Hoss Wheel Hoe: A Review & Giveaway!

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Hoss Wheel Hoe Review

Having a new garden spot (less than 2 years old) has been difficult to manage. Breaking fresh sod and attempting to till up the earth to make a smooth, rich soil is not an easy task to do! Last year, our first year gardening in the spot, we really struggled with planting such a big garden and then dealing with the subsequent weeds and thistles that popped up. We actually struggled so much that throughout the gardening season I periodically gave up on a section of the garden and we just ended up tilling the whole section under again. Not ideal, but sometimes you have to do what you can with time and energy restraints!

Since we aren’t into toxic chemical weed killers, we’ve tried some great Natural Weed Killing methods, but not all are suitable for a vegetable garden. Before planting this year, we did our research first and tried to come up with some new alternatives to combat the weeds, especially the thistles.

I’ve paged through a Hoss Gardening Tools catalog before and always been impressed with the wonderful selection of tools they had available and I’ve been wanting to try them out for a long time. This year I finally got my chance!

First, we tested out the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe with the double Plow attachment. After we did the major re-plowing and cultivating of our garden with the tractor, the Double Plow was perfect for making rows for potatoes, corn, lettuce, carrots, and much more. My husband especially loved the fact that it helped us make straighter rows…something I’m not very good at! We loved using the plow (especially for the potatoes since we planted 105 pounds of seed potatoes!) and we also plan on using it here in a few weeks to hill our corn so that the stalks will stay strong again the South Dakota wind.

Hoss Wheel Hoe

The Hoss Wheel Hoes are made based on a centuries old design and constructed with coated steel and Amish-crafted hardwood handles. They are made to last a lifetime and I can personally attest to their solid construction.

Hoss Cultivator

Our garden has been in for less than a month now, but with the warming temps and the spring rains, the thistles are happily growing just as fast (if not faster) than the veggies. We’ve been using the Cultivator Teeth attachments with our Double Wheel Hoe to keep the thistles and weeds down in between our rows of corn and potatoes. Although it’s a bit of work to get through the soil (since we have some rather clumpy soil still), it’s tremendously easier than bending over to pull up all of the weeds. My back isn’t in the best shape so I appreciate this very much.

Amish Wheel Hoe

The Hoss Wheel Hoes come in a few different varieties and with both single and double wheels for added stability. They also carry a Junior Wheel Hoe for youths or if you happen to be a smaller adult, like me. So far I’ve really enjoyed using our Hoss Wheel Hoe and I’m excited to continue to use it all summer long to keep the weeds down in the garden and keep the rows cultivated. Next year I’m hoping to get the Seeder Attachment for my Wheel Hoe so that I will have better luck with planting an even row, something else I really need to work on!

Thanks to Hoss Gardening Tools, one Little House Living reader will win a Double Wheel Hoe with Sweeps and Oscillating Hoe attachments plus a plow set! (Worth over $300) To enter to win, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Be sure to share this giveaway with your gardening friends.

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  1. Looks Cool! Would love to give it a try! I think I would love to try the cultivator teeth.

  2. I would want both attachments. This would be a great help in the garden for straight rows and weeding. It would make gardening easier since I am getting older. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  3. Good morning! Thanks for the review and giveaway. This is one of “on the list” items. We would probably use the cultivator attachment the most.

  4. We grow a large garden and trying to keep on top of the weeds is a huge, huge task. As we’re not getting any younger, (ahem…who said that…) the cultivator weed attachment would help tremendously!

  5. I believe we would use the oscillating Hoe attachment most often. Once we finish putting the seeds in, we seem to spend the most time with a hoe weeding our garden. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a nice gift. My children bought my husband a garden tractor but he still has to bend over so much that he’s constantly fighting a sore back. It looks like this is the perfect solution!

  6. How nifty! We broke ground at our new place this year. I’d forgotten how much work a new garden patch can be. Already the clover and grass are trying to take back over. And straighter rows would be wonderful. Mine kinda look like giant snakes. This definitely looks like something to add to my wishlist.

  7. this has been on my wish list forever, been putting off my garden till i get more tools so this would really help get me started.

  8. We’d probably use the disk harrow the most. Our soil is very heavy and clay-ey, and trying to turn it and break it up with a shovel is just backbreaking.

  9. Wow- what an amazing tool! I am just beginning our garden at our new house (MUCH larger than our old one), so the hoe attachment would be very useful!

  10. I think I would use the Cultivating Teeth Attachment! Lets get those weeds out a’here!

    And thank you so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  11. We would use the cultivator the most (obviously- weeds never stop!) but being able to hill rows is also a wonderful feature!

  12. I would love to have one of these. My back isn’t the greatest and it would help keep weeds under control in so many areas.

  13. I would love the cultivator – anything to help with this heavy clay soil! Looks like a great tool for any gardener.

  14. Wow love the idea of going back to the old ways. Well some of them anyway. LOL! I think I would and could use either attachment. It looks easy enough even for a woman (that would be me) to use.

  15. I think we would use the cultivator attachment the most. This would be very helpful in our garden this summer!

  16. I Love them both!!
    I could use this in My Huge garden..

    I wrote again because my email was wrong tnx

  17. I think we would use the double hoe more right now, but I would love to have all the attachments. That would make gardening so much easier.

  18. I think I would like to try the cultivator attachment! We own a tractor (thank goodness because we have a LARGE garden), but getting in between the plants is the big challenge! We don’t use any chemicals in our garden either, so at times our garden looks a little wild (who am I kidding…it looks very wild!) This looks awesome!

  19. I’m ready for anything that will help me do straight rows! Honestly anything to make my giant garden easier in general is welcome here!

  20. I’d love the one with the cultivator teeth to keep the weeds down in between my potatoes and my raised beds. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and this would really help me keep up with the weeds!

  21. I will be definitely looking into getting one of these tools! I could definitely use the plow feature as well as the hoe. I can relate to the back aches from bending over to weed! Anything to make gardening easier is great to me! 🙂 Happy gardening!

  22. What a great tool! We moved out of a rental to our new dream house last summer, and are excited to finally be able to dig up garden space. Alas, like you, we know that the first few years are going to have a lot of weeds. Thanks for sharing such a neat tool and hosting a great giveaway.

  23. I love what you had to say about this Hoss Wheel Hoe. It has me wanting one for my garden! We are moving into a new home with a large garden area and I cant wait to get gardening again!
    Thank you for such a fun blog to read!

  24. I could make use of both the cultivator and seeding attachments. I purchased a 6 acre farmette with a wish to live more simply. I would like to plant a 1/4-1/2 acre garden but have not planted one so large before. I am develping a bad back and both the cultivator and seeding attachments look like an answer to my prayers, a dream come TRUE!

  25. Hi, thanks for letting us know how it worked for you. My husband and I are working hard on our garden to this year. My husband wants to go big this year ( Yikes) 🙂
    We are determined to have a great one :)lol
    Would love to try it out.

  26. What a wonderful giveaway. It reminds me of a tool we had at my childhood home (farm). It would work wonderfully in our raised beds.
    Thank you for offering a chance for one lucky reader to win one.

  27. How awesome would it be to win one of these! I have 2 gardens and this would be so helpful!

  28. I love the slaw recipe. I think I would use the cultivator the most. Thank you so much for the chance to win the Hoss. I think my first post did not go through, but I apologize if it did. I’m not trying to double up. 😉

  29. I would love to have the cultivator attachment to make weeding easier!! Thank you for the chance to win on.

  30. I would love to win this! I may be able to rely on my husband a bit less if I had a tool like this to use.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I would love to win the hoe as I can’t use a tiller any longer. Thank you foe the chance.

  32. I would love any attachments. I think this would be great to have in our large garden, especially cleaning up between rows instead of using a big tiller.

  33. Would sure love to win this!! My husband has had 5 strokes & it would sure help us out!!!
    Sure love your blog, Marissa! Thanks for all the hard work you do to help me.

  34. Would love to win the oscillating hoe. I have always planted a big garden for my family. This hoe would help cut down the time spent
    weeding. Love the coleslaw recipe!
    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  35. I would like to try the cultivator teeth attachments! But really all of them, this tool is incredible. I love this and what you can do with it.

  36. I love this blog and the book “Little House Living”. It would be a dream to win this garden tool to help in our vegetable garden.

  37. I think we would use the Cultivator Teeth attachment the most. Thank you for the review and giveaway. Such a timely tool.

  38. The cultivator, anything to help getting those weeds it of the garden easier would b a big help

  39. I think I would use the cultivator teeth attachment most, but I would definitely use them all!

  40. When I was a young girl (several years ago) my family had something similar & it was treated like gold. We were country people, daddy was a coal miner & mother was a school teacher so money wasn’t thrown around & everything that was bought had been researched & saved for. I am so very happy to know these “Man’s Best Tools” continue to exist. And, I’d love one for my vegetable garden, it too has a few lumps here & there but our vegetables grow fairly well & like my family we love not having to go the market for everything we eat.

    Thank you Merissa for a wonderful family memory today & the chance to win.

  41. Probably the cultivator teeth attachment. I was pulling weeds today and was miserable after only 10 or 15 minutes. This looks very interesting.

  42. Our garden spot was unused for several years before we bought our farm. We would love to try out the cultivator teeth to help us keep the weeds down.

  43. Wow, sounds interesting! We have also been fighting the weeds on our garden, the tool sounds like a good investment 🙂

  44. We actually have a couple of these but they’re antiques. Old, heavy, and rusty. It would be wonderful to have a new and easier to use one. I’m not sure which attachments we would use the most but all in all it would get a lot of use!

  45. This looks handy. We just enlarged our vegetable garden 50% this year so a tool like this would definitely help get plants established. We lay newspaper down (2 sheets thick) between rows and then a leaf mulch on top/viney plants like squash get straw to keep produce dry. Helps GREATLY to keep weeds down. It breaks down and tills in the next spring without any trace helping add compost to the soil.

  46. I would so love to have this …I need a garden …I love to cook …Groceries are so expensive ,I think I could work up a garden with this tool…I am 61 years old , but I do think I could handle this…Thanks for the chance to win it….

  47. I like the look of the Oscillating Hoe attachment since it looks most like what we currently use to weed our garden. The plow attachment also looks really useful, as we are still creating our garden and will likely be making more beds from scratch.

  48. Would love to have one for my husband he his hadicapped. And the big egas one is to hard for him to move

  49. I would love to use the Cultivator Teeth on our hard clay soil. It is back breaking work to use a shovel or regular hoe.

  50. OH wow..how awesome this would my few acres of land here in hot Florida where the weeds are with us 12 months of the year..along with snakes. I’m not sure which is worse. The attachments would be a blessing too.
    My moms in NC mountains and hard clay would help her out too.

  51. Sorry, I wasn’t specific in my answer. I could use any of the attachments!
    Starting with the cultivator to pull weeds and to loosen soil..

  52. Oh this is a great giveaway! I would definitely like the cultivator teeth. Weeding the garden takes a back seat to the 4-H fair and by the time fair is over–my garden FULL of weeds!

  53. The double-wheeled hoe looks awesome. I would like to try both attachments. I’m new to gardening and need all the help I can get. Thank you for sharing all of your tips with us 🙂

  54. We are just starting to garden our selves and the weeds are a huge struggle. Would love to try this out…