Super Smooth Homemade Shaving Cream for Women

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Shaving Cream for Women

Ok, we have to admit it….its the time of year that most of us like to keep ourselves nice and cleanly shaved. Maybe you had a long winter, like us, and only shaved every couple weeks? OK, I am guilty of that! Well, no matter what, it is getting to be shorts, swimsuit, and capri time of year….so that means more regular shaving.

Shaving Cream for Women

When Merissa was the ultimate coupon guru, she would always have on hand lots of extra shaving cream that she scored for next to nothing. She would always give me a good stash to have on hand for myself. Well, those days are over and now we are trying to find ways to save money (without clipping coupons) and also find supplies without extra chemicals and possibly, harmful ingredients. Thus, my search for a good women’s shaving cream was born.

I had some close friends who had experimented with some natural ingredient shaving creams, but they complained that while they were nice the first time they used them, they eventually got too hard in the container to use.

I decided to experiment with a few recipes and eventually came up with this one for the womens shaving cream. It is an easy, few ingredient, recipe. It goes on smooth, smells nice, is healthy, and best of all, doesn’t get hard after a few days. I have been using it regularly and am very pleased with it and I know you will be too!

Its easy, so give it a try….

Homemade Shaving Cream for Women

Shaving Cream for Women

First of all, melt together:

Once melted, add in:

Refrigerate this until firms up (approximately 20 minutes)

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Shaving Cream for Women

Once cooled and slightly firm, place in your mixer or use a hand mixer to beat until smooth and gets slightly airy. It will actually go from the beige type color to a nice whitened color. After whipping it for approximately 3 minutes, add in 1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera. (Where to Buy)

Shaving Cream for Women

That’s it….so easy!! I placed mine in a nice little jar that seals up, so I could keep it in my shower without getting any water in it. I love it!

I am not much of a lotion person, but I love the feel that this gives my legs and under my arms. It feels like a nice, protective soft coat once I have shaved. My legs actually used to itch terribly after shaving, but since using this for shaving cream, they have not done that. They feel silky soft and clean and fresh!

If you are looking for a wonderful source for oils, I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Oils. After careful consideration of all the companies selling essential oils, I’m happy to share that Rocky Mountain Oils has become my main source of oils for many different reasons.

Here’s another great Homemade Shaving Cream recipe that is excellent for the man in your life.

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  1. {Kathy} Wow! What a great idea. I always sneak my husband’s shaving cream. It would be so nice to have my own! It seems to be easy and it’s going to smell amazing.

  2. I love these kinds of recipes! Maybe this is kind of personal, but is there a kind of ladies shaver that works good, I need to look into getting a new one. Sorry, if it’s tmi 🙂

  3. Could you use any essential oils, or did you pick those three for specific properties in them?

    1. I did not have all of them, and I substituted for some oils that work on my skin. It turned out great! I do not think it really matters because mine worked great, but I don’t know for sure.

  4. What could you use in place Coconut oil- any other oil or would it just not work right? I’m allergic but like the sound of this (found you via Good Tips Tuesday)

  5. This is awesome and I have some coconut and essential oil left over from a product review!!

  6. I never even considered making my own shaving cream – but this is awesome! Going to see if I can round up the ingredients here in Italy (I don’t know if I can find coconut oil easily) and give it a try!!
    Found you via Be.You.Tiful

  7. How cool! I’ve never made my own shaving cream but it seems like it would be more frugal than buying an all natural product. You have been featured at Savoring Saturdays this week. Thanks for linking up!

  8. Have you noticed the EOs cause any sensitivity to the sun?? I know citrus EOs are to be avoided when going in the sun because they can cause photo sensitivity, so wondering about this before I experiment on my family! LOL

    1. It hasn’t been an issue for us…although you do wash it off when you use it so their shouldn’t be much, if any, left on the skin.

      1. Citrus EOs are photo toxic. You should avoid sun exposure for 24-36 hours after using a photo toxic oil in order to avoid severe burns.

  9. Oh my, I can imagine that smells lovely. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!!

  10. This sounds luxurious and wonderful. It’s most definitely that time of year. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week’s issue.

  11. Fresh aloe vera just by itself does not last long before it goes rancid, so keeping this in the shower (where it’s constantly heated up and cooled down) may not be the best idea.

  12. Can I omit the Aloe Vera and this will still turn out? That’s the only ingredient I’m missing and I’d like to make it right away! Thanks!

  13. Could I add a carrier oil to the mix? I like to use calendula and rose infused oil in natural shaving cream – the one I was using called for that and that aspect was amazing, but the thickness caused my razor to clog too often.. So I’d like to add that aspect to this! I know it may make the consistency thinner, which is fine with me. Will it effect it negatively?

  14. Sauve Hair Conditioner cost a $1.00 at Walmart. You don’t even have to put lotion on after wards. Leaves you legs silky smooth. I use under my arms too.