Weekly Menu Plans – First Week of School

Need some meal planning inspiration? Here’s what we are having this week!

Need some meal planning inspiration? Here's what we are having this week!

Weekly Menu Plans – First Week of School

In an effort to have a little accountability in my menu plans, I’ve decided to post them here again. I don’t really do a lot of menu planning in the summer because it’s just mostly trying to keep up with whatever garden produce I have for the day, but in the fall/winter/spring I like to have a plan so that we can have a better school day.

This is our plan for the first day of school. I have the recipes linked for some but I haven’t posted all of them yet! There are a few days we will be gone which is noted by the day. On these days we have a snacky type of lunch that I can pack. We sometimes have sandwiches if I happen to have lunch meat on hand.

This plan is for our family of 5 who are all home every day since we mostly work from home. Also, note that it doesn’t include Monday’s plans…I have to be gone that day so it’s all up to my husband for that day. 🙂

Hopefully, these plans will encourage you to make a plan of your own! For more details on how I menu plan, check out my post on The Easiest Meal Planning Method Ever.

**I do not plan side dishes, we make those from whatever fruits/veggies we have on hand that week.


Husband’s Cooking Day!


Breakfast – Maple Pumpkin Bars
Lunch – Grilled Pizzas
Supper – Fried Chicken Stir Fry

Wednesday –

Breakfast – Eggs and Sausage
Lunch – Tacroni
Supper – Instant Pot Meatballs

Thursday –

Breakfast – Breakfast Pizza (pizza crust with breakfast toppings)
Lunch – Packed Lunch
Supper – Honey Balsalmic Chicken

Friday – 

Breakfast – Oatmeal
Lunch – Pizza Muffins (muffins with pizza toppings baked into them)
Supper – Hamburger Steaks (“steaks” made from hamburger with a rich gravy)

Saturday – 

Breakfast – Pancakes
Lunch – Fried Rice
Supper – 7 Layer Taco Dip

Sunday –

Breakfast – Egg/Potato/Sausage Skillet (Eggs, onions, diced potatoes, diced sausage, tomatoes, and whatever else I toss in there!)
Lunch – Packed for Hiking
Supper – Slow Cooker Beef Stew

And that’s our week! What is on your menu this week?

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  1. Merissa,
    This is SO much better than a lot of the weekly menu plans I have seen with weird foods that my family would never eat!! Thanks for being down to earth. I’m loving Tac-aroni!! Have a wonderful week!! Kathy

  2. Thank you for these recipes. Life is so hectic and I need simple meal ideas. We love fried rice so I will definitely use this recipe also 7 layer dip. Make ahead of time then all I have to do is serve it up. Quick and simple! Thank you for taking your time out to share with us.

  3. I love your menus ideas. Wished I would get on board and plan out our meals. It is only the two of us now and I joist plan a meat and whatever is from the garden. That will change with fall coming on so need to get more serious about this!

  4. I made the 7. Layer dip today, I added a can of southwest corn. It was delish. I also cooked my rice and mixed veggies. I will make the fried rice this week.