this pre-made Clay for easy applications. The dry version works just as well.

Baking Soda Paste

One of the more common homemade remedies for poison ivy infection is a baking soda paste. Mix three teaspoons of the fine powder with one teaspoon of water. Gently apply the thick paste to the affected area and allow it to dry. Eventually the paste will flake off of the skin. This is a temporary application for relief of the itching and swelling.

Mix together aloe vera gel, baking soda and just enough water to make a paste. Apply it to the skin. Cornstarch can also be used in place of the baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and green Dawn dish detergent together. Add an equal portion of sea salt to make a thick paste. Coat the affected skin and allow the layer to dry for about thirty minutes. Rinse the paste off of the skin with cool water. Dip sterile cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and pat the liquid onto the skin to draw out the toxins. This will aid in drying any blisters that may have formed. (Here are other Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar)


Surprisingly, catnip has great anti-itch properties. If you grow catnip in your herb garden, gather the whole leaves,  then squeeze them to get some of the juice out of the leaves. Apply this to the affected area for temporary itch relief.

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Oatmeal Masks

Oatmeal can work wonders on your skin for so many reasons, and it is especially helpful for poison ivy. Cook your oatmeal like you would normally, and allow it to cool. Once it is cool, spread it on the rash. This will help prevent the itching and reduce some of the redness as well.


Soaking in a bath of sea salt and cool water can often reduce the itching associated with poison ivy. Epsom salt is a great alternative if you don’t have sea salt.

Oatmeal baths also work wonders. Simply put the uncooked oatmeal in the tub before you soak. It will leave behind a white film that protects your skin and keeps the itch to a minimum.

If poison ivy blisters are near the eyes please make sure to call the doctor. Do not apply any homemade remedy in the region of the eyes.

What are some poison ivy home remedies that you have tried? Have they worked?


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  1. This is great info to have. I have one son who is especially susceptible to poison ivy and when he gets it, it’s really bad. It’s nice to find some natural remedies for him! Pinning, sharing and stumbling — hopefully it will spread the word! Thanks!

    1. There is a plant that grows near damp areas it has small orange flowers and the flower turns into a small bean type pod and when they fully mature and you touch the end it pops and spreads the seeds the root and juice of the plant works on the effects of poison ivy.

  2. I once got poison ivy inside my cast on my leg. Amputation seemed like the only logical course of action.

  3. Although I had lived in a rural area in New England for the last ten or so years, I never got poison ivy. Once we moved to TN, I learned the hard way I was very allergic. 🙁
    Hoping I will not have to use these, but pinning for myself and others just in case, because poison ivy is a way too common here.
    Found you via Let’s Get Real Party.

  4. A year ago I got a poison ivy rash after weeding in my flower bed. I used DoTERRA essential oils. Peppermint and melaleuca soothed the pain and dried out the rash. I also used rose, frankincense and lavender to help it heal. My doctor saw it a week later and was amazed that it had only been a week. He said he has seen patients in agony with oozing painful blisters for weeks and mine were dried up and almost healed completely within one week. He told me to keep using what I had been using because it was better then anything he could have prescribed.

  5. I recently had an uncomfortable bout with poison ivy on my face. After learning of black coffee on the internet, I was amazed with the relief I felt. After one application at night, the rash was scabbed over and healing the next morning. Apparently black coffee has anti-inflammatory properties. I will skip the baking soda paste next time, which offered only mild relief.

  6. Thank you for sharing your tips. I have a few children who seem to be very sensitive to poison ivy and we have tried several remedies, but some of yours are new to me. We will certainly try them the next time we have a rash around here. #SayG’DayParty

  7. I make handmade soaps, (aka: Lye soap), My hubby suffers from eczema, and I frequently get rashes weeding and doing yard work…

    I made Tea Tree & Turmeric soap that works really well for both of us.
    It soothes, dries & helps heal… all in 1 bar!

  8. My son got the WORST case of poison ivy this summer… and then he somehow woke up a month later, with another horrible rash all over his face and body- doctor thought perhaps sumac or oak. He went on steroids for both occurrences due to the severity of both rashes- He was MISERABLE.

    Wish I saw this before this summer! At least now I am ready to help the poor guy if it happens again.

  9. I didn’t realize bentonite clay would work…. I have that and will be trying it the next time my son (mows lawns) gets poison ivy (a few times a year!). Thank you. 🙂

  10. Merissa, I needed this about a month ago! 😉 I’m pinning it to make sure I have it for next time. So glad you shared this with us at Treasure Box Tuesday! 🙂

  11. I don’t get poison oak but my husband and son say the only product that works on their poison oak is jewel weed. I have to buy it on line as most health food stores have never heard of it.

  12. I know most may know this already, but for those that don’t… After exposure (as soon as possible) take a shower with dawn dish soap. I am severely allergic. Like tongue swelling and a trip to the hospital allergic. But I like being outside. I actually know that I was exposed and took a shower about 4 hours later with the dish soap. Very little reaction occurred. I’ve just made a habit of taking the shower if I’ve been in the woods at all. Great blog by the way.