Ten Minute Table Runner

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Ten Minute Table Runner

Sometimes when sewing I end up buying just a little extra fabric for a project, a quarter or a third of a yard in case I make a mistake. Luckily I make sewing mistakes less and less these days and end up with these small pieces often left over, across the whole width of the fabric. They are too small to do much with, but their long and thin nature makes them perfect for a table runner.Ten Minute Table Runner

How to sew a ten minute table runner

What You Need:

  • 1/4 yard of your feature fabric
  • 1/3 yard of the backing/contrast fabric
  • thread
  • optional – two pretty buttons or other embellishment

 <—Pin this idea to make later. Ten Minute Table Runner

We’ll be using two pieces of fabric that are cut the width of the fabric from the bolt. If one is wider than the other, trim the two so they are of equal widths. Mine are 44 inches wide. I get my fabric from Fabric.com.Ten Minute Table Runner With right sides together, pin then sew the long edges together with a 1/4 inch seam. Ten Minute Table Runner Turn the tube the right way out, and take it to your ironing board. Lay the fabric out flat with the feature fabric upper most and center it so the borders of the contrast fabric are equal on each side. Press it neatly. Ten Minute Table Runner Trim the short edges even and square if you need to. Ten Minute Table Runner Fold the tube in half length-ways with the backing fabric facing inwards. Sew along the short end with a 1/2 inch seam, then repeat for the other end. Press the seams open. Ten Minute Table Runner Turn these sewn ends inside out, and hey presto, you get a neat triangle. Trimming at the inside of the point might help it have a crisper point. Press again. Ten Minute Table Runner You could choose to add some embellishment, ribbon or applique if you liked. I simply added a couple of matching buttons. These were quick to add too – hand-stitching isn’t really for me, so I sewed the buttons on by machine. If you’ve not done this before, here’s a quick tutorial on sewing buttons with your sewing machine. Ten Minute Table Runner Want it wider? Then instead of the 1/4 and 1/3rd of a yard, simply use a 1/3rd and a 1/2 of a yard for a wider runner. Now that you know how to make the ten minute table runner, I’m thinking this would be the perfect way to create a seasonal display for Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Valentines or any special occasion. It only uses a small amount of fabric and a small amount of your time to create a big impact. Ten Minute Table Runner

Do you have any fabric remnants which would be perfect for this project?


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  1. Very nice idea! Will show this to my wife so she can make use of the leftover fabrics in the storage.

  2. Nicely done!! when I get around to creating mine– I will probably have the backing fabric on the bottom so that the folded edge is not seen. Thanks for sharing your sewing techniques with us.

    1. True, if you didn’t want the border showing, you could simply sew it the other way to have the solid on the top.

  3. Now I know what to do with my leftover quilt scraps. Thanks for this post! It’s fun, frugal, easy, and useful. 🙂

  4. Love the table runner. Learning how to sew this will give us more choices at a very reasonable cost. Cheers and have a nice day. From Kenneth of Four Seasons blog hop.

  5. So cute! And the best part…this looks so simple, I think I could even do it! Thanks for linking up to the Be.YOU.Tiful Link party!

  6. I love this– and simple enough that I could do it, too! just hopping over from Motivation Monday–thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Hi Deby. Thanks so much for sharing on the Pintastic Pinteresting Party. What a clever idea. These are very cute and appear to be very simple to make. I am definitely going to add this to my craft projects. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. This is a great little project. It cute, easy to make and inexpensive. Great for all seasons. Pinning

  9. I have made some of these before — it actually looks like I knew what I was doing 🙂 I’m sitting thinking of all the jellyroll strips that I have left after a recent quilt. What would happen if I made a strip stitch and used that for the back — or front — fabric …….. It would have to be paired with a plain fabric — that might work. Just thinking out loud 🙂