Simple DIY Garden Projects

Here are some easy DIY Garden Project ideas that anyone can make to add to your garden or use around your home.

Here are some easy DIY Garden Project ideas that anyone can make to add to your garden or use around your home. #gardenprojects #diy #makeyourown #garden 

Simple and Frugal DIY Garden Projects

Summer is here! Time to spend your days outside. If you are like me, you will be out gardening. This year I am working on two gardens. The first is my patio garden in which I grow my vegetables in containers & pots. The second is in my parents’ yard which is more of a family effort. I love doing both. Working on my own patio garden means I get to come up with my own garden projects and make it my own. Working with my sister and mother on the yard garden means I get to see their ideas and see our creativity work together.

In this post I put together a few simple garden projects that you can easily do with your own garden, be it a normal yard garden or a patio garden.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

DIY Bird Feeder (from an old coffee can)

This easy DIY garden project is perfect for all gardens! Find an old coffee can (or any container big enough for a bird to perch on). Cut the lid in half. Tie the yarn around the can and fasten it. Then tie the yarn and hook to a wall, roof, post, etc.

–You can also make a nice bird feeder with Milk Jug! Learn how and get some more Uses for Milk Jugs.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Cement Block Planter

All I used for this project were two cement blocks, tape, plastic liner (with a few holes in the bottom for drainage), soil, and flowers. I taped a plastic liner (a bag that held grocery store grapes) inside the holes of one block. Filled the bags with soil, added these flowers, and Voila! How simple is that?


Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Rustic Plant Stand

My husband made this easy DIY plant stand out of an old wooden pallet. Using a saw and some nails and screws, he put this together in one afternoon. You can be as precise or shoddy as you want. It is your garden. I just love the look of this plant stand on my patio garden. Don’t you?

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Antique Containers for a Flower Bed

My mother is an antique collector. She has so many great pieces in the house and in the garden as well. I love using unique containers for veggies and plants the like. Do you have any unique ideas you would like to share with us?

—Here are some more Useful Finds From Antique Stores.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Wheelbarrow Garden

This idea is very similar to the one above. Using an old wheelbarrow, we planted vines & flowers and placed it next to this tree. I love the way it looks in the yard and you might be able to find an old wheelbarrow at a rummage sale for very inexpensively. Even one that is missing a wheel could work for this project.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Wood Barrel Herb Garden

We planted a bunch of herbs together in this old wooden barrel. I like having the herbs separate from the garden. It is closer to the house as well. Make sure you label what your herbs are so you don’t get confused. I know there are a lot of other herb garden idea out there; how are yours planted?

—Learn more about Growing an Herb Garden.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Hanging Rocks

We actually found these rocks at a garage sale. They already had holes in them. We added string and hung them from the fence for a unique decoration look. You can find rocks for free in your backyard and carefully drill your own holes in them. Or use other items like seashells or plastic toy veggies to add some flair to your garden.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Metal Watering Can Decor

Again, we are collectors. You can line the fence of your garden with metal watering cans to add some decoration to it. How picture perfect! You can tell we like the rustic look of our garden.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Rocks Lining the Path

Take your garden path one step further by laying rocks down to line your foot path. It makes the path and the garden look clean and trimmed and will reduce the weeds growing alongside your walk way.

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

DIY Hanging Planter

This project is similar to the bird feeder idea above. Take an old candy tin, punch holes in the bottom, string yarn through, long enough to tie and hang from the ceiling or roof. Then add some plants or vegetables. All I did was plop the store plant container straight into the planter. Super easy. What are some ways that you use to hang your plants?

—Want to bring the outside in? This DIY Rustic Succulent Centerpiece can be made easily to enjoy plants at your kitchen table!

Simple Garden Projects - Little House Living

Washi Tape Labels

Labeling your plants is very important so when guests ask what type of plants you are growing, you can easily tell them, even if your plants are in the first sprouts. Since I am a beginner gardener, this method with washi tape is perfect! You can remove the labels next your when you decided to plant something else.

How many of those ideas can you incorporate into your garden? What ideas do you have to share with me? Let’s combine our creativity and make the most out of our gardens!

Here are some more projects that you can easily make for your garden:

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Gardening and Preserving Journal

The Gardening and Preserving Journal is here! If you are gardening or planning on doing any preserving this year, you NEED this wonderful spiral bound journal! The Journal contains printables to keep track of your canning, the foods that you freeze, your canning recipes, and so much more! Get your own copy here.

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What kinds of DIY garden projects do you have in your garden? Will you be making any of these?

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This DIY Garden Projects post was originally published on Little House Living in July 2013. It has been updated as of April 2020.

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  1. I’m definitely pinning this post! I LOVE all of your ideas! They’re adorable! I have a couple I’ll share but they’re more practical than cute.

    DIY Pallet Garden

    DIY Worm Farm Compost Bin

    I salvaged a galvanized tub like the one you have from an old family shed and I want to use it for gardening because it’s adorable!

    I’m a new reader but I love your blog 🙂

  2. I love all of these ideas! The bird feeder may be my favorite. I love how simple and inexpensive all of your projects are! It looks like you have a great selection of plants and herbs 🙂

  3. I love your ideas… I’ve never had the urge to have my our garden but what you have done really makes a person want to try some of your ideas. I especially like the brick planter… So easy and looks so nice. Thanks for all the ideas, Erin!

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  5. Quite interesting your ideas are. So innovative. Probably we don’t need to throw anything outside that it is useless. We shall use it for gardening. Thanks for your great ideas.

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