Frugal Friday Week #19

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I always feel like I post many how-to’s and not many “real lifes”. Although I do try and incorporate that into my newer posts, I’ve often thought that it might be even more helpful for my readership to get a better glimpse inside of what our simple/homestead/from scratch/frugal life really looks like.

The Beans just popped up yesterday!

Frugal Friday Week 19

So I’ve started a new series called Frugal Friday and need your help. My idea for this series is to share some of the projects/recipes/things we worked on this week and, in general, just what life looks like.

I need your help because I’ve tried something similar before, and I gave up after a while. I got bored, felt like no one was reading it or cared, and I moved on to other projects. So what I need you to do each week is to share what your week looked like in the comments section. I think it could keep us ALL accountable and may serve as an encouragement to others!

All of my pepper plants growing in one of the greenhouses. They are small still but starting to get quite a few peppers on already.

A note before I start this week….this post is simply meant to be an overview of our week. It seems lately that I’ve gotten quite a few “comments” on how we SHOULD do things. This is exactly why I stopped doing similar posts years ago. If you’d like to do things differently in your own life, that’s totally fine. This is our life and what works for us. Thank you for understanding and keeping your comments kind and helpful instead of degrading.

So let’s dive right into this week!

Meals We Ate

Breakfasts this week were: Waffles (a few times), Cinnamon Raisin Bread (a new experiment), Yogurt and Granola, Cereal, and Eggs.

Lunches this week were: Packed Sandwiches (with ham), Quesadillas, Leftovers, Picnic Style (summer sausage, fruit, etc).

For Suppers we had: A Broccoli Noodle Chicken Soup that I threw a bunch of random leftovers in, a Freezer Food night (where we ate a random assortment of foods from the freezer that needed eaten up!), Leftovers, Roast, Maple Glazed Chicken Thighs (new but really good!), and a packed supper since we were out.

We took a break from weeding this week to take a little hike!

Shopping I Did

I was a big spender this week, and I bought a sprinkler! I needed one for the new garden area.

I also placed an order with Azure. My orders are fairly small, but I really like their new canned coconut milk. I stocked up on a few cases of that.

I also ordered something for the kids to give my husband for Father’s day, but I can’t share that until next week in case he reads this!

Tomato Plants
These are all of my tomato plants, currently under shade cloth in a small greenhouse in case of hail this summer. I string them all up instead of using cages.

Outside Projects We Worked On

I worked on finishing up planting the garden and got it done! There are a few tiny sections at the ends of rows that I will fill in with something but otherwise, I’m happy with being done.

Weeding was and is a huge project right now. With all the rain we’ve been getting lately, the weeds just grow like crazy.

I had to fix up my hydroponics setup this week. I have the small 36 plant set up from Crop King, and my pump went out (after only a year, but we do have a lot of minerals in our water). So I had to get a new pump and fix up the system. I’m currently growing herbs in the entire thing, and I have it set up in the greenhouse.

Canning Applesauce
I canned 17 jars of applesauce this week to use up apples. I love my canner!

Inside Projects We Worked On

I had a small amount of time inside this week to work on minimalizing, which is an ongoing project for me while I’ve been cleaning out and prepping for a rummage sale. Like last week though, I mostly worked outside.

I did clean out the root cellar which was an outside project but I had to do something with the apples that I had left from this winter. I ended up with 17 jars of applesauce which you can see in my canner above. I love that canner, it holds so much! You can get one here.

Tighten Jar Lids

Blog Posts I Wrote

I’m making an effort to be a bit more seasonal with my blog posts; here’s what’s new and updated this week!

New on YouTube – Canning Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

The broccoli is super late this year but is finally starting to make heads!

Looking Ahead to Next Week

I have quite a few appointments next week, including having to take animals to the vet so that will limit what I can get done. I’m hoping to have a day out thrifting as well because it’s been a while!

So tell me….what did life look like for you this week? What did you do, make, or plan to do?

Me and KadyMerissa has been blogging about and living the simple life since 2009 and has internationally published 2 books on the topic. You can read about Merissa’s journey from penniless to the 100-acre farm and ministry on the About Page. You can send her a message any time from the Contact Page.


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  1. I so enjoy your articles and solutions to problems and look forward to each email from you! Keep up the great work.

  2. I enjoy your Frugal Fridays – thank you!

    This week one thing I focused on was figuring out how to keep a pesky rabbit out of the new strawberry patch! The most recent effort was to plant onion sets, mint and sage plants around the border.

    Have a blessed week!

  3. So fun to see what your week looks like. Mine was working full of overtime at a 3 letter chain pharmacy and deciding this is NOT where I want to be. So I spent quite a bit of my “free” time looking at the jobs out there. After 29.5 years of slinging pills to pay the bills it’s time to move on.
    Can’t believe people would be so peopley and tell you how to do things. Sigh. You do you… seems like you know what you are doing 🙂

    Love LOVE the pic of the kids looking out at the view. You can see how small they are and they got up on the railing to see more. I love pics like that. To look back on and take again in a few years to see the difference in their sizes.
    Have a great week.

    Oh…. Hubby & I enjoyed the elk drone videos. Shared them w our family.

  4. That water bath for canning looks so nice! Unfortunately, I have an electric stove so it won’t work for us. I’ve pinned it, though, for future reference 🙂
    I’ve been trying to find a good balance of convenience and homemade. This week’s win was fish stick tacos—I used breaded fish sticks (frozen from Aldi) and topped with homemade slaw. Id prefer fresh fish from the farmers market but there are no fish vendors at our market and with one income, we’re having to be really careful with our grocery budget.

  5. This week I made peach jam, hubby is still working on our fruit trees who have nasty infections. Our new chickens are doing well. I have more eggs than I need. I have been drying herbs and watering the garden. And we still are providing Christian songs and sermons on YouTube in French. There is really a need there. God bless your weekend and the new week.

  6. As always, thank you for your post!! Last night, I picked peas and we are looking forward to having them for dinner tonight! It is pretty hazy/smoky from the Canadian wildfires here in VA, so we are trying to limit our time outdoors this week/weekend. My beets will be ready for picking and canning next week! So excited, as I only have a couple of quarts left from last year. Our green beans seem to not be doing as well…we will have to research that and find out what we need to do to correct the issue! Going thrifting today with my son..he works with my husband in the summer, but he took off today to go “treasure hunting”! Have a blessed week and thank you for sharing your week with us. 🙂

  7. Thank you for the paper dolls. I’m sure my girls will love it.
    Our garden is in need of attention. My husband recently picked up a 3rd job and doesn’t have as much time to devote to it and I’m chronically Ill and can’t. Our basil, carrots, beets, and something else didn’t come up. He’s not sure if he did something wrong with the soul or the many cats did it. We did have TONS of sunflowers come up throughout the whole garden, that we didn’t plant, maybe that had something to do with it as well.
    Our girls and I have been busy this last week getting ready for their first Kids Craft Bazaar that our town puts on for the youth to learn about business and finances. They have been making bath salts, bath bombs, lotion, lip balm, earrings and will be baking cookies today to sell tomorrow.

  8. Good morning, Merissa and all!
    On Long Island, we were abruptly enveloped in the smoke from the Canadian wildfires around noon Wednesday. The sky turned yellow, then grey for about 24 hrs. No sun could be seen. The air smelled like a campfire on a cool fall evening; the temperature dropped into the 50’s.
    We were advised to stay indoors as much as possible, so I decluttered my all-purpose storage closet. Theoretically nothing is kept in there that is not used weekly. However, hoodies, sweaters, slippers, unpacked bulk purchases, and brown paper bags end up shoved in there and I clean it out about every three months before it gets too messy. I also started a thorough inventory of my food storage items. Decluttering and doing inventory at the same time makes what to keep and where to keep it crystal clear.
    The weather remains cool, so I late-planted many, many, spinach, broccoli, and beet seeds in my garden beds that tested for surplus nitrogen. Hoping my peppers, squash, beans, and tomatoes with fruit, but if not, at least I will have lots of broccoli leaves, spinach, and beet greens.
    Dinners were masterpieces of leftovers, eating what we had in the freezer, and greens from the garden.
    During inventory, I found a can of Nestle Nido dried milk that is near expiration. Since it contains fat, I need to use it soon since I just learned that fat-free keeps longer. Any suggestion on how to use up dried milk bedsides drinking it?
    Merissa, I’m sorry people feel the need to tell you how to live. Shrug it off. Let those comments slide away. You are helping a lot of people.
    You know who to go to for guidance and comfort if you need it. God Bles.s you all, and thanks for all you do

  9. I was just saying I want a goal this year of mine to be to learn to can applesauce. I don’t know how to can. But it looks like we will have a lot of apples this year.

  10. Looks like another busy week for you! I used to make cinnamon raisin bread, but haven’t for years. Thanks for the reminder! Your plants are looking so good!
    Besides work I have been mowing and weeding. I finished my second planting of beans and corn. Also a seasonal nursery was clearancing out their plants before closing for the year. Its amazing how many plants you can fit on a flat that you only have to pay $10 for. Filled 2 flats. Now to fit everything in my garden…. Have a blessed week and ignore those nay sayers! You’re doing great and even after many decades of gardening, etc. you make think or remind me of things.

  11. Hi Merissa:
    I’m sorry to learn that there are “bosses” out there that think they know how to live your life better than you do. I wish people would be more kind and realize that there are as many ways to do stuff as there are people on the planet. You have been most kind showing us what you do on your homestead and with your family. You are doing you and what is best for your family. Your canning skills blow my mind as does the number of gardens you have. Please keep up the Frugal Fridays. They are so informative. I learn from you and those that reply. My week was what I call an odd assortment week. Hubby and I had appointments and some errands that took more time than expected but I still managed to keep the gardens watered and weeded albeit they will need weeding again in the near future. I do have a garden “guest” who I have not figured out about yet who is helping itself to my lettuces. Not sure if a jackrabbit has figured out how to scale the fence or it is something else of a burrowing nature. I suspect voles. I will be making time this weekend to do a closer inspection. On a spur of the moment detour to one of our thrift stores I did manage to find a couple of pairs of pull on cotton pants for the summer. Great timing now that it has turned so hot. Best Wishes for a good gardening season. I love your greenhouses.

  12. I honestly can say that I don’t think did a lot this week. Teen had exams & just finished school for the semester & both of us really tired, so not much done.
    Did a lot of checking on tracking packages ordered that kept getting dates pushed out further—-Fed Ex & wayfair obviously do not understand 2-3 day delivery which turned into 2-3 week delivery with ZERO explanation. Thank god I ordered early because of discount code & concerns of being available. Finally arrived just after changed delivery date 4th time. Honestly, I actually am disppointed in my (bday) purchase (for self) from wayfair. I do like product but Cost for what product I received was overpriced (for size) & extended delays in delivery I’m not sure if I will recommend or purchase again.
    Teen new matress (also finally) arrived. I forgot to order mattress protector so quickly ordered from Amazon before canceling prime (free trail ending).
    Had property survey done, even though $100 more than others quoted but was able to do 2-3months earlier than others. Learned some very interesting information & found out that 1800s & 1920s markers are more acurrate than 2000s markers. In addition that realized other neighbors have extended way beyond their actual property.
    Ordered another batch of stepping stone (on sale again] & picked up landscaping rocks (but could not complete full order as ran out) but still on sale. Contemplating if need to do anothet order to fill in for later.
    Not much grocery shopping because light eating this week & using what in hand. Not much on sale that needed.
    Going through & decluttering getting ready for sale next month.
    Picked up few dresses & blouse at free store. Purchased sexy sun dress at store for upcoming bday. Many if my sun dresses donated because too small before move last year so in need of few new ones.
    Teen working on digging out grass where going to make raised garden beds to hopefully plant (5 different kinds) potatoes in next week.
    Cool down (70s) last few days with 60s & rain predicted for for next week. Need rain as trees even dropping leaves.

  13. Love your weekly posts. I don’t know why anyone else would tell you how you should be spending your week. I wish I had your drive and energy!!

  14. I love your Friday posts and always look forward to them. I find so much useful information. Your posts also remind me to go back and focus on my week, remember to live slowly, and focus on the moment. There is so much we miss when we rush.

  15. I very much enjoy these emails! Thank you for them. I’m a city girl trying to be more self sufficient and love your blog.

  16. I’m inspired by your weekly accomplishments. Working away from home many weeks out of the year it gives me great ideas for when I’m home!

  17. My husband got that 99 cent per pound spiral ham so we had baked beans and a variety of grilled ham, bacon, cheese, egg sandwiches on Kwik Trip bread. Figure I can jazz up a box of Mac n cheese with it. My son doesn’t like to try new things, but he has been all right with the mix of various meals. My son made a big kettle of fresh spinach. We are eating a few fresh strawberries. It has been so dry so we have to water.
    Being frugal lets us bless others with thinking of you gifts of money.
    My son bought 3 name brand shirts with tags his cousin had in yard sale.
    Tying quilts for disaster relief. I read a book Where the Forest Meets the Stars for a book to art club at library. Thought it was a fantasy theme, but it was better once I gave it another chance.
    Our new steers 250 to 300 pounds weren’t ready yet. We were going to transport this week.
    Praying for rain here. It always seems to miss us.

  18. Good afternoon. It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I read your emails and blogs every week.
    We processed 65 chickens last Friday. We were thankful for the extra helpers that came out to learn and help. We’ve been getting snow peas and strawberries every day. What a blessing to enjoy fresh veggies from the garden. Squash, peppers, and cucumbers are being added to our dinners and it’s wonderful to see our pumpkins, corn and tomatoes doing well too.
    Our two pigs will be going off to market at the end of the month. They’ve grown really well this year. Family members are looking forward to bacon for breakfast. Next weekend our grandchildren may be here for an overnight visit. They enjoy helping with the chickens and the horses. As for meals, this week we tried a few new recipes. We made pepperoni fried rice and summer squash soup. My daughter made croissants using wheat flour. They turned out really well. Well, that’s a quick recap of our week. It’s a blessing to spend time with family and friends during the week too. Trust everyone is doing well and enjoy a nice weekend.

  19. I finally finished planting my garden, I’m hoping all of my seeds will start sprouting soon. We are in desperate need of rain in our area, my garden sure could use it. I got to do some thrifting with my oldest daughter this week and got a few items for my new job I’ll be starting in the fall. Trying to use up things in the freezer and canned items to make room for the upcoming produce.

  20. I just caught up on the Frugal Fridays that I have missed for the past few weeks. I always enjoy them. These past weeks have been an overload of work in the gardens. My blueberries are coming in now. The herb garden is producing like crazy. I have dried several jars of herbs. I started several of my herbs from seeds this year. I am very happy with the outcome. I have tried for two years to grow marjoram without success. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, this year is a success. The vegetable garden is growing. I picked my first sweet yellow pepper this morning. We have been in a little drought pattern for the past three weeks. I have spent my evenings watering.
    My meals have been a little more simple. I did manage to can a batch of barbecue sauce last week. There are usually some homemade treat around the house.
    Finally, ordered myself a very large sun hat, some garden gloves, and a useful Japanese weeding sickle.
    Praying for rain this week and hoping to try the strawberry lemon concentrate.

  21. I went price comparing at four area grocery stores for typical items we buy all the time. Now, I am equipped with that knowledge. There were some surprises in price comparisons as I made this price book. I talked to my son, who has a week off between jobs. He will be driving garden posts into ground this week. I talked to my husband, asking if we need a non-electric coffee grinder. He said no, we will use the small generator if we need to do coffee grinding. I got some help organizing the house, so that I can think better in frugality and creating at home. My husband and I put up a full, vertical sunshield on one side of our porch. Feels like our own private porch now, with very little cost. Because of this, plan to spend less during our upcoming stay-cation with a few day trips.