Buying in Bulk


Our grocery budget is different than most since we almost always buy in bulk. Beef and chicken are purchased a few times a year in large quantities, bulk produce is purchased whenever possible and is canned, frozen, put in cold storage, or somehow preserved. Little House Living follows a special monthly budget to be able to buy this way. This a page of tips and resources on the topic of buying in bulk.

All About Buying in Bulk

All About Buying in Bulk
Making Meals with Bulk Foods
Buying Meat in Bulk
A Beginner’s Guide to Azure Standard
What to Order From a Bulk Coop

Creating Cold Storage

Pantyhose Onion Storage
Frugal Cold Storage
How Long Will Produce Last in Cold Storage?

Shopping Tips

Best Times for Buying Seasonal Produce

Creating a Useful Stockpile

How to Stock Up
Keeping Inventory
Stockpiling 101
Stockpiling for Winter
Why Do You Stockpile?
Stockpiling Water
Rotating Your Stockpile
Creating a 3 to 6 Month Supplies List
Being Realistic About What You Need
Stockpiling Non-Perishables
When Buying in Bulk Isn’t Best
Building a Whole Foods Stockpile
Small Space Storage
How to Build a Stockpile Quickly
Building a Stockpile

Practical Uses for Stockpiles

Eating from the Pantry Stockpile (Part 1)(Part 2)
Eating Cheap from the Pantry
Sprucing Up Boxed Meals


Make sure to find more practical uses for buying in bulk by reading about meal planning and canning and preserving.

Also make sure to look for a bulk store in your area in your National Coop Bulk Store Database!

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