Homesteading Supplies You Can Get at the Dollar Store

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Don’t think anything useful can come from the dollar store but perhaps that’s all you have nearby? Here are some useful homesteading supplies that you can look for at any dollar store!

Looking for a bargain? Here are some homesteading supplies that you can find at your local dollar store! #deals #homesteading #frugalliving #dollarstore #homesteadingsupplies

Homesteading Supplies

You know I’m all about money and making my dollar stretch as far as it can go. Moving to a smaller town has been a challenge for me since I don’t have as many options of where we can shop but I’m always up for a good challenge!

I checked out the local dollar store right away because…well there aren’t many other places to shop! I found that I was pleasantly surprised. I’d always found a few things at the dollar stores in our old town before we moved but now that I took the time to really look around I was really excited about all the ways I could save money on homesteading supplies by shopping there.

Here are some useful things I’ve found around the dollar store. I know that items can vary from store to store so you might have different things at your store. Let me know in the comments what homesteading supplies you find at your local dollar store!

Homesteading Supplies

1. Sewing Needles. I found this very large pack of 60 sewing needles at the dollar store. Perfect for all the Easy Sewing Projects you might be doing! This was a pretty exciting find for me since I just spent $4 at the fabric store the week before on needles…

2. Cheesecloth. Cheesecloth is a hit or miss at my dollar store but I’ve also seen thin fabric towels that work in place of cheesecloth as well (and are more easily washed and reused anyways!). I use cheesecloth for various projects including Homemade Yogurt Cheese.

Homesteading Supplies

3. Freezer Bags. I love freezer bags for saving food scraps for later and for preserving if I’m making things like Frozen Tomatoes or various types of frozen fruits. $1 for 20 freezer bags is a pretty good deal. Oh by the’s a handy post on how long things last in the freezer.

4. Plastic Buckets. Buckets…can any homesteader ever have enough? They seem to serve endless purposes around the house and garden! The dollar store always has a plethora of buckets in all shapes and sizes. I like to use the food grade ones for food storage and the buckets with handles for outdoor projects and a chicken scrap bucket.

Homesteading Supplies

5. Heavy String. I can find various kinds and thicknesses of string and twine at the dollar store most of the time. Just like buckets, string always seems to come in handy for various tasks. It’s also perfect for stringing up at homemade clothesline if you are working on some Frugal Laundry Strategies.

6. Wooden Clothespins. At my dollar store, this was right now to the heavy string. I love clothespins for re-closing all kinds of different bags and hanging up random things. And of course for hanging up clothes! (Here’s a cute Homemade Clothespin Bag project!)

7. Rice. We don’t usually eat plain white rice but I do use it in a variety of projects such as Homemade Hand Warmers and Homemade Heating Pads or in fun activities for the kids like this Construction Bin. The dollar store seems to be the cheapest place I can find rice that is perfect for those projects.

Homesteading Supplies

8. Cards. At the beginning of this year, I mentioned that we were going to do more written correspondence this year instead of relying on social media. My favorite cards are the Homestead Cards that my husband designed for me. But when I’m looking for a card with a specific theme, I love getting cards at the dollar store. They have smaller packs with several cards for a dollar or larger cards for only $1 each. I like the larger cards for when I’m sending pictures.

9. Epsom Salt. In case you don’t already know, there are so many Uses for Epsom Salt. I particularly love them for a sore muscle soak and detox baths.

Homesteading Supplies

10. Tiny Containers. The dollar store always has a large selection of plastic containers but my favorites are these little tiny containers. They usually come in a 6-10 pack and are BPA free! They are perfect for putting in some of my DIY Projects like lotions, shaving creams, etc.

11. Rain Ponchos. I like to keep a few of those cheap rain ponchos in the mudroom for cold rainy days. They are also nice to keep in the car in case of an emergency.

Homesteading Supplies

12. Socks. Can a person ever have too many socks? Either the washer eats them or they end up getting lost somewhere between the laundry basket and the drawer. Not to mention the muddy ones from being outside. We go through socks like crazy! I found lots of socks at the dollar store for $1 for 3 pairs.

13. Towels. Sometimes I use old clothing or other old things for rags around the house but my very favorite is small washcloths and cut up kitchen towels. Since towels are only $1 for a 2-4 pack at the dollar store they make perfect cheap Homemade Un-Paper Towels.

There are so many more homesteading supplies that I could mention but these are a few of my favorites! I’d love to hear about what you find for homesteading supplies at your local dollar store.

–Love the dollar store? Here are some Toddler Busy Bags that you can make from dollar store items!

Need to really dive into frugal living? You need to read my article on some Extremely Frugal Tips and Tricks.

What are some of the awesome homesteading supplies you’ve found at the dollar store?


This blog post on Homesteading Supplies from the Dollar Store has been updated as of December 2018.

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  1. Great list! I never would have thought to look for ponchos there, but I am desperately in need of some. However, I do want to mention that those needles snap at the smallest amount of pressure. Ask me how I know! 😉

    1. I am with you, doll or stores are awesome, it’s like the old 88 cent stores from my childhood,
      I found ponchos usefull more then wearing them, its a caters buddy, I used them under stuff I need to take to event, I used a few for bibs and even found then use full to keep dirty lining dry from event and I use them in my truck to save the seats from yuk, I wear kilts and a stain is not pretty, if they long to waste money awesome, more deals for us.
      Keep up the awesome job I enjoy your post and it adds a smile to those dark days I have so many of.

    2. I buy brand name needles and pins and safety pins from good fabric shops. I don’t even trust Walmart quality in the same name brands. The cheaper needles will also store well and rust at the same time. I bought a pack of safety pins from WM and there were burrs on the end of each pin. I returned them and paid three times as much at a fabric store!

      1. I agree, it doesn’t pay to buy cheap needles and pins. They make your task much harder and therefore slower. They break much easier and rust as well. In 45 years of sewing, and being frugal, I’ve learned my lessons.

        1. Me too was headed to bottom to say just this. I still have color store safety pins. 20 years ago I bought them. Burrs. I pick thru and use the best for junk projects. Use my fabric store ones for good things. Just to not waste them. Threw many away tho. So didnt save me anything

  2. Love the dollar store! Yesterday bought grading gloves, fig newton thin lemon cookies and pecan dandies ( both were delicious!) , plastic baskets for storing my makeup in the bathroom! Soooo many useful things!

      1. I’ve shopped the $1 store for years.My grandkids used to tease me about it,but when they came over to my house,they wanted to “do crafts”. I always had a box full of ribbon, craft foam,construction paper, glue, glitter and stickers. Those small baskets are great for organizing kitchen cabinets. I’m only 5ft tall so I group like items in a basket and put it on an upper shelf, then I pull the basket down to get what I need.
        Enjoy your posts

    1. In California, some of the cookies are made in a foreign country.
      Some are gen . modified. I watch which ones I buy.

  3. Be careful of those dog treats — more and more, we’re seeing reports of pets getting very sick from food and treats imported from China. It’s probably better — cheaper and healthier — to spend more money on a quality US product like a bag of lamb’s lung (from Amazon), break them into small pieces and use as training rewards or special treats.

      1. My dollar store carries a ton of dog treats that are made in the USA! They also have a lot of frozen veggies and fruits that are made in the USA. Last week they had planters peanutbutter! I bought a case! Love your blog 🙂

        1. Some peanut butter you don’t want to give to dogs as it contains a chemical that
          starts with an X and is a sweetener . This can kill the dog within 24 hours. I only buy
          peanut butter without it.


        1. Roberta, I’m not sure why your Vet would tell you something like that. The only bones that are “bad” for dogs are chicken bones, because they are small and shatter. Otherwise chewing on bones promotes healthy teeth and gums. Dog’s natural instinct is to chew on bones!

          1. Miranda actually chicken bones are only bad for your dog when cooked. Raw dog diets have bone in them. It’s a great source of calcium for your dogs.

          2. The chicken bones are only bad for your dogs if they are COOKED. Then they will splinter. I go to a local pastured poultry hand-processing plant and buy 40lb boxes of raw chicken frames and feed my very large dogs 3-4 frames every morning (wings, breasts, thighs, legs & internal organs all removed). One box lasts about 2 weeks for $20. My dogs hunt wild rabbit, squirrel, etc on our small farm too. Its not the chicken its the COOKED thats the issue. Amazing how we’re taught half truths now days.

          3. Love your blog! Our dog actually broke and split his tooth chewing on a bone and it cost us several hundred dollars for vet bills. We were told the same about all bones for dogs that the slivers they adventually get while chewing can be like glass for them to digest. We just avoid the natural bones altogether.

        2. Rawhide (unless granulated) is not very safe for dogs. That’s probably what your vet was meaning. Rawhide doesn’t dissolve in the digestive system and can over time pile up and cause blockages. Bigger dogs or dogs that have a tendancy to swallow big pieces are more prone to this. If your dog does this you’ll want to stick to natural bones such as marrow bones.

          (I’m a professional dog trainer)

          1. On the homestead, some of the rawhide treats can be soaked and opened to use the rawhide for projects

    1. The vet said to give our dog Mini carrots, She loves them and gets
      one twice a day. Celery is another option. (Cut up,no,according to
      the vet,the strings are’nt a problem’) A lot cheaper and healthier then
      Dog treats,which I refuse to buy any from China or the spendy
      ones.I get the packs of carrots for $1.29 to $1.99 in my very small

      1. We also give our dogs baby carrots and celery! The celery helps clean teeth and neutralize breath in our 12 year old Pug who otherwise smells like he is rotting from the inside LOL

      2. My dogs love frozen green beans especially the uncut ones. They think they are getting popsicles. They also like raw potato and sweet potato, watermelon, apple slices.

      3. If you give your dogs the baby carrots that are peeled and ready to eat, make sure that you are buying organic because many of the “baby” carrots out there are dipped in bleach before being bagged to put on the market. Having said that, one of our dogs once ate a Pepsi can to get to the steak bones that had been stuffed in it. She had a cast iron stomach, as she also ate green peppers (plants and all) and she once ate half of a 3-layer chocolate cake. She was a mix of Labrador and Newfoundland.

      4. My dog loves veggies! That and the vet suggested oyster crackers. They just want a treat and mine is very happy with veggies.

      5. Our silly Yorkiepoo loves carrots but only cooked not raw. Of course we oblige her. I also buy salt free green beans for her. 7 pounds, black, name is Zoey!

    2. Good to see someone with good sense who cares about your dog. Just because something is made in the U.S. does not make it good for your dog. If it’s not made of human quality ingredients, mine do not eat it. Bones are a no, not ever! My daughter is a veterinarian in the Army, takes care of working dogs in Europe, helps save those who are injured while serving with surgeries and other repairs, and she always says, “No bones!” Why take a chance? Many people have decided that they have better knowledge than the professionals, why I don’t know, but taking a chance with your dog’s life to save money, show that you know more than a professional, is foolish and to me, the equivalent of abuse. If it can hurt your pet, and you know that, but you still give the item to them because you think it’s OK or that you know more than the pros, you are putting your dog at risk.

  4. I bought several hand shovels, seeds, assorted garden stuff, dog toys, candles, dishes, art supplies, laundry soap, play makeup for the little one, and big boxes of candy. Some days it should be called the twenty dollar store. It’s a great place for taking the little one to spend her allowance. She’s very happy to see her $5 will get her five different things.

  5. Plus those dog treats are made in the USA. I checked because I just bought the same dog treats last week at my dollar store 🙂

    1. I would never, never purchase any dog food or treats at the Dollar Store. If it is something that you would not eat yourself, then you should not feed it to your dog. 99% of those treats/cookies/biscuits are made of some type of cheap grain, even cornstarch! Really, really bad. I like to give my guys raw veggies for treats, they especially love those carrots. If I want to get fancy or do something special, I might use sweet potato, fish, chicken, or sliced beef to make jerky. You can use a dehydrator or allow it to dry on its own. For my guys, I purchase dog food from Canada made with human quality ingredients, locally sourced by the company. Out of sheer laziness, and how much they love these, I buy ‘cookies’ made of salmon and veggies, dried into a crunchy ‘cookie.’ They really stink! I keep them in a sealed container and when you open it, whew!! They will do any kind of trick, or anything else you might want them to do, to get one of these. They are the size of an old movie ticket, I break each one into about 6 pieces and they each get 4-5 pieces. My dogs are small, 15 – 25 lbs. By breaking their treats into smaller pieces, I like to think that they think/believe that they are getting 4 cookies instead of 1, which chokes them anyhow. No Cheap Treats if you love your dog!

  6. Great post! I love the dollar store. I also find I like some of their cleaning supplies.

    I have been keeping a price book on my blog where I do price comparisons. I would note that at least in my area, rice is cheaper (per lb) at Aldi, and freezer bags are the same price per bag at Aldi (and I think the ones at Aldi are a bit better quality.) Dish sponges are actually cheaper at Aldi too.

  7. Excellent post! I am a ‘rusty mom’, you know my kids are grown. But, I still get so much out of your posts! Keep on…..

  8. I will never get this time back. I guess you made your money from getting me to “click” on it. Just because the dog treat is USA made doesn’t mean its not full of corn(that’s not what dogs should eat) and sprayed with chemicals.

    Seriously you put this:
    9. Cards. At the beginning of this year I mentioned that we were going to do more written correspondence this year instead of relying on social media. I love getting cards at the dollar store. They have smaller packs with several cards for a dollar or larger cards for only $1 each. I like the larger cards for when I’m sending pictures!

    then you posted your “list” (please click on my website) on Facebook(that’s social media if you forgot)..

    Laura Ingalls Wilder is rolling over in her grave that you used “Little House”

    1. I don’t normally feel the need to respond to comments like this but I’m not really sure what you are trying to get at because you obviously didn’t read my article about not using social media for PERSONAL use. We do still use it for the blog. I also don’t know what you mean about me trying to just garner clicks on a post to make money? I spent hours writing this post (and every other of the hundreds of posts on this blog) to help and encourage and I might make a few pennies here and there for that. Blogging isn’t exactly a career but of course I’m happy to contribute anything I can to my family’s budget. But if I was trying to blog for the money I’ve had stopped long ago because any blogger can tell you it’s not worth it!

      If you don’t want to buy the dog treats at the dollar store then don’t feel like you need to. This post is simply a suggestion of things to get your mind working on inexpensive things you can find at the dollar store.

      Also, fyi….Little House in our blog title actually has nothing to do with the Laura Ingalls Wilder books which you can read in our disclaimer. It was simply because of the fact that we happen to live in a little house.

      1. There’s always someone who will feel the need to jump on you for anything you post. You did a great job on this post! I love dollar stores and anyone who doesn’t could have simply skipped this post. In fact, they probably shouldn’t follow you at all on FB.

      2. I love your blog! You are a great inspiration to everyone. Plus extremely lady like to want to be haters. I respect you tonnes!! Keep up the Great work 🙂

      3. I love reading about ideas t o saving any and all ways.I don’t like using my funnels for making some cleaners,so on one of peoples blogs, I found, use soda bottles .Cut the end you drink from to the height you want it which is your funnel and the other end I use as flower pots or seed starters.Thank you and all who blog!

      4. Some people will pick on anything. I doubt very much that Laura Ingalls Wilder (who is a distant cousin of mine, BTW) would be rolling over in her grave. Little House on the Prairie was named that because SHE lived in a little house. Good grief!

      5. An incredibly gracious reply to an incredibly rude poster. Makes me even happier to be a follower of Little House Living!!

      6. Hi. I know this is an older post so I was hoping that by now you are earning more more from your blog. I have to think you put so much time, effort and work into it with such little return. Anyway, I liked the article and am now craving a trip to the dollar store. Thanks. 😊

    2. Yeah, well people shouldn’t really be eating corn in it’s currently over GMO’d state (or wheat for that matter either), but it’s everywhere now. Everything will kill you, your pets, your plants, etc unless you make/grow it all yourself and can assure it will never get cross pollinated by Montanto’s Frankencrops.

      You know what time I won’t get back? The time it took to read the comment where you felt it completely appropriate to leave a judging, rude comment on this blog post.

      1. Having a bad day? No one asked you to read her information. I appreciate and love Merissa’s site.

    3. We LOVE the dollar store!!!!! We go there all the time… Love getting their side walk chalk… It was almost $12 for a box at Walmart so we didn’t buy it. Was so excited to walk into the dollar store and find it!!! Great post…..:)

    4. Wow. If you are unhappy with what you read, I guess don’t read it. Clearly you have the time to waste by commenting on something you didn’t like. What’s the point?

      She provided a list and that was it. Nothing more, this is based on her own usage. Yours may be different. Don’t like what you read, don’t read it!

    5. Boo!!! Jessica!!!
      This is Merissa’s Blog, if you don’t like her posts, then don’t read it!!! DUH!!!

    6. Jessica,
      The internet is a wonderful source to find information, entertainment, etc. If this blog isn’t for you, find another. Most people aren’t interested in reading snarky comments. Life is too precious and short for that nonsense.

    7. OMG, Jessica. I bet you’re thrice as unpleasant in person as you appear to be through your writing. I wonder if anyone in your family is proud to be associated with you… probably not.

    8. Wow, Jessica that was really rude and hateful. Please take your nasty comments to some other blog. I thought the dollar store ideas were great, and in this economy we can all use some ideas for cutting costs.

    9. Jessica, none of us will ever get the time back that we spent reading your snarky, rude comment.
      If you don’t want to buy dog food at the store, then don’t. Some of us are appreciative of any tips we can get on how to save money, and we pick and choose what we want to use, without attacking the person trying to share.

    10. Jessica really needs to get out more. Then her time wouldn’t be ‘wasted’ on a site that most of us appreciate.

  9. I recently got a potato peeler at the dollar store. It’s not the best one in the world, but it works great on root veggies like carrots and parsnips. We also stock up on school supplies to donate to my son’s classroom mid year when the teacher is running low of pencils, erasers, paperclips and the like. Near holidays, sometimes I give my 9 year old $10 and let him go crazy buying decorations. He loves it and it teaches him budgeting because he has to figure out what he really wants and what he can do without.

  10. When our kids were younger, and $ was extremely tight, we would take them one at a time into the Dollar Store, where they were allowed to choose 1 item apiece for each family member. They would choose the coolest and strangest gifts for each other, and thise were some of our favorite holiday memories! We still laugh about them now that they’re grown!:)

    1. Missy, I can relate. I don’t have kids, but when I was a kid our family was pretty poor. We didn’t have Dollar Stores then that I ever saw, but the equivalent was “off price outlets”, which are still around in some areas. My mother did ALL our Christmas shopping there, and even then it was limited. So we got stickers, socks, pez dispensers, gum, and odd little knick-nacs like little porcelain children or animal figurines. She also did most of our clothes shopping there too, unfortunately. Nothing ever fit right but boy did it build character, LOL!

  11. I just went and bought a bunch of gardening supplies. Seeds were 4 for $1. I got corn, beets, green beans, lettuce, kale, and numerous others. Also they had manure bags for mixing and really cool boxes of flower seed assortments, I got one for attracting butterflies and another for humming birds. Also seed starter trays. Love the dollar store! Cheap cleaning stuff too!

  12. We were just there yesterday! I buy seasonal decorations there and of course cards, can’t beat the price. We have also bought metal tape measures there, great buy for $1. Love the Awesome cleaning products. Some things are a deal and some aren’t. You just have to know your prices. It is easy to get carried away there!! I find myself saying, it’s only a buck! LOL

  13. Please be cautious when purchasing the dog snacks and treats from the dollar stores. Most are from China.

  14. Hi, I love your posts and I also love going to the Dollar Store. I found cinnamon sticks at the dollar store for a project I did at Christmas. It is so much cheaper than at the craft store or grocery store. I also like there glass vases for flower arrangements or putting bulbs (like tulips) in with some rocks. Thanks again for the great posts 🙂

  15. Great post! Thank you. The dollar store sometimes has candles, small birthday gifts and favors for children, and activity books that keep my boys busy for a bit while I finish a chore. As long as we read labels and stay informed, we can use these supplies wisely. I appreciate the hard work on your site. Keep it up! *hugs*

  16. My husband is a teacher and gets many class supplies at the $1 store. He gets scissors, markers, pencil boxes, clear sleeve card holders for math words/definitions, conztruction paper, tape, etc. All kinds of things for his geometry students to use.

    Our Target has a great $1 spot too. Kids got butterfly nets, bug cups, magnifiers, and pool toys.

  17. the next time I hit the dollar store I’ll look more closely for things I can use! thanks for the tips

  18. Merissa, Your post was wonderful. I went to the dollar store the other day and bought a basket full of items from house ware to kitchen containers, socks, etc. I think my total due was like $16.00. Funny thing is I went to a Family Dollar store and had purchased a few items and that purchase was $28.00. Some of the items I bought there I saw the exact same item at the dollar store but I had paid a couple dollars more then I would have at the DS. We live and we learn. I also love second hand stores for my main shopping for clothes, pictures, Tupperware, etc. I work as a Fry Cook at a local restaurant and we can wear tee-shirts and jeans or shorts to work. When you can get 8 shirts for under $20.00 I think that is pretty good.

  19. This is a great list!! As a burgeoning homesteader, money can get tight because of projects we need to do (new chicken coop, garden beds, chickens, feed,etc) so going to the dollar store for items like this keeps us going!! Thanks for some really great tips!
    As an add on to the dog treats: As much as we love our dog, and she is part of the family, stressing out about her treats yields the same result as stressing out about corn in our diet. We do the best we can, and leave the rest up to God. While I try and make all our food, and even our dog treats, somedays I just can’t keep up with it all…no shame in that…we are just human 🙂

  20. I love the dog treats…they are made in the USA! I always check and have found several brands at the Dollar Tree made here.

  21. Hello! We love the dollar store too!They just opened one in our little town,what a blessing it is to have one when there is one other grocery store avalible 🙂 lots of crafting items there and also food! Thanks for sharing your post 😉 Your sight is my favorite. have a Blessed day!

  22. I love the dollar store, family dollar, or dollar general. I also like the dollar tree. You can find all kind of crafts, and supplies, and flowers, and food. If you spend less. Than when something special comes up you don’t feel so bad about going.

  23. Be very careful buying dog/cat food at the dollar store. It often comes from China and has killed many pets.

    1. Can you post your sources.?I have been searching the internet for quite some time and I havn’t been able to find even one pet death from dollar tree pet treats.

    2. Love your blog Marissa, you’re doing a great job!!
      Oh yes, at the Dollar Store, they also have great buys for hair brushes, scrunchies, etc.
      Thanks again for your great posts!

  24. As I’ve aged, I realize that I need to pray for those with bitter, hardened hearts to be softened so that true peace may reside in them instead.

  25. My dollar store also carries mason jars for far cheaper than wal mart.
    If you stop earlier in the week, a coupon prints out for a $5 off $25.00 purchase for the following weekend. Great deal.

  26. I too like the greeting cards. They are quite a deal. The gift bags are nice. The coloring books are quite a deal if you compare them to the prices at other stores. Yikes! The holiday decorations are great for my grandmother’s bedroom and door. The school/office supplies. I just picked up some binder clips (I use those to hold bags closed) and a project display board which would have been much more than a dollar at another store. Figuring out which are the gems and which ones to pass by is half the fun. Thanks to evetyone for ideas.

  27. Merissa, one of the things I love the most about your blog is that you are so down to earth! Please don’t let the haters like Jessica spoil your good mood or your desire to help others in the quest to live more fully and spend less while doing it. Haters are going to hate no matter what, as it is all they are really focused on doing. At my house, we all LOVE your blog posts and appreciate your cheeriness and your plain and simple approach to daily life. Keep up what you are doing, please! You are encouraging, helping, and inspiring so many people, including me 🙂

  28. I bought so very many things at the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree usually) for my secondary science classroom. Things we actually used in experiments, so homeschool moms, if you think creatively you can do so much with stuff from there.

  29. Hi Merissa,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your posts and I hope that you continue to share your wisdom with the rest of us, I look forward to reading what you have accomplished next. You give me a lot of inspiration, also don’t let narrow minded people like Jessica who commented on your post get you down. Maybe she should use her TIME more wisely, like getting a life, Again, thank you for taking the time to write it isn’t keeping a blog and running a house and chasing a toddler. So…Kudos my friend

  30. Merissa, I love this blog, I read it daily. Jessica, boo on you. This website is about Merissa creating her world and about love and light. I love reading and learning and getting inspired. I am an Art teacher, I love finding new ways to see the world. I think everyone who reads the blog understands that we are all of the ‘harm none’ philosophy. So, Merissa sorry she was hateful, but remember ‘we’, the community that frequents this blogs are much better without someone like that woman. We value what you do.
    Thank you,

  31. Thanks for your post about the dollar store! I also am a huge fan of wooden clothespins. They have so many uses don’t they? Love it. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do!

  32. Love your blog! Love all the dollar stores. Dollar Tree is my favorite. We get many things there. My favorite finds recently were drawer organizers and cabinet organizers. My goal is to put a drawer organizer in every kitchen drawer and laundry room drawer and to organize our kitchen cabinets better without spending a lot of money. I’m getting there.

  33. Great post! I will have to check some of those items out next time I go. Always enjoy reading about how to stretch a buck.

  34. I just got back from Dollar Tree and here’s a few things I got that I’d never gotten there before. Perfume- A big bottle of some “smells like such and such” perfume. I think this is awesome for some everyday around the house frilly smell. Garden gloves, shovels, scissors, pruning shears. Silverware drawer organizer, but I’m using mine to organize my junk drawer. A butter dish- seriously I can’t find one of these anywhere.

  35. Merissa-
    Great post! Love your tips and ideas.
    I just bought freezer bags and borax and veggie seeds there this week. All at a great price. Plus, living in a rural area I only had to drive 12 miles round trip rather than 30+ round trip. I do shop the dollar store because it’s local and I just don’t like our walmart the closest one being about 16 miles and across the lake!
    I make my own laundry soap but have a hard time finding the ingredients in one stop– I’ve found that the ACE hardware has all three ingredients. However, I love using borax to clean the bathroom, kitchen and porch so I buy it at the dollar store – they no longer carry all three.
    I do like buying the cheaper dollar store mops for various clean chores too. Like washing the siding on the house, washing the porches, the pool deck etc. They also have wooden handles so I can cut those off before tossing- heck I bought one just for the dowel rod one time! you never know when you may need a cheap piece of dowel rod!
    The Only other store near us is the Heritage Market – Mennonite owned and operated.
    I shop there for organic BRAGGS Apple cider vinegar, fresh deli meats and cheeses, spices, and fresh produce such as lettuce tomatoes and bananas- also they sometimes have seasonal items for sale – without the mileage to drive.
    As to dog treats- I found a recipe online and make my own for the pup!
    Great post!
    Always worth while reading 🙂

  36. Thank you for reminding me about the dollar store. Especially for cards and organizing containers. Used to go there a lot when the children were younger.

  37. At Christmas time my 3 sons and I spent about $80 at the dollar tree and filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and put together gallon sized bags of things like socks, gloves, and hygiene supplies for the local homeless population. It wasn’t a lot but hopefully it made someone’s day.

    1. I absolutely love using the dollar store for filling Operation Christmas Child boxes! I’ve done it since I was a little girl and it’s always held a special place in my heart each year.

  38. One of the things I miss most about living in the lower 48 is having a dollar store. Juneau does not have one. Bummer.

    We Three Crabs

    1. Erica, you can order from the dollar tree on line. they also have flat rate shipping so if you planned and ordered once a month you also save money on postage. Just my 2cents worth. I love DT I use buckets from there for feeding our menagerie of critters.

  39. When it comes to washcloths, Target and Wal-Mart usually have stacks of 18 or 24 decent quality ones for about $5. Herbs and spices are cheapest AND best quality in bulk, at your local place that has them in bulk or through Azure. I like the dollar store for sand buckets and party decorations and picture frames and small trash cans, but if I want the item to actually be used abd last more than a few months, I look elsewhere.

  40. Always enjoy your post & it is very gratifying to know there are young folks out there like you trying to live within your means. We are 69 & 70 & i still try to can & freeze, keep my pantrys stocked & know we can make it if we have to, because that is how we have lived all of our lives.We need to continue to teach others around us how to save on food & stop throwing things out that could be used for another meal.Th. You for all you do, Rosie

    1. Rosie I love your comments on how to save money and how to be prepared for the unexpected. My husband and I have always been prepared for the unexpected. The dollar tree is one of the best places to shop along with a few others. Also alds is one of our favorite places to shop. Wish the younger generation would understand that some of the things they are being taught are not necessarily true. Thank you!

  41. Hi.

    We have something similar in England – Poundland. Going there tomorrow to pick up some bargains! Jane

  42. Merissa,
    Just recently found your blog and I have already found so much helpful info. I have been searching for a good homesteading source and yours has so much basic info on subjects I need help with. Thanks so much for giving your time. The dollar store in my town gives coupons back on the receipt for 5.00 off on next purchase (usually the next weekend) and also one huge thing for me is, I can find lots of items at the dollar store which keeps me out of other stores that are further away or advertise too many tempting items that I don’t really need but the “big” sale sign makes me think I have to purchase. Thanks again for all your helpful information.

    1. Do you mean the Dollar General or the Dollar Tree?

      DG is more expensive. Dollar Tree is a $1.00 an item store.

      1. Dollar General is the one that has the $5 off $25 purchase coupon. That has saved me lots of money. I also love the Dollar Tree. I go there sometimes at the end of the pay period when I don’t have much money and I just want to shop. I know I can buy some cute things, like kitchen towels and housewares, and still not spend a lot.

  43. Hello! I enjoyed this article. I usually do not have much time when doing errands to escape into the Dollar Tree; however, I have occasionally. Your article has prompted in my mind to go check there more often. I get to two maybe twice a month. We pass a grocery store on the way home 5 days a week so the groceries are not an issue.

    Ours has many good things like containers, kitchen utensils, cards, socks, household cleaners, etc… I make my own laundry detergent as well, but I purchase the items elsewhere. I have, many times, purchased small gifts for my nieces and nephews (books, school supplies, etc.). I haven’t thought to purchase containers or seeds.

    Thank you for the post!

  44. One really great thing I have found at the Dollar store on occasion is emergency candles-a 5 pack of them-for $1. (the long burning kind). Since they aren’t there all the time I buy quite a few when they do have them. I also get some of my items for the flower arrangements that I do for family graves (I do 5 of them a few times a year.) This helps a lot as the flowers are normally pretty expensive. Our Dollar Tree takes coupons-even though it is harder to find items that you can use a coupon on, it can be done) so that makes the price even better.

  45. Make sure on those dog treats that they are actually healthy for your dog. Many are made from by-products like feathers and bone have added color and are not good for your pet. My daughter owned a pet shop and most of the really cheap and colorful stuff was not good so she wouldn’t even carry it.

  46. Marissa I love your blog & for anyone that reads it, if you don’t like it then dot read, go somewhere else…

    I happen to work PT at Dollar Tree, there are tons of stuff that you can get, some is better than others but you have to try it to see. Just because something costs more at another store does not make it better & at the one I work at we are getting more & more name brand stuff along with the off name stuff. Each store gets stuff depending on their size so if you want to see what all is available go to If you want to buy the case its still a $1 each if not then I believe it might be $1.10 each (still a savings over a lot of places), if you have it delivered to your nearest store instead of to your home or business the shipping is free, you just have to give it a week to come in. Check to see when your local store gets their truck & make sure you order a week in advance. Its a great place for party supplies, mylar balloons, everyday items & stock up items… I got the nylon clothes lines 75′ each, wooden clothes pins, matches (buy the 10 boxes instead of the big box, you get more), socks, in winter they sometimes have the hand warmers, so many things. In this economy you have to cut corners where you can & I for one like all the info I can get… Thanks Marissa for your website & all the info you research & share as well as all your followers… cant wait to see the renovation information…

  47. I love your ideas for things to look for in the Dollar store! I too love the cards! Regarding the dog treats….I like to make my own. I make a peanut butter dog treat that my dog loves. Now, if someone tries to give him another kind of treat, he just turns his nose up at it! He is super spoiled!

  48. Very nice post, Merissa. I enjoy reading everything you write. Your spirit is inspiring. Let your light shine!

  49. Shower liners are usually cheap there. I admit I bleach and reuse and try to get as much use out of mine as I can, but when the day comes to discard them, you do not feel too bad about throwing out a liner that didn’t cost very much to begin with.

  50. I do hope you checked the country of origin of your products–not the distribution country, but the manufacturing company. I’m all for cheap, but not when it means sending hard earned US dollars to China.

    1. Much as I would like to say we do not buy anything made in China there is often no other choice no matter where you shop.

  51. Oh my goodness. Please do not feel guilty about trying to make some extra cash online, Merissa. Also, I think that Laura Ingalls Wilder would be proud of you for being so resourceful and working so hard to help your family.

  52. Please don’t buy dog treats at any store. Grains, dyes, and artificial ingredients in them lead to allergies, skin infections, all kinds of things. Jerky treats from China have been re-introduced but still have killed thousands of dogs. If you feed kibble dog food, get the best you can afford. Corn kills. My dogs are 8 years old, never been sick, have sparkling white teeth and nice coats. They eat a home prepared diet which you can google. You can make treats at home. Dehydrate slices of sweet potato. they love it. I freeze sardines for summer..they love their pupsicles. Lay them out on waxpaper greased, or sprayed with a “cooking spray” in single layer and freeze then pop into a bag in the freezer. Do the same with chicken livers or hearts or gizzards. They also LOVE frozen chicken feet. And…no…feeding them raw chicken will not make them chase and kill chickens. Love your tips and ideas!! Keep sending them to us.
    Dianne Anthony former Alaska Homesteader.

  53. Such a great post Merissa, I did not read through all the comments so sorry if these have been suggested (I stopped at the first rude comment – why do people have to ruin a perfectly good article with hateful comments…but I digress…)

    – Sharpie markers – great for labeling thing – your freezer bags, you buckets, etc..
    – Containers for homemade gifts – the holidays always have a plethora of boxes, bags and tin for packaging up homemade holiday gifts. And if you wait until AFTER the holiday they often go on discount 2 for $1 so I snatch them up and save them for next year.
    – Spices – you can score some pretty good deals on basic every-day type spices there – cinnamon, oregano, garlic powder, etc.
    – Pet supplies – while I have been hesitant to purchase pet food & treats at the dollar store I have picked up dog and cat brushes and combs, dog toys, feeding dishes, and collars. For a $1 those are pretty decent deals.

  54. I buy the woven coasters to put in my car cup holders. It absorbs the moisture and cushions my glass. I also love to buy Reynolds Wrappers pre-cut pop-up foil sheets. 25 per pack and I use them often. They are much higher in the grocery store. Goo Gone is a good purchase to get sticky residue off of items. I love the Dollar store and have saved lots of money shopping there.

  55. Merissa,

    Great post as always! Please know that you and your work / insights are extremely valued by many. After a long day of working, family care, house care, civic duties, etc., I settle in for a good and relaxing perusal of your site as it is always so uplifting. (Inspired by your blog, I made your applesauce tonight – yum – and taught my 5 yr old how to peel apples in the process. A fun mother/daughter time)!

    Wish those who do not want to be a positive part of your/ our community would just click away and go elsewhere. You work hard on this blog and give enjoyment to many kindred souls!

  56. I love the Dollar Tree for doggie poop bags, also wind chimes and bulbs for my nite light. We also have a 99 cent store that has fresh vegetables. Keep up the good work on your blog, Lots of good information, thanks

  57. Great List!! Just yesterday I told my husband I needed to hit the dollar store for a bucket. I’ve never thought about getting socks there though. Great idea.

    Here’s an easy idea. Get some of the sand buckets (the kind kids take to the beach) in different colors and use them for a colorful herb garden. I’m an apartment homesteader so I need to get creative sometimes. Fresh herbs at your fingertips!

  58. Great article! Love the dollar stores. We have several to choose from & I shop them all. At the dollar tree I recently found glass containers with clear-ish plastic lids. They are made in USA. I also find deals on make up, hair accessories, and always buy my foil pans from there. Lots of deals to be had, just gotta look 🙂

  59. Wow! What a great list. You’ve inspired me to stop at the Dollar store. I usually just pass on by because I don’t want to get the kids out at yet another store when I’m in town. 🙂

  60. Merissa,
    most of us thoroughly enjoy your blog and comments here. I pray you do not feel the need to defend yourself to the naysayers of the world.
    you are providing an awesome service to us and if someone doesn’t agree or like it they should have enough self respect to move on but sadly that is not always the case. I have been motivated and encouraged by you and your blog and hope you never let the “others” get you down. thank you

  61. I also love your posts and what is going on in YOUR life. It is obvious that some readers don’t like it. It is about YOUR life and I look forward to your posts for updates and what you are now doing. Thanks to your time and effort on baking/cooking skills, I now make the cheese crackers and they are awesome. Thank you for sharing with us!!

    When the economy went into the gutter, I too started shopping more at our local $$ store–within walking distance. I did shop there before for some items, but never REALLY looked at what was offered. They now get a lot of my money for all the products they carry.

  62. My Dollar Tree has some good deals on groceries. I have just found that they carry heavy whipping cream for a buck for a 1/2 pint carton. There are also goodies like frozen blueberries. My store carries Nature’s Own bread and I find that they have what does not sell well at the regular grocery store, 100% whole wheat, which is what I want anyway. I love containers for freezer meals. With a family of 16 they are a real help with stocking stuffers every year. I love their seeds and find that they actually germinate better than expensive seeds I have bought.

    I have been following your blog for years and I have never seen nasty commentors like I am seeing here. It makes me sad since we have always been such a happy community here. Keep up the good work!

  63. As a proud cheapskate, I LOVE dollar stores and thrift stores (also Aldi). I always start there with my list and advance to Wally and beyond only in cases of dire need. In addition to many of the items mentioned above–cards, vegetable seeds (got 4 for $1 today), plastic bags, buckets & baskets, garlic & onion powder, office supplies, Awesome (it really is) stain remover, and the list goes on–I also love to pick up one or two adorable little 100-piece jigsaws (Puzzle Bug) with nature scenes–just enough to kill an hour or two in an evening without tying up days obsessing over a 1000-piece puzzle.
    As a new reader, I also am really enjoying and appreciating this site. I’m planning to retire at the end of this school year, and I’m looking forward to farming this site intensively for ideas about how to live wisely and well. Thank you, Merissa!

  64. Our Dollar Store accepts coupons. So a lot of my cleaning supplies are under 50 cents. Weather I buy them made or even supplies to make my own. Check your local stores, a lot of times they don’t advertise that they expect coupons.. GREAT BLOG!

  65. I too live in a small town, but we have a Dollar Store! For a small town, it is always busy and most times it’s hard to find parking close by. I start my once-a-month shopping at the Dollar Store before I proceed to the nearby big city to finish off my shopping.

  66. we have a real deals store that sells everything for a dollar or less. i have bought light covers, switch covers, small pints of paint, blanket cloth, tools, hobby paint, glassware, and much more. i love dollar stores! oh, and the local dollar tree has accessories for tablets and phones, too!

  67. I love shopping at the dollar store – It’s amazing that they have so many items that can be used for homesteading.

  68. Hi Marissa,

    Thanks for an informative post as always – love your blog and sorry to hear via FB that you got some negative attention for this post – ignore the haters, we’re listening! Can I just ask why you don’t eat rice? I was intrigued by this part of your post, as it’s a staple for us despite being European.

    Best wishes,

  69. I love going there ! You can get great deals AND can get even better deals with coupons . I have walked out of there with just paying the sales tax !

  70. Thanks so much, Merissa! This list is very helpful…I love our Dollar Tree Store and they have many of the items on your list. 🙂 Love and appreciate your website and refer to your blogs often. 🙂 🙂

  71. Hi Merissa: I have been reading frugal blogs for years and I have learned so much. I have a Dollar tree within walking distance from my house.
    I was there yesterday and my daughter needed snacks for school. Picked up 2 bags pretzels,2 boxes goldfish,2 bags of cheetos,2 packages of windmill cookies. Her classroom also needed kleenex so bought 5 boxes for her to donate. The thing i have been stockpiling is the 60W light bulbs that come 3 in a pack since soon they will not be making these anymore. I try to buy 10 at a time. I like their snacks and my girls love to eat so it is nice b/c they are affordable. Just love the dollar tree. I am there quite a bit.

  72. I love the Dollar store and go there quite often. I am 74 yrs old and have been shopping there more yrs than I can count. I raised my children from the Dollar stores and now that they are grown and have families of their own, they frequently shop there as well. All small children love going there to spent their allowances on various things that they enjoy buying. Thank you for your blogging Marissa, I enjoy reading them all.

  73. Great timing for this wonderful blog post! My 12 y.o daughter and I just built a McQuack Mansion for the new ducks we’re getting (all materials free via, and my father-in-law donated un-need shingles and hardware), and we also rebuilt the laundry room storage space this past weekend. We’ve got a little house, too, so every inch of storage space matters! As I was putting things on the new shelves, I realized that some baskets would REALLY help to hold some of the smaller items, so we’re headed for the Dollar Tree next weekend. We plan to rip out the ugly and space-wasting cabinets over the washer/dryer and install shelving there, too. I was going to check the Dollar Tree for small curtains to keep out the dog hair and dust, but those rain ponchos would probably work nicely, especially if I scalloped the bottoms and ruffled the tops around a re-purposed shovel handle I’ve got parked in the shed. Hope to find some goodies there! Thanks again!

  74. I found metal tune for freezer cooking at the dollar store!! The pie tins come with tie plastic lis, which were wonderful for prep to just toss after!

  75. Spray bottles for DIY cleaning supplies! Lot’s of great finds at these stores, as you and your readers have mentioned. The shower curtain liners are great for both their intended use and many other mess avoiding purposes. Activity book and crayons for when you are stuck somewhere with little ones or for the car. Supplies for a car emergency kit.

  76. You have to watch anywhere when you buy dog treats that they are not made in China. I watch that in all stores.
    Love the website

  77. I just found your blog. Yay! I LOVE the Dollar Tree. I really like the pkgs of smaller note cards and thank you cards. I write many letters to deployed troops (about 50 per month). These make it affordable for me to do that.

  78. Measuring cups, colanders, mixing bowls, drinking glasses, wrapping paper, school supplies, candles, wicker baskets, handsoap, shampoo, and toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
    Also, bought hair curlers (spongy kind) for my daughters have curly hair for my wedding. Washed their hair the night before, rolled it up, and let them sleep on the curlers. Blow dryed the damp spots, THEN remove curlers–Worked great! And cost $1 !

  79. I love getting Pool Noodles (so many uses for them) picture frames, poster board, coloring books, & Betty Crocker brand Boxed pasta salads at our dollar store.

  80. During the summer/ spring the Dollar Tree always puts out party supplies for a luau themed party. There is a green net decoration that is a perfect cucumber, cherry tomato, bean support net. It’s cotton and only lasted 2 growing seasons but it was inexpensive enough to allow me to change sites with the veggies.

  81. I also get medical supplies there. I got almost all of my med kit supplies. The ace bandages I bought there were almost 3 dollars cheaper than other stores. LOVE the dollar stores. Thanks fir the article Merissa!

  82. We shop the dollar store a lot. You can’t beat some of the stuff. The pregnancy tests are always lying around our house, I keep extra pet supplies on hand for any pets I catch running in the streets, we keep toys around for the various kids that come over, and I like customizing the plain dishes too!

  83. thank you for the post. I loved reading it. as we have chickens rabbits turkeys goats and a cow. we like to get the cheap shallow dishes and oil pans for feed and water dishes. they are 2x as much for a feed dishes at tractor supply and they are basically the same thing

  84. My favorite dollar store find are the cheap umbrellas. I have a few by the back door in a bucket with my boots. If I have to make a quick dash outside in a very windy rain I will use one of these rather than the nice ‘expensive’ umbrellas we keep in the car or by the front door for walking the dogs. If the wind turns the umbrella inside out or breaks it I don’t stress.

    I also grab some of those stretch gloves. You never know when you’ll have visitors or the kids will lose there gloves at school. Same with the stretch hats.

    Dollar store yarn also makes great extra scarves just in case or even busy projects for the kids when it is too wet or cold to be outside. I think the yarn goes with your string idea.

  85. One great frugal idea that I have put to use is getting icing pails from local deli’s. They are usually free for the taking, you just have to ask. They are food grade and most of the time come with lids and handles. Perfect for so many things around the homestead. I have used them for everything from berry picking to traveling with dog food. I have covered my garden with them (we get snow late in the year where I live). I find myself turning to them for a number of projects. Most of the time they are free. One time I had to pay a quarter apiece for them. Still an unbeatable price. Usually they are about 2-2 1/2 gallon buckets. I have also asked around for gallon jars from deli’s but it seems unless you live near a college campus these are harder to come across these days. Good luck in all of your endeavors. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT! Thank you for all your hard work.

  86. Just so you know , also at the dollar tree are mesh zippered bags ……keep socks together in those toss in washer then in dryer …no more lost socks …..I also buy trash bags vanilla they are perfect for small bathroom trash cans . I used to work at a dollar tree and I love the store ……….I also buy pop up laundry hampers , ( mesh bags can also work for bath toys as well for grandkids ) , snacks like the drop in drinks , cheese balls , candy for every holiday , toilet bowl cleaner , some stores have the freezer items . pizza rolls and the three little pizzas are wonderful for quick lunches , some craft supplies are cheaper there as well ……

  87. My husband gets his car cleaning supplies from DT. Everytime he shines his tires he makes the comment “This was only a dollar and it works great”.

  88. I love your list! My favorite local dollar store to frequent is the Dollar Tree. It appears that ours has many of the same “staples” as your dollar store. Just another great way to save a few cents and dollars here and there, which is always a win in my book!

  89. I bought some Disney baggies for my boys’ lunches and brown paper bags for their puppet shows! I also buy my nail polish and nail supplies there. My mother taught kindergarten and 1st grade at our Christian school, she always bought goodies for her prize box and supplies for her students to make gifts for their parents! I grew up in the Dollar Tree and over 30yrs later, I still get excited over good buys!

  90. I’d caution about the needles, though: they are cheap. And cheap. Comparing them to quality sewing needles (I like S Thomas & Sons out of England; I can get them for $1.39/15 pack from Wawak (dot) com), they bend very quickly, are more prone to burrs in the body of the needle or in the eye (causing thread breakage), and they’ just… huge. #10 Crewel needles from a high-quality maker serve me really well for general handsewing, as well as for embroidery, so that’s one thing I’ve decided is worth the extra money, for all the aggravation and spoiled projects they save me.

    My favorite dollar store purchase is foil pans–makes it so easy to keep some ready-to-heat suppers in the freezer, to take over to neighbors or friends who need a little gastronomic hug! Which reminds me… I need to make lasagna soon, and do a few pans to share!

  91. We love the dollar store in our house. Not everything is a good buy, but most is decent. I like the pinterest page for dollar store crafts (oh what you can do with a candle stick), party supplies and favors, string, small item food, and the ever favorite baskets. I don’t do store bought dog treats anymore because my pouch is spoiled and likes to eat what we eat. I have found it to be more convenient and less expensive. I do not however cook/make his food, but I have warmed up his kibble before when it’s freezing outside. Love your blog, you have lots of good ideas and hope you keep them coming.

  92. DOLLAR STORES ARE GREAT :o) They should do a commercial promoting prepping from just their stores. I know there are more things…this is just off the top of my Y2K head – lol.
    HOUSING: Duct tape, Plastic Tarps (multiple uses), Candles & Lighters, Bungie Cords, Paper plates & cups, Flashlights & batteries,
    FOOD & WATER: Bottled water, Brown paper lunch bags, Freezer bags & containers, Assorted Canned Foods (tuna, soups, peanut butter, etc), Pork Rinds & Jerky, Hard Candy,
    CLOTHING: House slippers, Socks & Stocking Caps
    MEDICAL & HYGIENE: Moleskin, Gauze pads & tape, Moleskin, Nail clippers, Emery boards & Tweezers, Epsom Salts, Soaps (for cleaning & personal hygiene), Vitamins, Bulk washcloths bundles and/or TP, Vasoline, Glasses repair kits,
    BARTER & TRADE: Chocolate & Coffee….. :o)
    A package of baby diapers is a good idea too. They make great places to hide things. Open a clean diaper…put your valuables inside…seal it up as you would a soiled diaper & toss it in a clean diaper pail. Can be reused were diapers needed, but no one will go thru supposedly soiled diapers looking for valuables.

  93. Our dollar store now accepts coupons. I frequently get storage bags and food for $1 MINUS the manufacturer’s coupons! Great savings! Be sure to check your local store’s policy.

  94. Looks to me like just about everyone enjoys your lists. This is a good one. I had a problem with some dollar store freezer bags, tho. When I tried to open them to use them, the tops tore off. Not very good as containers. LOL

  95. You can sometimes get free buckets from businesses but they will need cleaned. Our local gas station makes donuts and the icing comes in 2 gallon reclosable buckets. They save them for me and we use them for a ton of projects and sometimes there’s still a lot of good icing! Groceries are another great place to ask.

  96. Hi, Just wanted to say I always shop dollar store first. If I can get it for a dollar instead of 2 ( or more) my dollars go much farther. Most of my cleaning supplies come from there, & I use a lot of D.S. items in the garden. As a gardener I find that clothes baskets are great for harvesting, & you can just hose everything off in the basket & let dry before you bring into the house. If you put a large garbage sack in one of the baskets & fill with dirt & compostable scraps from your kitchen you can grow just about anything. Dollar store twine makes lattices for my peas & beans, & at the end of the season you can just add it to the compost pile where it will rot down. Cookie sheets are great to hold small pots to start & transport seedlings. Scissors from the dollar store are great for harvesting & trimming & Im not worried that I will break my good ones. Extra seeds can be safely stored in a cool dark place in labeled plastic shoeboxes. If you put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle its a really good easy way to disinfect all kinds of things including the scissors. Gardening is just one of the things I use dollar store purchases for. I really do save quite bit of money shopping there. 😉 Love your Blog!

  97. dollar store is my best friend! most of my first aid kit is from there. alcohol, peroxide, gauze rolls, 4×4’s, all kinds of medical tape, dental kits, scissors and on and on. the boxes, bleach and such are in abundance.

  98. Might try looking for a lingerie bag at your dollar store. Its been an amazing thing saving myself from loosing anymore socks. I especially love having one for washing my lil ones baby items and at $3 its money well spent!

  99. I cannot tell you all the wonderful things I find at my local dollar tree! Containers all sorts for my homemade detergent and cleaning supplies (especially empty spray bottles!!)! Containers for my pantry storage and homemade Christmas gifts! All my back to college supplies (gals in class were so jealous of my folders and sharpies ;)! We also filled shoe boxes with deodorant, shampoo and snacks and took them down to the homeless shelter a few weeks ago! Groovy way to share with others! Your post is phenomenal and I’m so glad to see the meanies not get you down. Rock on chick!

  100. While I love the dollar store for many things, especially craft supplies, one thing does bother me about it. I dislike the attitude of a throw away item. You mentioned getting a cheap plastic poncho and if it was too muddy to clean you could just toss it. That’s the kind of attitude that is destroying our planet, filling up landfills, and poisoning our water. When I do shop there I try to be mindful of how I will use the item and hopefully will get many, many uses out of it. I hate one use items, especially plastic ones which take forever to break down. The dollar store does generally have a good supply of glass storage containers which I use for many things, and like that it is more sustainable.

  101. Tongue depressors = best seedling markers. Write the name of the seeds planted (NOT with dollar store permanent markers if you can afford the other kind) and never forget were those San Marzano, Amish Paste, or Pruden’s Purple!

    Best close-fitting garden gloves with rubberized palms – also a dollar store thing. I can’t get used to wearing bulky canvas or leather gloves, but these are sensitive enough to do any sort of work. Except pull out thistles, ouch, need the leather for that.

    And THEN our dollar store started carrying tomato spirals. Like the ones that Lee Valley has, for half the price. Maybe half the quality too, but they will likely last me for a lifetime anyway.

  102. We also go through socks like crazy. I felt it was such a waste to throw out so many, so I cut them from the ankle through the heel and to the toes. I now have more rags than I know what to do with. I have also made cloth toilet paper (used only for going #1). It’s incredible how much less tp we buy just by doing that. We went from buying 24pk every month to one 4pk. Saving trees and money what could be better.

  103. Just found your site, and I’m liking what I see. I go to the dollar store for simple things, and often find great items for just about everything homestead related even though we live in town right now. We hope to find a country place soon to spread our wings so to speak, and when we do I just hope there is a Dollar Store nearby. We have a gas grill, but also have a charcoal grill as well, because you just can’t beat charcoal grilling. Gas is for quick grilling only. Bags of charcoal are a great homesteading item for us since i sometimes cook in my dutch ovens. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to other interesting posts. Best wishes.

  104. I buy items pretty regularly from a $ store. Food containers for sending food home with others. I don’t have to worry if I do t get them back. I get this from my Mother, who grew up in the depression. I have bought canned goods from there, too. They are mostly as good as the name brands. We buy our grandchildren treats from there, too. Halloween candy, bath products, and so much more. I have even bought OTC meds from there. Love both of my dollar stores. Plus a Fred’s store.

  105. Thanks for this! I never know what to get at the dollar store, it’s overwhelming. Lol. And yes, you can have too many socks. You should see my drawer. It became know that I like fun socks and now that’s all anyone ever gives me for birthdays and Christmas. Lol

  106. The needles are super cheap and thin. I bought a package and most broke with general use. Wait until your fabric store puts them on sale or use coupons.

  107. I like to buy the rolls of kraft paper to use to wrap around our plant containers when we sell them on the homestead. It also makes for a really cute, rustic wrapping paper when coupled with twine. The ribbon and burlap rolls along with party favor bags are a wonderful way to package your homemade products for sale w/o cutting into your profit margin too much.

  108. Hello from Niagara Falls Canada!
    I know your post was done a few years ago, before we were aware of the damage plastic is causing in the world – it NEVER “goes away.” Instead of the plastic bins and containers, we choose metal or wooden baskets/bins and glass containers. In addition to selection of sizes in the kitchen storage section of the store, there are a few different sizes of tiny jars and vials with metal or cork lids in the craft section. We keep watch for giant jars with lids on recycling day and will often ask restaurants if they have any of these (typically from pickles, olives, roasted peppers….) We use these for storing flour and other large-quantity items for the pantry.
    Thanks so much for all the information!

  109. Glad to see this post revamped and brought back again!

    I pretty much LIVE at my local Aldi’s, Save-A-Lot (food store) and Dollar Tree. I hate shopping big box stores like Walmart unless necessary.

    Dollar Tree has amazing finds and for only $1! I buy almost all our dry goods there (unless the grocery store has a sale going), and love looking for home goods as well. My best find ever is the health/beauty section. By simply reading labels and comparing, I have learned that the majority of “over the counter” meds we use for allergies, colds, etc are all available at my local DT! Just make sure the “active” ingredient is the same amount and dosage! I’ve been told this by more than one doctor, including my children’s pediatrician.

    We make almost all our cleaning supplies at home, but even things like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc are able to be bought cheaply at the dollar store! And YES to the socks and rags/towels posts! Our family of four goes through many a sock and many a rag! Hint: socks put on hands = dusters! No more disposable ‘duster’ products for us!

  110. I love the dollar tree as well! They are also a great place to buy stuff for making frugal seasonal decor or home decor items too! Love it 😊

  111. Awesome is the best cleaning product I’ve used. What the heck,$1.00,I’ve spent $5.00-$6.00
    on stuff that didn’t work as well.My guys buy it by the dozen to use at their shop,even on
    Spilled grease! I love the store for greeting cards,2for $1.00. Cant beat that. Bleach for cleaning
    and laundry is a lot cheaper then other stores.Yoy learn what to buy there.Since it’s 150 miles round trip to shop,I go there 1st,then Walmart etc. Saves money.Thanks Marissa for all your

  112. My sister’s dog had to go to the vet because she ate a pork chop bone that splintered and had to be removed.

  113. We live in a small town with a dollar store, grocery store, drugstore, and hardware store. The dollar store has items for school and craft and sweatpants, socks, underwear, and some groceries and pet foods, cleaning supplies, tp, shampoo etc. Many older people on social security buy their bulk of food there. This is a common scenario over the Midwest in towns of less than 4000. There used to be woolworths and Ben franklins 5 and dime. Now we have the dollar stores. They are serving a purpose in our rural communities.