Organizing My Craft Room on a Budget

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Right now I’m lucky enough to have space in the house for a craft and sewing room. It may not always be that way, but for now, I have the space and I’m taking full advantage of it! Of course you know I love working on DIY and sewing projects so this is one of my favorite spots in the house to be.

Well, if you have any space for crafts in your home you know that things can get messy and disorganized fast! This month I was blessed to be challenged to the Room with a View 30 Day Budget Challenge with Visa Clear Prepaid. I have $150 to “re-do” my craft room and get it organized, and today I’m sharing with you what I was able to do and how I stuck to my budget.

Sticking to a budget when doing any kind of organizing can be so hard because there are so many fun products out there! What I loved about using the Prepaid Visa® RushCard was that I could load the amount I had budgeted onto the card and not worry about overspending! Plus all cards that are part of the Visa Clear Prepaid program are required to be clear about their fees, which makes them easy to keep track of and easy to know exactly what I would get charged for to use the card. I love using cash for many projects but I also like being able to get things online and to order them right to the house which is hard to do when you don’t have a traditional credit card!


I started with organizing my fabric. I already had this cute blue shelf and I thought it would be a good way to store my fabric so I can actually see it! I don’t have enough fabric to sort it by color so I sorted it by the type of fabric (cotton, knits, decorator, etc).

Cost = $0


I moved to my yarn next. I love making Crocheted Dishcloths in all kinds of colors so I have a little bit of a mess in this area. My current yarn storage was in bags because I tend to carry it around where ever we go (to the living room, on a road trip…). While it worked good for that purpose it usually gets all tangled up and in a big mess.


I found this wire shelving at Target and thought it looked like a good sturdy organizer. I also found a few heavy duty bins on clearance there as well so I picked those up for the yarn.


I didn’t organize the yarn by color or type (since most of what I have is the same type), but I did make sure it was tightly wound up before I placed it in the bins so they wouldn’t tangle together. Cost = $63.91 ($39.99 for the shelf, $23.92 for 4 bins)

Total Spent So Far = $63.91

Fabric and yarn are the major crafts in my little room so getting this done was a big accomplishment towards organizing the room! Next I need to work on organizing my small sewing items and actually making a desk to sew on. If you have any tips for me make sure to share them in the comments section!

Part 2 of this post coming soon…..


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Visa Clear Prepaid program and the Prepaid Visa® RushCard.

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  1. I need to organize my craft area too. Do you like using the fabric bins? I want things to be easy to access but at the same time can be put away and “out of sight”.

  2. I love this post… I’m always looking for new ways to organize especially the forever unorganizable “crafts”
    I love the shelving unit you have pictured… I have one in my attic storing season decor and some craft items, and I bought a closet organizer made the same. The quality is amazing !

  3. I’ve found simple paper gift bags to be a wonderful tool for organizing things. They’re cheap, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and fold nice and flat to store when they’re empty or not in use. They make great “project bags” too… if you need a break from your project, simply drop your partially-finished knit or crochet (or whatever) piece inside a gift bag along with your ball of yarn & needles/hooks, and you have a container that keeps everything together neatly and easily transports from one spot to another.

    1. What a great idea!! I have saved a whole bunch of nice differently-sized gift bags, which I will now put to this creative use!

  4. Thanks for sharing Merissa!! For your desk, maybe you ask around at some big box stores for wood pallets? Some places give them away for free, and since your hubs is handy, I’m sure the two of you could build a desk in no time, and it would be free!!

  5. I just made me a craft spot in my guest room. I put two of the plastic drawer units in the closet & topped it with a piece of wood to fit. I have plenty of room to lay out material to cut on & I also installed a light & my small sewing machine. I also got some form board from the hardware store (it’s bigger & cheaper) & covered it in material & installed it with form tape. I can pin things to it. I also found small hanging pockets to put tread, buttons, ribbons & such. Enjoy.

  6. What a great post! This gives me great ideas (and motivation) for organizing my craft items at home. Thanks for linking up to the #ThoughtfulSpot! I loved your post so much that I featured it in my top five faves this week! 🙂

  7. You could use two metal filing cabinets and an old door or piece of countertop for a desk. I see filing cabinets at yardsales all the time for around $10 each. You can find old doors cheap or free with a little searching. I see them on yardsale sites on fb quite often. If the cabinets don’t match you can paint them. I found some old metal bins for $1 at a yard sale and was using them for yarn storage ( they have been moved to the bedroom for socks now). I scrapbook so I have tons of itty bitty stuff. I keep my bigger pill bottles to store stuff in. They’re free and a perfect size. They can be stored in a drawer, tray or box. I just label the top of the bottle…..buttons, brads, etc. You could use them to store buttons, pins, etc. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’m working on my scrap room right now and have been looking for ideas on organization.

  8. WOW! I have been looking for shelving options and never thought those great looking wire/metal units were so affordable. I already have a few fabric bins on hand. You have inspired me to purchase that set of shelves!

  9. Looks great and very neat & tidy! You have a yarn in one of the pics that is different than the regular cotton dishcloth yarn…do you use that for dishcloths also? Just wondering! ☺️

    1. The thicker yarn I use for making soft wash cloths. It’s a “baby yarn” that is marketed for making baby blankets but it’s so soft and perfect for washcloths. 🙂

  10. When I was living in my family home, I found a barn door about 45 inches wide and 8 ft long that I sanded and painted to use as a.craft table. My hubby fitted it with piano hinges along the wall so it was out of the way. I am tall so the 45 inches was a great height for me. You might find a hollow core smooth closet type door to serve as a cutting and sewing table. I had my cutting mat glued on the short end near the wall and a quilter’s ironing board glued next to it. I had my machine on the long side next to the ironing board.

  11. Hi Merissa,

    I found some great frugal diy craft/sewing desks on Pinterest. A few of the pictures looked liked two bookshelves with a top. I’m sure you can find something to spark your creativity.

    Clear shoebox containers with lids could be used to store patterns. I always check out the plastic containers at Dollar Tree. You can check them out online if you aren’t familiar with them. Dollar General and Family Dollar are two other places I check before going to the more expensive places.

    I hope this helps you!