Budget Meal Planning


Meal planning can really bump up your simple life! By planning your meals out ahead of time and creating make-ahead meals you can save time and shave dollars off your grocery bill. Not only do we have some ideas on budget meal planning here at Little House Living but we also have tons of great recipes, make-ahead meal ideas, and an ebook to help you along the way!

Budget Meal Planning

How to Plan a Baking Day

Frugal Meal Planning

Real Food Fast Food Ideas

Creating a Meal Plan Around Seasonal Produce

The Meal Planning Binder – Favorite Meal Ideas Binder

Summer and Winter Meal Planning

Simple, Frugal, Kid Friendly Meal Plans

Simple and Healthy Snack Ideas Under $1

How to Make 15 Meals in an Afternoon with Large Batch Cooking

How to Make Meal Prep Easier

Monthly Freezer Cooking Meal Plans

April Monthly Meal Plans

October Meal Plan

November Meal Plans

November Freezer Cooking Monthly Meal Plans

December Meals Plans

Real Food Daily Menu


Find lots of our personal Meal Plans to get meal planning ideas!

Trying to plan better, more frugal meals for your family so that you always have a warm meal on the table and aren’t wasting money at the grocery store?

You’ve got to check out my ebook Meal Planning Made Simple. Even if you thought meal planning didn’t work for your family, this ebook will help you find the perfect fit for your family’s style.

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