Top Deals on Auguson Farms Freeze Dried Foods

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Bell Peppers from Auguson Farms

Looking for some deals on Auguson Farms products? This page will be kept updated as often as possible with the current best prices on their freeze-dried foods.

These products are a great way to stock up on freeze-dried foods on a budget or if you don’t have a freeze-dryer. I’ve highlighted the best deals I’m seeing this week.

Keep in mind that prices can change at any time.

Auguson Farms Blueberries – 36% off

Auguson Farms Apple Slices – 28% off

Auguson Farms Banana Chips – 41% off

Auguson Farms Diced Carrots – 46% off

Auguson Farms Black Bean Burger -50% off

Auguson Farms Buttermilk Biscuit Mix – 45% off

Auguson Farms Southwest Chili Mix – 49% off

Auguson Farms Bell Peppers – 44% off

Auguson Farms Powdered Butter – 43% off

Auguson Farms Cheesy Broccoli Soup – 56% off

Auguson Farms Sweet Corn – 42% off

Auguson Farms Cheese Powder – 59% off

Auguson Farms Scone and Roll Mix – 50% off

Questions About Auguson Farms

Is the food organic?

No, it’s not organic. Organic freeze-dried food is typically very hard to find and very expensive. In this case, I’m ok with not buying organic since it’s emergency food.

Do you actually buy this stuff?

Yes. I do have an emergency stash of food, and everything that I’ve purchased and not put together myself is from Auguson Farms.

Do I need to repackage this food in mylar bags?

No. Auguson Farms food comes in #10 cans with the proper long-term packaging (oxygen absorbers). It does not need to be repackaged.

Auguson Farms Onions

This post will be updated often with the current best prices. It was currently updated on 12/28/23.

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