How to Make a Dishtowel Angel

Looking for an easy and frugal homemade gift idea? Learn how to make a Dish Towel Angel with this step by step picture tutorial!

Looking for an easy and frugal homemade gift idea? Learn how to make a Dish Towel Angel with this step by step picture tutorial! #homemadegifts #simpleChristmas #frugalgifts #dishtowelangel #diy

Dishtowel Angels

If you’ve ever been to a craft fair, you may have seen a Dish Towel Angels in a corner booth. Or maybe you have been given one as a gift for yourself? This step by step picture tutorial will show you how you can make your own dish towel angel to give as a gift to someone else.

These are such a cute and practical gift idea and they are very inexpensive to make. You can get creative with your angel by using different towels, cloths, and ribbons to make it the perfect personal gift for your friends and family.

–Grab an extra set of towels and make a matching Dish Towel Apron.

How to Make a Dishtowel Angel

What You Need:

  • 1 Dishtowel
  • 1 Washcloth
  • 1 Pot Holder
  • Ribbon


Here is a picture of what you will need to make this project, potholders, a dish cloth, a dish towel, some ribbon, and a pair of scissors. I picked up everything I needed at the local dollar store for $3 and I already have some scraps of ribbon on hand.

*Note, I used a bright ribbon so you can see it easily in the pictures. You may want to use something that matches better. 🙂

–Check out this list of Homesteading Supplies You Can Get at the Dollar Store!


Start by taking the dish towel and folding it accordion style on the long edge.


Then, fold the dish towel in half.


Next, do the same thing with the washcloth, fold it accordion style. Don’t fold in half like you did the dish towel though. Set to the side.


Now you’re going to scrunch together the middle of the pot holder.


Use the ribbon to tie the folded washcloth to the scrunched pot holder to create the angel wings. Make sure to leave plenty of tails on your ribbon end for the next step.


Place the folded dish towel in the center of the angel wings and bring ends of the ribbon (from the ribbon that you used to tie the dish cloth to the pot holder) and tie it about 2 inches down from the folded center of the towel. This makes the angel’s “head”. You won’t be adding anything more to the ribbon here so you can tie in in a bow and cut off any excess ends.


To finish, bring the “arms” (dishcloth) around the front of the angel and tie them together with another ribbon about an inch from the ends of the dishcloth. Tie in a bow and trim the tails. That’s it, your kitchen towel angel is complete!


This is such a cute way to give someone some little kitchen or bathroom towels and it’s so easy to put together! It would make a great housewarming gift or you could use Christmas towels and make it a Christmas gift! If you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower, you could even try this using small cloth baby items like a blanket, burp cloth, and baby washcloth.

–Give your angel as a stand-alone gift or as a part of a gift basket. It would fit very nicely into a housewarming or wedding gift basket!

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What kinds of homemade gifts are you making this year?


This DIY Dish Towel Angel was originally published in November 2010. It has been updated as of November 2019.

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  1. My daughter made me a towel angel years ago. I kept it dear to my heart. I was so happy to find the pattern on how to make it, without having to take it apart and put it back together. My plan is to make around 60 for Christmas gifts for co-workers. Hopefully I will be able to start this summer. I will have to keep my eyes open for great sales on towels. Thanks for posting the pattern. Sharon

  2. I just tried this pattern. My towels and dishcloths were a bit thick and unwieldy, so I came up with an idea that proved helpful. I grabbed a spool of thread, and as I pleated each piece I wrapped it with thread to hold it in place. That is, once I adjusted the pleated towel so that I liked the shape of the head, I held it in place by wrapping thread around the “neck”. I pleated one end of the dishcloth, and thread-wrapped the “wrist”, repeating on the other end. I wrapped the pleated pot holder a few times on either side of the hanging loop. After pleating the center of the dishcloth I lashed the “neck” ribbon to the dishcloth and then the pot holder. Tying this ribbon around the “neck” in a bow also held the “arms” and “wings” on. It was easy to catch the tied-off “wrists” in a ribbon to complete the “angel”. The thread wrapping was a quick motion, holding the tail of the thread against the pleats with my thumb, wrapping the thread around several times and breaking off the thread. It didn’t add much time but greatly reduced my frustration level! My angels are neat, sturdy, and can be hung by the potholder loop without slipping apart. Thanks for the great pattern!

  3. I’m confused, whats the difference between a dish towel and a dish cloth? At the very beginning it says I need 1 wash cloth but then does not mentioned it again. These are super nice and I would love to make them as thoughtful, loving yet affordable gifts this year.

  4. These are enchanting! I am trying to have a frugal and/or homemade holiday season as much as possible this year. I love that this gift is both frugal and hand crafted. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Grandma wanted dishtowels for Christmas – boring! We just made 3 angels out of the dishtowels and potholders. So cute and much less blah! Thanks for the idea!

  6. Thanks for the instructions! I made one last night and it turned out so adorable! I also found these to go along with them…
    I am your Kitchen Angel
    I’ll watch over all you do,
    Baking all those goodies,
    And snitching one or two!

    And if you ever tire of me,
    Or some help is what your wish is,
    Just untie my little ribbons,
    And I’ll help you with the dishes!
    An angel in the Kitchen
    Watching the stew
    Blesses your cooking
    And all that you do.

    Merry Christmas