Making Meals With Bulk Foods

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The other night I was hungry for supper, something fast and easy to put together but something fresh. I opened up the door to my cold storage area, aka: my entryway, and found potatoes, onions, and oranges overflowing.

Breakfast for supper it is.

I shredded potatoes, diced onions, and shredded cheese and fried up some Cheesy Hashbrowns on my griddle. A glance in the freezer told me that I still have several Beef Sausage Patties to use as well, so those get cooked up too.

The oranges are juiced and poured into some of those cute Mason jars with handles, a regular old cup just isn’t fancy enough for fresh juice tonight!

Nothing special, maybe not the most perfect nutritious meal I could come up with either, but it was fast, I used my ever present bulk foods, and it tasted good and fresh!

Of course every meal that we make is a “bulk storage” meal for us since we only buy in bulk! But maybe this helps those that have been wondering to get a clearer picture of how easy and normal it is to cook from your bulk foods.

Being able to meal plan helps to prevent on the fly nights like this one but we are still able to make it work!

If you aren’t into bulk buying yet make sure to catch up on our Buying in Bulk series!


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  1. We call it “Brinner”. I don’t do it often, but when I do, it’s so welcome.
    I love your cold storage area. It looks so nice and organized. Might have to take a cue from that.

    hugs, and stay warm!

  2. I made fried potatoes and eggs the other day because we were running low on everything else. I make this dish a lot. It’s filling, cheap and frying potatoes always reminds me of my grandma.


  3. I was excited when I read “easy” – i thought “yes, exactly what I need – ideas for throwing together something easy to eat for dinner when i just don’t have the time/energy/motivation to really cook, but still want something fresh!” (i’ve been eating way too much top ramen).
    then I read…. “shredded” “diced” “fried” and even “juiced” –
    *sob* :'( back to my top ramen I go…