WonderMill Grain Mill: Review and Giveaway!

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Over the last couple months you’ve heard me rave about my new WonderMill on Facebook and maybe even seen some of the recipes I’ve been making using my freshly milled flour such as:

Wheat Tortillas
Chocolate Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting
Homemade Wheat Crackers

I’ve even been using mine to make whole wheat bread to take to the farmer’s markets locally. I just love my grain mill! And the WonderMill is so easy to use…I’ll admit that I was a little intimated at first by the idea of getting a grain mill but I was wrong about it. All I have to do is plug in my mill, add my wheat berries or whatever I chose to grind and it’s done! The WonderMill even comes with a handy little storage pail that the flour goes into.


I also used to think that grinding flour was such a messy thing. But I’ve never once made a mess with my WonderMill. Ok, that’s not true. ONE time I forgot to connect the storage container and I was wiping flour off the walls but that was only once….so far….

Nothing beats freshly milled flour or items made with the freshly milled flour. Did you know that milled flour loses it’s nutritional value is just 48 hours? That basically means that the stuff you buy from the store isn’t much more than a filler…it’s the fresh milled flour that actually holds in the original nutrition of the grain.

WonderMill wants one Little House Living reader to be able to have a WonderMill Grain Mill of their very own so you can experience the taste and the “healthfulness” of a grain mill! One winner will win an electric WonderMill Grain Mill valued at over $250! Just enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will run until July 28th, 2012 at midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would really like to take the plunge to the next level of bread making and mill my own flour. This would be a great opportunity!

  2. Bread, tortillas, rolls, etc. We love fresh ground wheat. I have been using my mom’s grain mill. It would be wonderful to have my own.

  3. I am making the move to eating clean and away from processed foods. This would really help me in that transition.

  4. I would like to try the whole wheat bagel recipe…and the oatmeal banana bread…and the whole wheat buttermilk cheddar bisuits…they all look so delicious!

  5. I’d love to make those whole wheat whole grain bagels, they look SO good and we’re always looking for new, healthy things to make for breakfast. this would be great for those mornings on-the-go!

  6. Breadmaking has always been a soothing hobby of mine and, if in the act of soothing myself, I have the added benefit of cost effective breads for my family that are more nutritious than store bought…well, it’s a win-win situation. I would like to be able to experiment with grinding various grain combinations and utilizing them in my recipes.

  7. I would luv to win this It would make life so much easy for me…:) I’m sure hoping I can win this 🙂

  8. I got stopped at the whole grain blueberry cobbler. It would be the perfect recipe to use these wild Alaskan blueberries we pick!

  9. I love making a good breakfast for my kids. Multigrain waffles are hit in our house. You can even make them gluten free (sometimes we get a friend spending the night who needs that).

  10. Hot dog buns, for sure!!! And pretzels, can’t forget those. And probably the chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough frosting. Those looks AMAZING!

  11. I love making my own bread and trying to feed my family healthy, nutritious real food. This would be a real bonus to my cooking endeavors!

  12. I’ll be converting that chocolate cupcake recipe soon to gluten free. It looks yummy! My mill is full of wheat flour and I need a new one since our family is not gluten free.

  13. I would love to make the cobbler! It looks sooooo good. I love hot cobbler right out of the oven with homemade icecream!

  14. My grain grinder is in need of replacement…this would be such a blessing to win!! I would go back to consistantly making our bread again if I won!! 🙂

  15. I would love to learn more about grinding my own flours and makeing bread by hand vs using a bread machine!

  16. I would really like to replace my hand crank grain mill. The Wonder Mill would be a great electric one to have!

  17. I have a really simple recipe that I use to make when my son was in third grade. It came from a library book called “Let’s Make Bread from Scratch.” I have kept the recipe all these years. He is a Marine who returned from Afgh in the last year.

  18. This is so cool. I love whole wheat bread and other goodies. I have a bread machine and using bought flour doesn’t turn out so good doing whole wheat. I’d love to try it with fresh ground wheat.

  19. Whole wheat english muffins, breads, cakes, cookies just the way God intended “the whole grain” to be eaten would be awsome!

  20. I would love to try the bread machine seeded whole wheat bread. I have eaten bread using a fresh milled flour before and this would truly be the best!

  21. I have a mill but it’s on it’s last leg. So, I would love a new one! I would love to give the bagels a try.

    Julie Brown

  22. I would make 100% whole wheat bread, rolls,muffins,crackers..no one special recipe..the breads I could make would be endless! I would really love to have this..no, I really need to have this! I enjoy making my own bread and owning this would make it even more of a joy! Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  23. I’d love to win! I bake all the time with fresh flour, but my mill is really hard to use. I’d love the ease of a wondermill!

  24. My kids would love to have one of these. It would go great with out Little House study this fall.

  25. Food would taste a lot better being fresher. I would like to try Whole Grain Fruit Cobbler. I used to make a good Black Raspberry cobbler. fresh flour would make it taste better.

  26. I make all of our bread. Having one of these mills would be wonderful. I have been checking them out, but they are too expensive for me to purchase right now. Thank you for having this giveaway!

  27. I would love to learn to make Backpacker pancakes with nuts and whole grain flour! So much healthier for you!

  28. What would I not make!?!
    I wild use it to make everything, pancakes, fermented bread, manna bread, crackers, quick breads, etc.
    I just bought 25 lbs of wheat berries…….my blender needs a break!

  29. The Whole wheat Bagels…I REALLY love bagels. The mill would certainly improve things in the nutritional value of the bread! I have wanted a mill for a long time.

  30. A recipe? As in 1, only 1? Soft pretzels narrowly win out over bagels and seeded whole wheat bread.

  31. Oh, my Mom has wanted this mill forever!
    I have wanted to buy her one before I got one for myself.
    I have heard that it really is the best mill for those of us that love to bake breads.

  32. Just about anything-but the soft pretzels look especially tantalizing or the whole wheat pizza crust or the puff the magic pita…etc. etc. ;0)

  33. Always been to scared to try – you make it sound do-able! Would love to make bread, crackers, etc.

  34. Wow! This is an amazing give away! The first thing I would want to make would be whole wheat bread. Then I would like to make muffins and pancakes. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

  35. whole wheat pizza crust!
    Entered the rafflecopter form as “crave to save”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  36. I have just started my journey towards a healthier life and this looks wonderful to me. I would like to try the recipe for grandma’s bread.

    1. I live in AZ with a lot of mesquite trees and would love to mill my own flour from the bean of the mesquite. Thanks for the wonderful site that you have.

  37. My husband would go bonkers if I had those fluffy whole wheat biscuits with dinner every night! He LOVES biscuits, especially home made!

  38. I make the whole wheat English muffins and add dried cranberries…My husband and my girls love them….

  39. I have wanted a grain mill for so long. I want to make whole wheat bread with fresh flour. There is such a difference in taste and texture. I would love to be able to do it all the time.

  40. I tried to grind rice into rice flour last week in my blender. It was a miserable failure. But hubby and I cannot afford to buy a grain mill of any type right now. I would LOVE to win this! We would get rid of store bought flour all together.

  41. Homemade pizza, tortillas, muffins, bread, and much more!

    I have an older Whispermill that is probably not going to last much longer and a 14 year-old girl that loves to bake who would love to have her own mill!

  42. I would love to be able to grind my own wheat and make beautiful crackers like the ones in the post 🙂

  43. Shared with my readers, and really excited to see how this works out! I am SOOOO trying your crackers this coming week! 🙂
    ~Heather @www.thewelcominghouse.blogspot.com

    1. oh, and you can check out my share at The Welcoming House Personal Blog on Facebook! 🙂 Just wanted to make sure you knew where I shared this at!

  44. Love your Blog, thanks for the chance to win, this would help my quest to make all our foods from scratch.

  45. I have been wanting a grain mill for months and have heard wonderful things about the Wondermill. Would love to win one and give it a try. I think it would open up alot of opportunities for me to learn some new skills for saving in the kitchen.

  46. I would really love to have a good quality flour mill to have the benefit of fresh flour to bake wonderfully nourishing products here at home! 🙂

  47. I would love to have a grain mill at all, let alone such a nice one! It’s a bit out of my price range, so maybe I’ll win it. 🙂 Some one will certainly be happy on the day of the drawing! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway.

  48. I just recently read the benefits of milling your own flour and put this exact grinder on my “Christmas/Birthday/every holiday for the next 5 years” List!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!!

  49. I would love to win this to start grinding my own grain to make all sorts of breads, and my husband wants to brew his own beer. 🙂

  50. I would love to win this as a gift for my mom. She has really been into the healthy, natural foods and bulk buying lately, and I’m sure she would love to get into flour milling. Plus, more tasty baked goods for me when I visit.

  51. Love to try making the wheat tortillas and fresh bread. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Hope I win!

  52. I would love to win this, I would love to share this with my family so that they also could experience the great taste of food made with this little power house of a grain mill

  53. Wow. I make homemade bread all the time thinking that it’s healthier, but never considered that I was losing nutrition from my flour. Thanks for the info and the giveaway!

    1. I guess I didn’t specifically say what recipe, but I would love to use the grain mill to make a good wholesome sandwich bread.

  54. Mmm my mouth is watering at the thought of all of the fresh bread, baked goods, and meals I could make for my family with the Wondermill!

  55. Too funny that you’re doing this giveaway now! I have been telling my hubby for the last 2 weeks (on a consistent basis LOL) that I neeeed a grain mill. My oldest son has been bugging me for weeks about making some bagels. I would love to try the WW bagel recipe for him.

  56. I would love to try the Cauliflower Potatoe Cupcakes! I would love to begin to grind my own grains!

  57. I’m looking forward to using freshly ground flour to make all sorts of things. I especially want to try making crackers.

  58. I would love to try their recipe for Grandma’s perfect whole wheat bread. I’m always searching for the perfect ‘everyday’ bread. 🙂

  59. I would like to make the double chocolate chip whole wheat brownies!! It all looks so good it was hard to choose! lol

  60. Would LOVE to win this grain mill…perfect for our healthier lifestyle chances 🙂
    First would make me up and grind for real grits…we southners love our grits…especially with cheese.
    And, the whole wheat waffles and the bluberry mini muffins sound healthy and yummo…along with many other recipes.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Oohh. I would like to make those mini blueberry muffins. I’ve been LONGING for a wondermill for ages ;o)

  62. I would love to grind my own flours and I never thought of the nutritional value in ground flours from the stores. We are trying to eat more whole foods and this mill would be a great addition. Thank You for this giveaway.

  63. I have recently found I am gluten intolerant, so I would use it for anything BUT wheat, like sweet rice, white rice, brown rice and oats, just to name a few. This would be a great way to get fresh flours.

  64. My husband and I love to have pita with our tika masala, so I would love to try Grain Mill Wagon’s Pita bread recipe.

  65. I really enjoy making fresh ground whole wheat pancakes. Everyone we serve them to, comments on how fresh and wholesome they taste.

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  67. I am learning how to sprout and dry wheatberries. I have an old crank grinding mill that I use now and this would be so amazing to use and faster!! I would be making all my breads, tortillas, and muffins with this!!

  68. Learn something new like this is exciting. i would put this product to good use with bread baking weekly.

  69. I would like to make whole grains flours and gluten free for my family. We all have different needs and I believe this would be better for my family and we will save money also. Thank you

  70. Ooh! I’ve Been studying up on buying a grain mill, buying grain in bulk etc. Thanks for the chance!

  71. I’d love to win a grain mill – I’d use it to make even more breads, and I’d like to start making tortillas and crackers!

  72. I’d love to win this WonderMill. I’ve been wanting one for ages to make whole grain hamburger buns, pita bread, and rolls.

  73. I am all about being frugal and making things from scratch!! It would be soooo exciting to win the grain mill!!!

  74. I would love to start grinding my own flour for bread for the kids. I’ve heard it’s much more nutritious to wait nil your ready to use it!

  75. I really want to try the making my own flour. would love to use it to make bread. I hear it is much better.

  76. I would love to win, been very interested in cooking from scratch more, this would be a perfect reason to try! I want to make the Maple oatmeal bread!

  77. I would like to try to make the whole wheat bagels. Where we are from, we used to be able to get bagels all the time. Now we don’t live close to any place that sells bagels.

  78. I am just getting started and I would love to have this grain mill. I have been so blessed to have get a bread machine off e-bay and too buy my grain and I am having to go to my sister-in-laws house to grind my grain(she has a wonder mill) . I just don’t have the money right now to get a grain mill.

  79. I would love to mill my own flour! I’ve been wanting a mill for a while but haven’t had the money to purchase a high quality one. I would love to win this!

  80. Oh my gosh, I would love this grain mill so I could make the Italian Focaccia Bread Recipe (Gluten and Dairy Free) recipe!!

  81. I’ve been getting back into healthy eating again after having stopped for way too many years. This mill would be really nice and would be helpful as well.

  82. I would make lemon verbena bread! This is an amazing giveaway! Thanks, Merissa and Wonder Mill!

  83. Please enter me to win! We have been only making bread and not buying for a few years now. My husband would be so excited to win this!

  84. This would be the best thing to happen in years if I won this. I would LOVE to grind my own wheat and make bread.

  85. I would love to make Graham crackers with the flour I mill in it. My son has food allergies and he cannot eat any commercially made Grahams. My mom always made frosted sandwich Grahams with her leftover homemade vanilla frosting. I would love to make these favorites of my childhood for my son 🙂

  86. give me some “munchy crunchy gluten-free peanutbutter cookies” please! That would be the first thing I’d make!

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