Free Printable Colonial Style Paper Doll

Looking for a sweet little doll for your little ones to print at home and play with? This printable paper doll is in the colonial style and is so cute!

Looking for a sweet little doll for your little ones to print at home and play with? This printable paper doll is in the colonial style and is so cute!

Free Printable Colonial Style Paper Doll

A few months ago, I shared with you my first free printable paper doll, the Prairie Girl Paper Doll. Today I’ve got another one for you!

When I was little, I loved to play with paper dolls. I would find whatever free paper dolls that I could on the internet and make them all kinds of dresses. I’ve always wanted to make printable paper dolls for my readers here at Little House Living, it just took me a while to get around to it!

I started with the “prairie girl” paper doll because that was one of my favorite time periods in history and this time I decided to do a Colonial Style Paper Doll because I think that some of the dresses are so fun.

I hope that your little ones enjoy playing with this paper doll as much as I did with my paper dolls when I was a little girl!

To get the free printable paper doll download, just enter your email address below and I will email her and her clothing directly to you. If you take pictures of your little ones playing with her, be sure and tag me (@littlehouseliving) so I can see the fun you are having with her!

Tips for Printing Paper Dolls

  • Make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer or her clothes will have lines through them.
  • Print the page on cardstock.
  • Glue the doll onto another piece of cardstock or even onto some thin cardboard to make it more sturdy.
  • Secure the “tabs” of the paper dolls clothing by adding a little tape to the “hinges”.
  • You can always save the file for later if she does happen to get broken or if you want seconds of her dresses!

Dover Paper Dolls

When I was growing up, my favorite paper dolls were the ones from Dover Publications. I would always save up my money for a beautiful set of paper dolls from them or I would be thrilled to find one of the little sets in my stocking for Christmas.

If your little ones love paper dolls, I would highly recommend checking out the ones from Dover. Another cool thing is that you can get “collector” paper dolls that are from a specific time period or for a specific person and I think those would be a great addition to a homeschool unit study!

Here are some other fun things you can make and do with your kids this week:

Does your little one play with paper dolls? Will they like this colonial style paper doll?

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  1. Lol!! I loved paper dolls as a kid too but I’m old enough that I couldn’t use a computer to print some off if my mom didn’t buy me a set. So I would raid her pantyhose packages for the cardboard and make my own dolls!! Her writing pad was used to make the outfits that I would colour myself. Mom just laughed. She thought it was great that I was that resourceful!! Kept me busy for hours!!

  2. Love these! I loved paper dolls as a child too! I had the books that had to be cut out and then I did get a package of some vinyl peel and stick ones.
    My mother taught school and her class always a “Colonial Tea Party” in the spring where they made Colonial hats and collars out of paper to wear over their dresses and nice Sunday clothes. She collected random tea cups from thrift stores so every student had a real one to use. The colonial time period is one of my favorites! Thank you again!

  3. Thanks Merissa, many happy memories as a child, creating outfits with my late Mom, especially during long winter evenings 🙂
    Want to print this now for my great nieces, there’s definitely one who’d enjoy it!
    Thank you again
    Keep on sharing your homely love!
    Kindest regards

  4. My 7 year old granddaughter daughter LOVES paper dolls. I got both the prairie girl and the colonial girl dolls. They are fun, creative toys that don’t take any batteries! For the boys, I got wooden trucks that they painted to suit thier own tastes. Truly classic playthings.

  5. I played paper dolls when I was a little girl. Now I am going to fix these on card stock and give them to my little neighbor girl that is four so she can use her imagination too.