30 Days of Colors – Preschool Lesson Plan

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Are you looking for ideas to help teach your child at home? Here is a complete 30 day Preschool Color Theme lesson plan you can use to teach your preschoolers all about colors.

Are you looking for ideas to help teach your child at home? Here is a complete 30 day Preschool Color Theme lesson plan you can use to teach your preschoolers all about colors.

30 Days of Colors – Preschool Color Themed Lesson Plan

I can’t believe it’s already time to move on to our second unit of learning for this school year! If you saw it on the blog a few weeks ago, we started off this school year with a preschool lesson plan that I put together; 30 Days of Shapes. We ended up having a few bumps in the road, like Farmer Boy breaking his wrist on his left hand (he’s left-handed) that we had to take a little pause for, but we did alright and he really enjoyed it.

With this second lesson plan we are hoping to solidify the schedule we started working on in our first month (which will be much easier now that fall/winter prep is over!) and we hope to solidify the shapes we learned about in our first study. So for this second study, which is mainly focused on colors, we will also be adding in the shapes we learned to build on the foundation we already set up. I’m so proud of my little Farmer Boy and he’s proud too and brings me everything that he can find that is a circle!

Our goal with this 30-day study is to have it completed by the end of the year so that next year we can start learning about animals and numbers!


Preschool Color Theme Lesson Plans


  • 30 days of learning (doesn’t need to be all in a row)
  • Focus on one main topic during the 30 days (colors this time)
  • To create a routine that is easy to follow each day
  • To teach what “following instructions” means

Daily Schedule:

  1. Breakfast
  2. School Time
  3. Free Play
  4. Snack Time
  5. Life Skills
  6. Free Play
  7. Story Time
  8. Activity
  9. Lunch
  10. Nap

You can read more details on this schedule which is really just a routine here.

Colors Lesson Plan for Preschool

I’m excited to start teaching Farmer Boy all about his colors. As of yet, he hasn’t learned the color names, but I’m hoping that he will have a good basic understanding of his colors by the time we are done with this study. It should be fun for him since everything will be colorful and bright!


We are still going through Rod and Staff’s Preschool books and still on the first book. We will continue that book through this month, plus add in the preschool color theme activities below and some other fun color-related activities, like coloring with crayons, playing with sidewalk chalk (if the weather allows), and we will add in holiday-related activities. Luckily, there is quite a bit of color to Christmas so that should be fun! Towards the end of this year, I also plan on putting together a Christmas preschool lesson plan for him to start teaching a basic understanding of what Christmas is really all about. You can do this with any upcoming holiday or season.

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Preschool Color Theme Lesson Plans

Crafts and Activities for Learning Colors

We will do one of these activities or crafts each day when we have school lessons. All of these activities are frugal and need only items that can be found around the house or purchased inexpensively at the dollar store.

Day 1: Color Pinwheel – An easy way to practice color sorting using colored paper and clothespins.

Day 2: Love Rainbow Craft – A fun craft that incorporates the colors and thinking of others. I love that you can keep this on the fridge to use as a prayer reminder each day too!

Day 3: Wax Paper Art – This project is a fun way to let your child explore their creativity while working on those motor skills and they make great window decorations!

Day 4: Muffin Tin Color Sorting – Cut out pieces of different colored paper and place them in the bottom of muffin tins. Sort pompoms, cut-up pieces of paper, or small items from around the home that you’ve collected.

Day 5: I Spy Colors – A great follow up to yesterday’s color sorting. Let them try collecting their own items for each color.

Day 6: Painting – Grab some paper and a few paints and let their creativity run wild! If it’s a nice day, consider doing this activity outside with Homemade Chalk Paint. This is also a great opportunity to talk about color mixing if you think your child is ready or if older siblings are joining in.

Day 7: Color Sticker Matching – Write the names of the color in markers or crayons of the same color to start working on color names. If your preschooler is having trouble with the stickers, try removing the outside sticker outline so that they can strengthen their fine motor skills by removing the stickers from the sheet themselves.

Day 8: Shapes Turkey – This is great to reinforce those shapes and work on colors.

Day 9: Cootie! My kids love this fun game! Here are some more of Our Kids Favorite Board and Card Games for Young Children

Day 10: Pipe Cleaning Sorting Can – Save your old oatmeal or similar cans for this fun activity.

Day 11: Colorful Sensory Bags – Easily make your own sensory bag so kids can find items in all colors. Fill the bag with rice or beans and add in small objects (You can use the same ones you used on Day 4) for your kids to find. You can also make a bag for each color if you prefer. Here is a different sensory bottle you can make to watch the colors floating around. Make sure to save your sensory bags for use later in the lesson plan.

30 Days of Colors

Day 12: Shapes and Colors Game – Print off the Color_Shape_Game_Printables and use them to play a game of memory match together. You can use the same cards to play a game of color shape bingo with the Bingo cards in the printable. Save your colorful shape cards for use later in the lesson plan.

Day 13: Color Bean Bag Toss – If you don’t have any bean bags, you can easily make some with some scrap fabric. Just stitch around 3 sides, fill them with some beans or corn and close them up. Here are some ideas for Where to find Cheap Fabric.

Day 14: Finger Painting – This is a great creative and multi-sensory activity! You can easily make your own Homemade Finger Paint. For easy cleanup, let your preschooler play with finger paints in the bathtub.

Day 15: Color Themed Coloring Pages This is an easy activity that your child can easily do independently.

Day 16: Chicks and Eggs Color Sorting – Let your little one help create your chicks in all colors. They love playing hide and seek with the little chicks in the eggs and it’s great for hand strengthening and hand/eye coordination.

Day 17: Color Scavenger Hunt – This is great for working on those word recognition skills and can be a fun way to burn some extra energy inside the house or outside on a walk.

Day 18: Colors and Shapes Wreath – There is something about gluing stuff down that makes this craft extra fun for kids. Let them have fun while reinforcing those colors and shapes.

Day 19: Fun Printable Color Book – The ribbons and crinkly paper bags add a nice tactile aspect to this fun project, great for multi-sensory learners.

Day 20: Color Obstacle Course – Kids love obstacle courses, create one outdoors and have your child collect one colored object for completing each obstacle. You can also make one indoors, using the cards from the free printable, place them at the end of each obstacle or tape them to the walls along the course for them to collect as they go!

Day 21: Color Ball Sorting – If you don’t have any of these colorful balls, you might consider sorting painted rocks, pompoms, or other items into a box.

Day 22: Squishy Paint Art – This is a fun hands-on craft!

Day 23: Shapes Christmas Trees – You can easily adapt this activity to other holidays or seasons.

Day 24: Cootie! Board Game– You can also try other board games that are focused on colors, such as Candy Land.

Day 25: Colors and Shapes Contact Paper Craft – You can find contact paper inexpensively at the Dollar Store. Pick up some colored tissue paper while you are there to make cool window designs or make colorful mosaics for your wall (that aren’t see-through) using construction paper.

Day 26: Color Sticker Matching – This one is a favorite so we are going to do it twice! If you want to change it up, you can use foam stickers and or try foam shapes on contact paper.

Day 27: Color Sorting Bottles – Work on your preschooler’s counting skills as they fill up each bottle!

Day 28: Shapes and Colors Game – Pull out your color/shape cards from Day 12 and play again!

Day 29: Colorful Sensory Bags – Have your child use the Sensory bags from Day 11 to find and name the different colors they see.

Day 30: Color Bean Bag Toss – The kids love throwing things. If it’s nice outside, use sidewalk chalk to make colorful targets for them to aim for.

That’s all for the Color Lesson Plan, I hope your little learner enjoys them as much as Farmer Boy did!

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Don’t forget to grab your Color and Shapes Game Printables for free here!

Are you homeschooling your little one or do you plan on doing it in the future?


This Preschool Color Theme Lesson Plan was originally published on Little House Living in November 2014. It has been updated as of April 2020.

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  1. We homeschooled our children from the 4th grade on. It was a great experience, wish we had started sooner. My daughter and her fiancée very much want to home-school. Thanks for these posts about what you are doing, they are very helpful! Love your news letters!

  2. We have decided to homeschool our kids. Our oldest just turned 3 and then I saw your post and knew I needed to get serious about starting. We’ve done some but nothing consistent yet. Last night I went back to your 30 days of shapes post and used it to create one for us! Great ideas on it. We did the circle bear today. She loved it! Thanks again! And I look forward to more homeschooling posts.

  3. We started homeschooling this year (3rd and 1st grade). I think your lesson plan could be used for all types of subjects. Organization and schedules have been key to keeping our homeschooling experience going. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your ideas! We are expecting our first and hoping to homeschool, so I am gathering and storing away tips and ideas. 😉 I did nanny a 2-year-old girl last year before her family moved, and my favorite part was working on colors, numbers, and shapes. I bought some activities at the Dollar Store, and then we did a lot of exploring colors and shapes at the park and on walks. Our world is so full of learning opportunities!

  5. Wow, thanks for this list! I have a 2 1/2 year old that I have slowly been trying to build a routine for and incorporate some learning activities throughout our day. Thanks for this list of ideas!

  6. We are in our 3rd year of homeschooling! 4th grade, 1st grade and preschool. The older two have an already set lessons that they follow but the 3yr old has been just making it up as we go along. He does letter matching lessons and counting cubes we use and he does these shape and color worksheets that go together. He also enjoys the leapfrog DVD’s. Good luck with your homeschooling journey.

  7. My husband and I plan to homeschool our children, once we have them anyway 😉 This is a great post, with some creative activities! Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday

  8. I’m so glad I found your blog! I signed up for the email subscription. My oldest is three tomorrow and I’ve had homeschooling on my mind lately. I just started blogging-it’s evolving but I’d like to make our homeschooling adventures a major part of it.

  9. The variety of activities and resources you’ve provided make learning both exciting and educational. It’s evident that a lot of thought and creativity went into creating this plan. Thank you for sharing such a valuable resource that will undoubtedly make a positive impact on preschoolers’ learning journeys.