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Working from home…it’s alot of stay at home wives and mother’s dream to be able to stay at home and still be able to make some money. In all honesty…there really isn’t very many jobs our there that can make you a good income while being at home. There are a few but not many. Even though I believe that financially it can make alot of sense to stay at home with or without having a work at home job(but that’s another topic for another day…)

However, there are some ways to make extra money at home and I have several posts lined up to help you make a little extra…from home! These are all going to be ways that I have personally tried, no guessing about jobs!

Today I want to talk about Mystery Shopping. I know there is a rumor out there that mystery shopping is a scam. That’s just not true. It’s also not true that you will get to shop for free all the time, however you will be able to get free things.

I signed up to start mystery shopping about 4 years ago, the only reason I no longer do it is because I don’t live in town anymore and don’t have easy access to stores. I enjoyed mystery shopping because it’s not difficult, doesn’t take very much time, and is something that you can do in your spare time.

Two good job boards to find mystery shopping jobs are Volition and JobSlinger. You can search for jobs in your area and if you aren’t signed up for the companies the jobs are with they will provide things to sign up with them.

A few good companies that I worked for that always seemed to have a good number of jobs are, Bestmark and Corporate Research International. Both companies pay decently and are very reputable. There are also many many mystery shopping companies that use the Sassie system and you can find most of those through the Job Slinger link above.

Once you get signed up with companies (and I recommend getting a different email address and signing up with ALOT of companies) they will send you jobs when they become available. Mystery Shopping jobs can be anything from checking out a convince store at a gas station to getting paid to stay at a hotel. And yes, those jobs really are available. I’ve gotten paid to buy clothing, paid to stay at hotels, paid for gas, and more. Some companies not only have mystery shopping type jobs but they also have auditing jobs. I worked as an audited for several years through a company and even though the job was only every other month, the extra pay was great and it was only a few hours for a day or 2.

Altogether, I probably made a few hundred dollars each month with mystery shopping. It’s not going to make you rich and it’s not going to pay for everything but it’s a nice little extra. Something to remember also is that mystery shopping is a 2 part job, you will have to do the shop part of the job (the fun part) and then come home to do some data entry about the job. So it does take a little time, but it’s an easy way to get a little extra here and there in your spare time!

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  1. Hi Merissa….this is something I would really like to do and I live close to all kinds of shopping….would you mind helping me get started?

    1. Yes! Just send me an email and I will help you out:) There’s much more info and detail on this topic, I just couldn’t fit it all in one article:)

  2. I tried this for a while, but didn’t find it worth the pay for the jobs I got. I also live in a relatively small town, so there’s not an abundance of jobs available. My sister does it, however, and enjoys it. She does mostly fast food…and has learned to wait until the company is desperate and offers a bonus. 🙂

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this post. I have been wanting to do Mystery shopping for years, but have always been to afraid of getting “scammed”. I signed up for the companies that you recommended, and felt much better knowing someone had used them with success. I did my first “shop” yesterday, and am scheduled to do a few more. Thanks again, and if you can recommend any more tips, I’d be happy to learn them from you!

      1. It was fun! I’ve completed four shops since I signed up last week. It’s a little tricky, trying to remember all those employee names and descriptions….. but I think as time progresses, I will get better at it.

        1. Suggestion for those doing mystery shopping and have a hard time remembering names: my smart phone has a recording app on it. So, before you go in the store record what store it is and then record the name of the salesperson yourself or when he/she introduces them selves. Also record any notes after you leave the store.

  4. I used to do this but stopped a few years back and just unsubscribed a week or two ago. The pay wasn’t worth it and you were required to buy things that I don’t use so I didn’t have a need for it anymore.

  5. I am living on just disability an can not make over 700,00 a month or I will lost my benefits. Is this type of job a w-2 job? I am trying to find something that I can make cash at.

  6. I would love more information on the Mystery Shopping please. I have always wanted to do this but have had no idea of how to get started.
    Thank you

  7. i am looking for a stay at home position and I would love to have any additional thoughts you might have on mystery shopping etc. I have an extensive background in Retail but haven’t had any luck in finding anything legit.

  8. Hi Merissa, I know you posted this article more than 5 years ago but I am also interested in the mystery shopping. You said there was more to it than you could fit into the original article. Would you mind sharing with me the rest of the information for you find pertinent to doing mystery shopping on a part time basis? Like others have stated, I to, thought perhaps it was a scam and was too afraid to reach out and try it myself. I, myself am disabled with Lupus and Scleroderma but am very bored after working most of my life and would like to make some extra money to feel like I am somehow contributing to my family. Are the sites you posted still running and reliable? I look forward to anything you can tell me about this and other ways to make money from home. I love your site, thanks so much for taking the time to post all the little (but very valuable) aspects about your life. Sincerely, Jill

  9. I realize you did the article on Mystery Shopping quite a few years back, but I am so interested doing it. We have sold house and contents and have moved into or camper. Will not be able to hit the road full time for a year. I need something up until that time and was hoping this was something I could do each time relocated also. Could you give me more information, please?