Make a Toddlers Room

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Make a Toddlers Room

Yep, I realize that I’m a little too organized for my own good. Sometimes it does turn out to be a good thing though and that’s the case today.

Have you ever seen how to make a toddlers room organized? Well I think that ours is pretty organized and I like it. And no, our toddler is not unhappy and I don’t get all crazy about keeping things cleaned. We just have a system and that system works.

Come inside my toddler’s room and I’ll show you how to make a toddlers room organized…

I love those tall plastic storage totes. They fit well in our small space and they hold all kinds of things. Plus it so easy to move them around and change up what’s in them! I have 3 different plastic storage totes stacked in my toddler’s room next to his crib.


The bottom 3 larger drawers are for toys. These and the toys you can see on the side of the storage drawers that are too big to fit are the only toys we have. And those drawers aren’t even close to being full. It’s not much but we seem to have plenty for our little guy to keep him busy and we prefer playing outside instead. 🙂 The top 6 drawers are “school drawers”. Yes, I’m sure now you think I’m really crazy have school things for a toddler but keep reading, I’ll explain.


Here’s an example of one of the toy drawers. Each day I pull a drawer out and put it in the middle of his room so he can play with the drawer. So each day there are different toys to play with and they don’t get old and boring. This drawer happens to have some stuffed animals, musical instruments, a sensory ball, and some play animals and bean bags.


Here’s an example of a “school” drawer. Not organized schoolwork of course, he’s too little to start with that! But rather educational toys and activities that him and mommy do together. In this particular drawer there is a coloring book with a few markers, a large knob puzzle, nesting eggs, and cotton balls (for sensory play). We have 6 drawers for educational purposes and they are labeled Monday through Saturday. Each day is similar to this with something to draw or color, a game, and a sensory toy. We do these things throughout the day and not all at once to overwhelm him. (He likes these things better than the toys though!)

So that’s how we make a toddlers room organized! It gives us something different to do each day and ends up saving us money on buying new or special toys because each day there is something new to do and play with.

So how can you make a toddlers room organized?

  • Have a space for everything. If it doesn’t fit then you don’t need it.
  • Have a place for things to be organized. Don’t just have one huge toy box to throw everything in, your little one will get bored with that after a while.
  • Have a place for “specials”. Don’t have everything accessible all the time. Have a special place for toys or games that you don’t get out every day to make them extra fun.

Need some more organization tips?

How do you organize your toddler’s room? Do you do “school” with your little one?


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  1. Great idea! I love the idea of different “toy boxes” so they are always seeing “new” toys. Keep up the great posts!