How to Easily Begin Sprouting Seeds

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Ever wished that you could have fresh greens growing in your home in the winter? Sprouting seeds is so easy to do and in just a few short days you can have fresh greens growing right on your countertop.

How to Begin Sprouting Seeds

Many years ago, my hubby noticed my mom’s sprouts growing on the counter and he asked if we could grow some. I told him, of course, and I pulled out my kitchen sprouter out from under the cabinet. After 5 days, when the sprouts were grown, the hubby opened up the container and started eating away. He was so excited and told me now he could take sprout sandwiches to work! I felt like I had won the lottery because he can so picky about eating healthy things, and I finally found something he got excited about and wanted to eat!

If you’ve been wanting to sprout your own seeds here is a little tutorial on how to do it. You can find sprouting seeds at your local health foods store or from your co-op or from Amazon. I prefer to get mine from Azure Standard. For the sprouter, you can either use a glass jar to sprout or you can get a kitchen sprouter just like I have.

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Here’s what you need. You can either use a jar or a kitchen sprouter. You will also need sprout seeds. See my links above to where you can find these items.

Put one tablespoon of sprout seeds in either the jar or the container. Don’t add more than that or it will overflow!

If you are using a jar you need to put a piece of cheesecloth over the top of the jar. The sprouts need to breath and you need something to rinse the water off.

Twice a day you need to rinse the seeds. Pour some cold water into the jar or into the top part of the sprouter container. If you are using the jar just rinse the seeds and drain the water. Be sure and use clean, filtered water for this. I use water from my Berkey.

If you are using a sprouter you will put water in the top part and it will drain through. When it’s done just empty out the bottom.

Here are the seeds on day 2. If you look closely you can see that they have already started sprouting. Be sure to continue rinsing them off twice a day.

Day 3. Definite sprouting going on here! Don’t worry if you start to see some little fuzzies that look like mold. Those are just roots.

By day 5, your sprouts will look like this! They are ready to harvest! Just put them in a container and store them in the fridge. Enjoy them within a few days of harvest.

Sprouting Seeds

The nice thing about the sprouter is that it has 3 trays and you can start each tray on a different day so you always have fresh sprouts going! Sprouts are so healthy for you! They contain enzymes that help you break down your food and keep your body healthy.

Have you ever tried growing sprouts?

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  1. Glad he saw them sitting on my counter and was inspired! Slowly, but surely, you are eating healthier every day……

  2. I love sprouting wheat and spelt! We dehydrate it them grind it into flour! Super easy way to add health benefits on the sly 🙂

  3. I just started our first sprouts in a glass jar last week. I didn’t exactly use traditional sprouting seeds because I didn’t want to invest the money in buying the seeds if I couldn’t make it work or if hubby hated it. So, I’m sprouting beans 🙂 So far, so good. Hubby still isn’t sold on the idea but he’s willing to try. What’s the cheapest seed source for good sprouting seeds? How much should they cost at the natural foods stores?

  4. I love your site! I have been looking into growing sprouts also. All the seeds I find online are expensive, especially when you add shipping. Where do you get yours? Can I buy organic seeds at the store and use them?

    1. I order mine through my co-op. I will have to look into it more but I remember seeing a few other places online that are not so expensive.