Renovating the Farmhouse Bedroom – After Pictures

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Make sure you check out the Bedroom Renovation Before Pictures here first!

Our bedroom is really a dual duty room, like most of the rooms in our house. We just don’t have the space for a different room for everything and the bedroom is very large so it’s now our bedroom and my office. And since it has the only closet in the house it’s also the storage room.

Previously it had plaster coming off the ceiling and walls, brittle trim and doors, and no closet.


I chose a metal bed frame for something that fit the bed but was less bulky in the room. I also found a pretty blue quilt to add a little color in the room.


I’m not sure how the previous owners lived without a ceiling fan, ours is on every day! We added this nice small ceiling fan to move around the air. We also have a window air in here for summer. Since it’s upstairs it gets very very hot in here. To the west of the bed I have a little alcove that is my office and reading area. I have a nice bookshelf and a comfy chair with my desk in the opposite corner. The curtain in here isn’t my favorite but the yard light shines right in this winter so a light blocking curtain is a must if I want to get any sleep!


I love this vintage style bookcase from Sauder! It’s a distressed white so it fits in my house style well and it’s very study and holds a lot. I have my sewing things and my office notebooks in the bottom and the top will be for some of my books. So far I’ve been unable to find my books which are in storage in one of our barns but when I do find them, they will be going here!


This is the corner of the alcove with my little desk. I only use a laptop for blogging and for work so it fits! I also use my sewing machine here (which you can see on top of the fireplace). I need a smaller lamp for my desk but we had this one left from our other house so it will do for now! We picked up the electric fireplace on clearance this spring and it really makes the room cozy when it’s cold out. This is supposed to be one of the more efficient models and heats our bedroom well (there is no heat upstairs in our house).


Another shot of my desk and our fireplace. You can see the floor here also. Like the rest of the house we were able to refinish the floors up here to the original flooring after we tore out all the carpet. It’s beautiful! I did put a rug over the main part of the floor (the alcove) and I hope to put in one more by the  door before winter to keep the floor from getting too chilly when it’s cold.


Here you can see our closet! I’ve never had a walk in closet before and even though it’s our only closet I feel all fancy. 🙂 Hubby made the closet so it slopes with the walls upstairs. It’s still very large in there and I use it to hold clothing, craft supplies, office supplies, and much more.


And finally, here’s the door that comes out onto the landing upstairs. I have a chest in the corner of the room (it was my hope chest when I was growing up!) and we store all our extra linens and blankets in here. I hope to be able to put a full length mirror over here eventually too. My mom had one of the ones that sat on the floor (instead of on the wall) and I always loved that style so I would love one here eventually!

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Cleaner, lighter, insulated, nothing falling from the ceiling. I will take it! 🙂

I haven’t done much decorating in here yet and I know I’m so boring because I painted the entire room white but I looked at a few attic rooms that were painted with color and I felt like it made them look so much smaller, you know I’m all about creating as much space as possible, even if it’s just an illusion!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! I also have white or near white walls in my upstairs for the same reason as you. I also have the sloped walls..they have always been a source of irritation to me…but after 30 some years,I guess I’ve learned to deal with them!! I love your quilt. It almost looks like blue jeans,but more fancy.

  2. I like it. It looks very comfy and clean. My family recently moved into a 100-year-old rental house that I’m sure was originally built on a farm, before the rest of the town built up around it. It’s small, and has sloping ceilings upstairs, but I’m hoping once we get everything unpacked (we’ve only been there two weeks) it’ll be home.

    Love the Farmhouse Renovation series! You have a great decorative eye! 🙂

  3. Wonderful -great job on the upstairs renovations! Looks great and I like how you have your spaces for storage and the corner desk! It looks like a house I grew up in -with the sloping ceilings and I remember how hot it was in the summer too! Love following your blog with traditional ideas with modern updates!!

  4. I love your quilt!! Where did you find it? Beautiful new room. Very bright and cheery 🙂 We will be doing white in our room too. It’s so bright.

  5. You and your husband have done a remarkable redo in a very short time. I know you are proud of the results. We are still traveling. Now headed to Yellowstone and then home to Mass. Keep the sharing coming I enjoy your blog very much. Fran

  6. I can’t believe how quickly you are getting to your projects! It is incredible. I love all the special touches, you have a very good eye for detail. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! It is beautiful.

  7. Beautiful! I prefer white paint. It is so much easier if you want to change the look to just change the color of your linens. 🙂

  8. Love, love, love it! We are currently in the process of buying an old ranch style farmhouse which we will add a 1/2 story to that will become pit master bedroom and my office. Just reading this post makes me realize I can’t wait til we get our current house sold so we can begin reno’s in the farmhouse! So clean and crisp! I see lots of blogging being find in that room!

  9. Very nice looking. I love the clean simplicity of it and your bed, I love your bed frame and the spread just beautiful. I also like the wainscoted style closet door.
    Very nice that you posted this, it gives me inspiration to finish the renovations that I started in my house. Every room is about 90% done. I got ill so it all came to a stop. I do most of the renovation work myself and my husband helps me when I need muscle. It’s not that he doesn’t want to do it, it’s just not his thing, it’s mine. But I have been feeling better but just trying to catch up on the cleaning and organizing things for now but you are very inspiring and your style is like mine.
    Thank you very much.

  10. Great job! I love reading your blog and learning from your experiences. I can’t wait to move to my land and implement many of your suggestions! Love, love, love this stuff.