Canning Zucchini

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quick zucchini recipes

Canning Zucchini

Canning zucchini is no longer recommended so this blog tutorial has been removed. Instead of canning, here is how I recommend preserving zucchini instead:

Drying Zucchini


Freezing Zucchini

If you want to can zucchini, you can use this Zucchini Relish recipe which has been tested and approved.

quick zucchini recipes

Looking for some delicious zucchini recipes that you can make with your fresh or preserved zucchini? Here’s what we have on the blog!

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This blog post on Canning Zucchini was originally posted on Little House Living in August 2012. It has been updated with current information as of July 2020.

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  1. I notice there are no after photos… I’ve never canned shredded zuchs but I do can the sliced rounds. They’re pretty sad looking when they’re done but thats ok by me. They’re just going into stews over the winter. I was wondering how your jars turned out.

    Another thing you might want to consider is dehydrating your zucchini if you have a dehydrator. If not, you may be able to pick a good one up for about $50/$60. I have a Nesco Jerky Maker/Dehydrator and it works fantastically. I was planning on buying a very expensive dehydrator and then I got this one for Christmas last year. I no long have any need for any other cuz this one works great.

    1. Do you make zucchini chips with your dehydrator, or slices and checks to use later? I have a pressure cooker but not sure if it works. (We found it in a house back when we cleaned out foreclosures.) Just wandering if you rehydrate later to cook with. Thanks.

      1. I do make zuch rounds, like chips with my dehydrator. When you rehydrate them, the skins are a little bit tough but not unpleasantly so. I just toss them in soups as I said.. it gives you something to bite into I guess

  2. Do you drain the liquid out of the jars before using the zucchini in recipes? I want to try this, but need to know how to use it once I’ve finished. 🙂 Great idea, by the way…I’ve been trying to figure out how to store all of my zucchini with a packed freezer. 🙂

  3. just an FYI according to the National Center for Home Food Preservation canning zucchini is not recommended. Here is what their website says:

    Why is canning summer squash or zucchini not recommended?
    Recommendations for canning summer squashes, including zucchini, that appeared in former editions of So Easy to Preserve or USDA bulletins have been withdrawn due to uncertainty about the determination of processing times. Squashes are low-acid vegetables and require pressure canning for a known period of time that will destroy the bacteria that cause botulism. Documentation for the previous processing times cannot be found, and reports that are available do not support the old process. Slices or cubes of cooked summer squash will get quite soft and pack tightly into the jars. The amount of squash filled into a jar will affect the heating pattern in that jar. It is best to freeze summer squashes or pickle them for canning, but they may also be dried.

      1. There is no 2012 edition. The book you have was published in 2010, therefore as to the canning of zuchinni, it is wrong. I had issues with this post on a canning site. They thought because you posted this, it makes it safe. Thanks for posting, it helps us all learn.

        1. I stated that I have the 2010 Edition. I feel as though it is safe to can zucchini and we have never had an issue with it. I know many many canners that can things that the government declares “unsafe” all of the time. I’m sorry that this post is disappointing to you but I’m simply stating what works for me and many others, not what the government believes we should do.

          1. The government also says many things are SAFE that are clearly unsafe for us!!! You really think the government wants to know how to grow, can, and cook our own food? Then how will they get us to depend on them if they did that?

          2. I am frankly sick to death of the government thinking it can or should tell us what to do. The government is our employee, we tell it what to do. The government has no special wisdom about canning and states that virtually all canning is scary and unsafe! Could this be to cause unthinkers to buy into the fear and dependency culture?

          3. I have canned a lot of Zucchini for years. I have never had any issues what so ever. I trust years of experience over the Govt saying it ma be unsafe l. Basically it is just that they haven’t spent the time or money in the lab.

          4. I totally agree with you Merissa ,I have used Putting Foods By for40+ years & my faithful pressure canner to can everything from fish to beans,& everything in between still here to tell about .
            Also if in doubt I have added a few drops of vinegar to bring up acid content of some things.
            KEEP ON ,KEEPING ON .Love Little House.

        2. Merissa is simply showing what works for her family- she is not saying she is the authority on canning. She is simply showing what her family has done for years. It is up to people to do their own research and make an informed decision on what they feel will work best for their family. I appreciate the time she takes to explain her process. She puts a lot of thought and time into her post and I greatly appreciate all her handwork!
          Thank Merissa!

          1. I so appreciate all of your knowledge and hard work on this Merissa. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trust everything the government said? 🙂

          2. From what I’ve read, the USDA actually LOST the data on canning zucchini and didnt/couldnt/wouldnt do the research over. It was easier for them to simply eliminate it.

            We have a large Amish population in our area who can a lot of things in ways that “our government” doesnt recommend as did my own grandmother & great grandmother. They’ve been doing them that way for as long as canning has been used and their methods are perfectly safe, unless you only follow what the USDA says.

            The data from the USDA is a GUIDELINE and for folks who have & use common sense, that is how its used.

          3. I have never canned zucchini, but have so much this year and hate to give it all away when we will probably be quarantined another Winter and zucchini soup is wonderful. Since it’s cooked and then pureed in a blender it doesn’t matter if it’s soft. I have canned since 1974 and was taught by my grandmother who never poisoned any of us so I’m not concerned about what the Government says. My Presto Canning book says to fill the jars with zucchini then pour hot water into the jars and pressure 10 pounds for 45 minutes. My newer canning book does not list zucchini so I knew there was something amiss. Has anyone canned cubes before and is it really necessary to blanch? Thanks, ladies! Stay well and safe!

        3. I’ve been canning all together zucchini, eggplant and Italian squash in spaghetti sauce for years . No problems ever 🥰

  4. thanks so much i was wondering what to do with all my zuchinni! lol! also i nominated you for the versatile blogger award. check out my blog for it (i would post the link directly but didnt know if it was ok with you or not). i
    L-U-V your blog, it’s on my check first thing in the morning list!

      1. IF people have problems thinking this is not safe because the government is lazy, they can always sues vide before the canning process, which rids the food of all bacteria.

  5. I had no idea you could can zucs! I’ve been freezing them, same as you. But since we lose power with every hurricane that passes through, canning is my preferred method to preserve everything. Definitely doing this next year!

  6. Could you do this with chunks also? I’ve canned all my spaghetti sauce, but I’d like to add some zucchini to it later on if I could can it this way. Thanks!

    1. It never even crossed my mind to can shredded zucchini! I usually can slices or chunks. I say can it however you will need to use it later!


  7. Sorry, one more question. I’m canning as I ask, lol…so this is a cold pack? You don’t need or want to blanch? Thanks again!

  8. So now that you’ve used it all winter do you like the texture and outcome? I thought shredded zucchini would be too delicate to pressure can without disintegrating.

  9. as for your over filled freezer don’t you can meats? we can anything from ribs to london broil keeps a lot safer and just as good and you don’t need to worry about power outages.

    1. We actually found a few recipes for canning meats with a pressure cooker. We can portions of our venison each hunting season for each winter.

      I have been using my great grandma’s recipe (similar to this one) for canning my zucchini.

  10. Loved reading about the canning of zucchini. Just finished canning potatoes (7 quarts) and will have more to can ( half a wheelbarrow full!).

  11. How much salt per qt or pt?? Want to try this, as I have way to much zucchini not enough freezers space

  12. My grandmother taught my mom how to can, she used any kind of jar (Mayo, fluff, mustard, ext..) to can in as long as the lid and collar fit to seal. But the USDA will say only to use jars made for canning.

    1. Those jars are fine for water bath canning but I head them break too often during pressure canning. They are often thinner glass or there is a seam showing that I think makes them weaker than jars made specially for pressure canning. It’s not worth the wasted food to me so I only use them for water bath canning now.

      1. Yeah…I inherited a bunch of jars that included some reuse store bought and just about every one broke. It’s a clear break right on that bottom seam. You think b/c grandma did it it should be fine, but grandma didn’t pressure can. She water bathed and froze…unfortunately by the time I was taking an interest mine had ALS and could no longer speak so I learned as I went. Also, I use a 1938 Ball canning guide all the time. Probably bad but I’m not dead yet, and actually know how and why you do most things, which helps to make educated decisions. (Such as blanching corn sets the milk in the kernel…it is not for any bacterial reason as there’s more in the air to immediately latch on to it)…just saying, do your homework and don’t re-use mayo jars to pressure can.

      1. I made pineapple zucchini this year and it turned out great. My daughter who hates veggies will eat an entire pint in one sitting. The zucchini will have the texture of a pear but tastes like pineapple.

        1. Mine too!! My kids absolutely LOVE pineapple zucchini. I won over most of our small church to it, too, at a potluck recently.

  13. Thanks. Lve this site
    . First time here. As I’M sheddig zucc to make bread I was wondering if you could can zucc. Send me recipes. I love old ones. I am little house on prairie 🙂

  14. I am wondering if you have had lots of space in your jars after you process them? I canned these yesterday, and its almost like they cooked down or settled more after (I made sure to pack fairly tight, and get all of the air out-I left 1/2 an inch of headspace) processed for higher altitude-thoughts?

  15. I’ve never canned zucchini but I’ve heard that it gets mushy that way. I typically freeze it shredded and use it for quick breads (squeezed). Canning guru Jackie from Backwoods Magazine’s “Ask Jackie” column says: “Shredded zucchini doesn’t can up very well; it gets mushy. It’s better frozen or dehydrated. Or best used fresh from the garden, of course.” I’m curious what you use it for and how it performs later. I’m guessing it would still be okay for quick breads, even if it did get mushy? I don’t know if it would get waterlogged and perform badly though. I’d love to hear how you use the canned stuff. Thanks.

    1. I use the canned the same way we use frozen, in breads, cookies, ect. I personally don’t think any canned or frozen zucchini is good for much else, it just doesn’t taste the same when you try and fry it.

  16. I use zucchini as noodles for chicken noodle soup. Was wondering if you can zucchini in noodle shapes could they be added to broth and chicken for soup? My kids can’t wait to have zucchini from the garden. This would be awesome if it would.

  17. Wow! Am so excited I found this site, look forward to preserving my zucchinis because they are among my favorite veggies and I’ve not had good luck with freezing. Thanks!

  18. I was very excited to see your zucchini canning experiment. Wonder how all turned out and was used up? It is very difficult not to reach for a fresh veggie or fruit in the grocery store when most everything is available year around. I have to “hold my own hand” not to pick up some imported stuff, but go home and look all the full shelves I packed and packed all summer and fall. I religiously try to not plant more zucchini than we eat during the season, but last year my two plants got sick, so this year I doubled them. Of course now we have loads! Anyway, I think I’ll try the canning, but will salt it and let it stand first. Rinse and put in hot jars mixed with chopped dill and a spoonful of lemon juice or vinegar, fill it with hot water. I’ll try the 10 pound of pressure and see how all that works out. In the winter I’ll sauté some onion, mix some flour (make rough) with it, pour the zucchini on top have it boil and see what happens. I’m not afraid of canning, making chick broth, turkey and fish broth every year. It works great for me. Never be afraid to try anything!

    1. It’s great! I think canned zucchini is best for baking (similar to frozen zucchini). I’m not sure I would want it fried but that’s just my personal taste 🙂

  19. I have canned zucchini to use as a substitute for crushed
    Pineapple. Found the recipe on Recipezaar ( which
    Has since changed their website name )
    I unfortunately am having issues with squash bugs killing my plants

    1. I have used DE (diatomaceous earth) my squash plants to kill the squash bugs. You have to reapply every other day or so, but it is worth it since it isn’t a chemical. I also put it on my dogs food to kill parasites and dust them with it in the summer to kill fleas and ticks. I also put it in my chicken coop to kill mites. Great stuff! (My cousin got bed bugs from a rent house and this stuff killed them.)

  20. Interesting idea. I know the USDA doesn’t recommend canning zucchini but last fall I had some leftover and canned chunks with chunks of tomatoes and garlic and I use it for a quick pasta sauce. It’s delicious and small enough chunks that I’m not worried about the density issue (which is the subject the “research that was lost”).

  21. Hello, LOVE your blog and I see you have tons of comments and questions already answered, but I was wondering if you peel your zucchini before you shred it, or if you just can it skins and all? also, do you think this will work for all squash? I have yellow squash that looks like zucchini (not sure what it is) that was given to me and want to can that too. Thanks for all this great info 🙂 definitely following your blog!

    1. I do peel it but that’s just may family’s preference, you don’t have to. I haven’t tried this with yellow squash but it sounds like you just have a yellow zucchini 🙂

  22. I tried this, and it did work. I then actually used one of the quarts, as I was short on fresh for a zucchini cobbler. It worked fine. A quart of canned yielded about 2.5 cups of usable in the recipe.

    I did have one small issue in the canning process. I added the boiling water to the packed zucchini, and the air kept bubbling up. I would add more water, and it would slowly soak in. I didn’t know when to stop. After I canned it, I had almost 2 inches of head space. So this next time, I will not be as concerned about not having enough head space, and fill the jar to the brim with water, knowing in the processing, more air will rise to the top.

  23. Every year I plant way too much zucchini, and end up with a ton. A few years ago I started canning Zucchini Pineapple. It is basically cubed, seeded, peeled zucchini simmered in a sugar/pineapple juice. It absorbs the taste of the juice, and tastes exactly like pineapple chunks! My kids eat this (they used to actually think it was pineapple a few years ago), and I even make pineapple upside-down cake with it.

    Thanks for this post……….I will try shredding and canning plain zucchini this week! Always welcome a new way to use my zucchini.

  24. I am canning my first zucchini ever right now. I sliced them rather thick, then cubed or quartered the slices. I have 3 quarts in, and 3 quarts of cabbage (another “government says” no-no), but people have been doing this for years, and I feel it’s just as safe as canning just about anything else. I LOVE eating just plain old boiled zucchini, so I think this will be great when it’s done.
    I will have to find a recipe for the pineapple zucchini. I wonder how it would be when dehydrated? I’m going to try it anyway. I’m not a big fan of pineapple, but will eat it. So, gotta try it at least once, might be better than pineapple even!

    1. Its called Faux Pineapple I made it once,be sure to use Dole pineapple juice or best quality of juice.
      I should have chopple mine in chunks instead I shredded it & did not are for it done like I did it,have not tried it since.
      Many have said it is awesome but do give it a try .

  25. Tried both of the ways you suggested for canning zucchini. I believe the slices turned out the best.
    The grated don’t look as good; seems a lot of the water content somehow got out during the processing. They lost a lot of volume, too.
    Many thanks for getting these recipes out.

  26. I am canning a tomato paste/sauce right now. It is mostly tomatoes but I threw in red pepper, spicy peppers, carrot, onion, garlic and zucchini. I look to see which ingredient has the longest process time and then go by that. Half pint and pint jars of hot peppers, for example, are processed for 35 minutes so I am processing my half pint sauce (I added citric acid too) for 35 minutes. I am at sea level so I will be using 10 lbs of pressure. Just thought I’d share!

    When in doubt throw it out. I don’t accept canned foods from strangers/others and if I have a question I stick to the USDA tried (lab tested) and true recipes. I haven’t lost anyone yet ;).

  27. I’d like to thank you for the info on zucchini. I’ve frozen it for yrs and did a lot already so the idea of canning it made my day. I got 8 quarts done today and look forward to using it this winter. I’m hoping this is the end of it. I’ve got zucchini cakes and bread in the freezer and gave lots away. Again Thank You for sharing this.

  28. I was wondering if you have ever canned spaghetti squash like you do the shredded zucchini. I can freeze it, but would love to keep freezer space for other items if I can.

      1. Darcy, no need to can spaghetti squash, it keeps over winter extremely well just stored in a cool room, even into next summer!
        I Loved my spaghetti squash last year, my first time growing it.

  29. Just found your site today, I love that all are welcome to comment and its a relaxed atmosphere, while I understand and agree with checking with what the latest Govt expert of the week is saying I know many things that my Grandmother canned all her life for her large family of 12 and no one ever got sick, but to read the Govt experts now days if you do it her way and take one bite you will all die…I look for common sense in all things and although I am new to canning I have her old recipes and will use the ones that make sense to me… thanks for a great site, I will be a regular reader.

  30. Thanks for this great info!! I do have a question though… Being the incredibly lazy canner I am, i started just pureeing zucchini in the blender and using it in baked good the same way as shredded. I also add it to chili and stew…things like that. So my question is can i can it using the same canning method with pureed zucchini?

    1. I’m not sure, I haven’t ever pureed zucchini. I do know that some foods aren’t meant to be canned in a pureed state (like pumpkin) because they are too thick but that’s a question I would ask your local extension office.

  31. Nice article Merissa!! I have the same issue…my freezer is full of fish and deer meat, so this is a welcomed article.

    I am glad to see that as I was reading thru the comments that I am not the only one that knows that our government works for us and that they are trying as hard as they can to brainwash most people into dependance on the government.

    Keep learning and teaching the old, good ways. ;^)

  32. The book you referenced is out dated with it’s information. It is not recommended to can squash. Just so everyone is aware!

  33. So what can we do with the zucchinis that grow super big before picking? I ask because I have access to these but am not sure if they are even still edible? Would they taste the same shredded as younger fruit? Or at least still tasty?

    1. We always shred the big zucchinis, either for canning or for freezing. It works perfectly for baking! Just make sure to scoop out the seeds.

  34. Love your column. this is the first time for me to can zucchini. Sounds easy enough. I do can a lot of meat. Wild pig is great. I cut it in cubes and cook it and then can it. already when you want Chile Verde burritos, chile, anything. I also make sausage, Fry my patties, put in jars with broth and can terrific. I can just about anything I can get my hands on, that is why I am now canning zucchini I do venison the same way, grind it and make patties and can. Frying before canning is the trick. Thanks for the good info. Keep up the good work.

    1. I saw that you can sausage…what kind of broth do you use??? This sounds interesting…Do you refry it when you want to eat it or just heat it up in the oven/microwave?? Also is this done with a pressure canner or water canner?? Details please 🙂



  35. Love your blog! I’m a zucchini canning newbie and was just wondering what altitude you’re at? P.s. I know I’m late to the commenting party, don’t judge me lol. Since canning zucchini isn’t “recommended” anymore, I can’t find good info on altitude/PSI/time anywhere. Thank you!

  36. Do you skin them 1st? I didn’t notice any green ends. Also, it looks like you spread them pretty thick, is that correct?

    1. I do because that’s how my family eats zucchini, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Did you mean shred instead of spread? If so, yes I did shred these a little thicker than I would have a normal cheese grater but either way would work.

  37. I have to laugh when I read that the information is “outdated” and it is no longer recommended. I too believe the government is out to get as many people as possible to rely on them. There is a series called “Firefox” and the books (I think there are 12) focus on life in Southern Appalachia and how to do almost everything from scratch. High school students went there to learn everything from how to dress a hog to how to build a cabin and then wrote the information down so it could be preserved.
    I currently have a mix of summer squash, zucchini, onions and a few tomatoes that I sauteed with herbs in the pressure canner as I type this. I usually do a waterbath with a higher percentage of tomato (>50%) but most of my tomatoes are not yet ripe so am pressure canning 🙂
    Thanks for your wonderful blog – I am having fun reading everything!

  38. I don’t have a pressure canner. I made a zucchini soup recipe and have a lot left. Usually I freeze it but my freezer is already way to full for where we are in the harvest season. Any one have thought about just water/bath canning for the zucchini that has already been cooked and made into the soup?? Safe not safe?

  39. Had not ever canned zucchini before. We are off the grid now and have no freezer space. I canned 16 pints of shredded zucchini and 8 pints of pineapple zucchini the other day. I opened two of the zucchini and made Double Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake. Oh my goodness! It was heaven. So as I am writing this, I have another load of 7 quarts in the canner. Now I absolutely love my “sneaker zucchinis”. Thanks for the article.

  40. Since this blog was written a few years ago, I’d love to know which you prefer–canned or frozen zucchini? I normally go ahead & do all of my baking with fresh zucchini and then just freeze the baked goods. However, last year I just ran out of time and decided to shred & freeze the zucchini. To be honest, I really hated the texture after thawing–very stringy like frozen spinach. How does it compare to the canned? Thanks!

    1. We’ve found that we prefer the frozen zucchini over the canned, however I only use my zucchini in baked goods so we don’t usually taste much of it.

  41. I have been canning zucchini for years. I slice it into rounds (1/2 inch thick) then grill each side on a grill pan. I don’t cook it through but just long enough to make good dark grill marks. Then I can it (with no salt) covered with boiling water. Process Pints for 50 minutes at 10 pounds pressure. They actually do not come out mushy and they retain that lovely smokey grilled flavor. I remove them from the jar, sprinkle with garlic salt and fresh grated parmesan and put them under the broiler for a minute till the parmesan gets slightly browned. It’s a big hit in my house!

  42. I have a mixed batch of zucchini and yellow squash in the canner at this moment. Our favorite way to use it as to drain and then add to meatloaf or homemade hamburger patties. It adds moisture and flavor to the meat, as well as letting me add extra veggies to the family meal.

  43. I canned some zucchini this summer. Off the grid so we don’t have a freezer. Love this in baked goodies. So easy… grab quart jar, drain liquid and use the whole thing. One quart drained is 2 cups of zucchini which is what most recipes call for. Getting ready to can 14 more quarts today. Like canned better than freezing because they don’t get freezer burned. Thank you.

  44. There are sooo many comments so I apologize if this has already been answered,

    but is there any way I can convert this to a water bath method?
    I’m in college and can’t afford a pressure canner right now, but found a water bath canner at good will and have been itching to can my garden overflow! Thanks for any help!

  45. I’ve been looking for a recipe to can shredded zucchini with dill. My mom grew up in Romania and often made Kurbis (aka Tokfozelek), a delectable zucchini dish. It can be made with fresh zucchini, but Mom said it was much better when made out of canned giant zucchini picked with dill. I think that if I add dill to your recipe above, it’ll be just what I was looking for. For anyone who wants to try Kurbis, I think June Meyer has a recipe on her Hungarian food site.

  46. I was just wondering how this works in recipes. Is it the same amount in cups as frozen? Did you have any recipes this didn’t work with? Thanks!

  47. Thank you for this tutorial! I just put 14 pints in the pressure cooker! I hope they turn out alright! I shredded the zucchini and then packed tightly and topped off with water but there was still a lot of air pockets within the shreds. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  48. I’m years late to the party however I tried your method here and I have a couple of questions…. did you have jars with more zucchini than water after processing? Is it normal for all of the water to be at the bottom and zucchini in top? Did some of your jars literally lose 30% of their volume of water and zucchini? I just want to know I’m ok and doing this all correctly. I followed your directions to a t except I use an American pressure canner

  49. I always freeze it shredded too, but last year I was so busy had to cut in chunks and freeze it. I make a lot of soup and add frozen zucchini as one of the many vegetables.

  50. Hi there! Thank you so much for these instructions! I grated and canned today and it looks like it just baked it into a lump. Is that normal?

  51. Thanks so much for this !! I have been desperately waiting to find someone who knows how to can this! I am so sick of the government trying to reduce what we can at home. Trying scare everybody but yet putting pesticides in everything we buy at the store and ensuring us it’s FDA USDA approved. I have purchased every canning book for the last 100 years and am happy to say I will be doing what works for my family. Thank u for sharing this recipe!

  52. Merrisa, I thank you for this idea as our freezer is full also! I have had the “apple pie” made with zucchini and wondered if this pie filling could be done in the pressure canner?

  53. Thank you for sharing this I can everything I possibly can lol my Zucchini’s are coming in now and will be ready for harvest soon
    Thank you for sharing what works for you 😊

  54. I did a search on canning zuchini and landed here. Then I started reading the blog. I can zuchini all the time and didn’t know that most people didn’t know you could can it. Anyway I enjoyed reading the comments. I would never trust the government to tell me what to can especially when people have been canning these things for hundreds of years.

  55. I have always canned squash and zucchini. I grate the zucchini and dice my squash in small cubes for soups/sauces. I also add it to my spaghetti sauce when I’m canning it.

    1. I’m going to cube mine to use in a soup which is cooked then pureed. Did you blanch the zucchini first? Did you just add hot boiling water? Salt? Pressure at 10 for 45 minutes? Thanks!

  56. Quick question, because I don’t have a pressure canner… Can you water bath can zucchini? I have a ton this year and I’ve already made more bread than I can give away and I have no freezer room.

  57. Hello! So what editions of Putting Food By would you recommend? I want to can zucchini and I’m guessing from conversations that the newer editions removed zucchini? I’m looking at the 4th edition, but wasn’t sure if that was “too old” 😆. Thanks for your help!

  58. I am putting together zucchini candied fruit/mixed peel. Would it work to can it? And if so, how long should it be in the water bath? Thank you so much!

  59. I’ve been looking for a recipe for canning zucchini and was so excited then got really disappointed when it was no longer there. Is there any way I can get it to try? Thanks