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In my last post we talked about roadblocks and I mentioned briefly about going to my support group when I need to. This part of working at home is all but brief and deserves it’s own article in this series.

My work at home support team has been completely invaluable over the last 3 years. Actually for the first couple months I didn’t have a support team and honestly I’m not sure how I kept going without them.

Where do you find a support team? Look for people that do the same thing you do. People you can identify with. In my case, that was finding other bloggers. Finding people that also go crazy when Facebook is acting funky, people that have also been asked if they just “sit around dreaming up ideas all day”, people that are also on a first name basis with their UPS man.

Whatever you do you are a unique breed and no one is going to be able to understand you like someone else that does the same, or similar thing to what you do.

Another big part of working at home is getting the support of your family. Even though my hubby was behind me when I first started working at home, that first year was difficult for him too. He wanted to support me but at the same time he watched me struggle to make it work. Working from home brings you and your family closer together because it tends to become a family thing, instead of just a “you” thing. You will share your struggles and triumphs with your family.

Now extended family and friends aren’t the easiest to get on your support team. Most of them probably don’t understand what on earth you do all day or how it constitutes for a job. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to someone that I’m working and watch their puzzled face stare blankly at me. Honestly, I think it’s ok to just let your friends be your friends. Give them a basic explanation of what you do and stop at that. They can still be supportive without understanding all the details. Rely on your support groups for specific support.

You can also look for a support group in your area. Other work at home moms, other business entrepreneurs, generally most areas have a decent selection of networking groups you can join. I’m just getting into doing more networking locally but I love networking at conferences!

And as for those people that think you sit around in a bubble bath all day eating bon bons….well, they may just never understand.

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  1. I’m going to have to figure out who my support team would be. My father and my aunt, for sure…but I’m not sure who else 😉 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  2. I had a salon in my home when the kids were small thru Jr. High. I learned so many things! I learned that just because I was home ‘for’ them all day, I mean I was available for dr apointments, skinned knees, treats at school, car pools when they were in sports, etc. Being my own boss and making my own hours (once I learned to say “no”) By the end of a buzy day and fixing dinner, I jusat wanted peace and quiet, but I am doing this for my family, and now that I have been here all day for the family, I wanted to be alone, but now it is family time!!! Don’t fo9rget just because you keep yourself avaliable to them, they need ALL of you sometimes. Take time to look at homework, sit down to eat with them, read a story, and best of all, the only way to take a day off work, leave home!!!! Take the kids for a date, a family day out! I had to hire someone to do my lawn work, never fails if I was seen in the yard, I was target for a quick haircut! I even hollered over the mower one day to a guy, jopking, but not really,” with this?” and pinted at the mower! It is a ballancing act for sure, but remember who is most important in your life, your family!!!