Living Like These Happy Golden Years: Luck

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” A body makes his own luck, be it good or bad,” Ma placidly said, “I have no doubt you will get as good as you deserve.”

Laura remembered what Ma had said about luck, and she though to herself: “I believe we make most of our luck without intending to.” These Happy Golden Years p. 235


I’ve never felt like a very lucky person. I posted the other day about our frugal chicken coop and mentioned that our garage has blown down twice. It’s true. And there is nothing that compares to that feeling of watching all your hard work be destroyed. We built our shed by hand so watching the wind rip it apart piece by piece with nothing we could do was truly painful.

Yes, you better believe that I was thinking those days that we had the worst luck. Little did I know that a few months later I’d be grateful for the scrap steel so we could cover our chicken shed. Not that the shed blowing down was lucky…but it did end up working out pretty good.

I think that’s what Laura was saying in the quote above. It’s not about being lucky, it’s about making the most of our luck, even though it’s not what we intended.

I wrote previously on looking at the glass half full. But I think this kind of adds to it. Instead of just looking at a situation a different way, I also think it’s important to make the most of your “luck”.

When was the last time you make the most of your “luck”?

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  1. Sounds like good advice to me. I may have to read the whole series again. Have not read them since I was a kid. Which book would you recommend first to deal with everyday life?

    1. They are all very good. I just finished The First Four Years and found that one inspirational, all that stuff that happened in the first 4 years…took alot of courage to get through.

  2. Merissa, Thanks for the advice. I will probably see if I can get them on my IPad before running off to the book store. Take care and have a wonder Easter. God Bless.