Easy Grapefruit Bathroom Cleaner

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If you’re looking for a simple bathroom cleaner, you need to try this homemade grapefruit cleaner. It just takes two all-natural, non-toxic ingredients to make your bathroom look and smell fresh and clean!

If you're looking for a simple bathroom cleaner, you need to try this homemade grapefruit cleaner. It just takes two all-natural, non-toxic ingredients to make your bathroom look and smell fresh and clean! #grapefruitcleaner #diybathroomcleaner #grapefruit #nontoxic #allnatural

Cleaning with Grapefruit

I’m sure you’ve heard of the cleaning power of citrus before. Maybe you’ve even bought cleaners with some kind of citrus essential oil in them. But I’m guessing you haven’t made a cleaner quite like this one before.

–Check out all of the benefits and uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil.

This simple cleaner uses only two ingredients and a little elbow grease to make your sinks, tubs and other bathroom surfaces shine! Not only will they shine, but they’ll be left with the fresh, sweet scent of grapefruit.

Like lemon, grapefruit is a powerhouse cleaner. The acidic nature of grapefruit gives it several properties that make it an excellent cleaning tool:

  • Natural Solvent- Grapefruit breaks down tough hard water stains, soap residue, and limescale.
  • Neutralizes Odors- Replace those unpleasant odors with the fresh, uplifting and clean scent of fresh grapefruit.
  • Works on multiple surfaces- It cleans and shines stainless steel, porcelain, aluminum, copper and even glass. Making it perfect for use on all of your bathroom surfaces.
  • Antibacterial- Germs can’t live in the acidic environment grapefruits and other citrus fruits have naturally.

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Grapefruit Bathroom Cleaner

Here’s what you need to make Grapefruit Cleaner:

  • Grapefruit
  • Salt

Oh yes. That’s it. Could it be any easier?

Here’s what you do:

1. First, wet the shower/tub/sink or whatever bathroom surface you need to clean.

2. Sprinkle the salt all over the areas that you put water on in the bathroom. (I felt a little bit like I was sprinkling fairy dust all over on this step or something. ) A good, coarse salt works best for this.

–I purchase Sea Salt in Bulk from Azure. Looking for more bulk ideas? Check out this post on What to Order From a Bulk Foods Coop.

The water helps the salt stick to the surface you are cleaning. If you have a really tough stain, you can also squeeze a tiny bit of grapefruit juice on it to help it stick too.

3. Cut your grapefruit in half.

4. Using half of the grapefruit as you would use a sponge, start scrubbing! Make sure you squeeze the grapefruit as you are going along so that nice citrusy juice gets all over the surfaces, releasing those cleansing properties we talked about earlier.

5. When you are done scrubbing, rinse off the area you cleaned with water or wipe it down with a wet rag to remove any remaining juice, salt or pulp.

6. Enjoy your clean bathroom!

One thing I love about this Grapefruit and Salt Cleaner recipe (besides how easy it is) is that it is completely non-toxic and uses all-natural ingredients. Depending on the season or your location, you can probably find grapefruit pretty frugally too!

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Have you ever tried this grapefruit bathroom cleaner before?

This Grapefruit Cleaner Recipe was originally published on Little House Living in November 2011. It has been updated as of November 2019.

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  3. Hmmmm… while this sounds very intriguing, I just don’t know if I can do this. As I sit here and savor a wonderfully delicious glass of fresh squeezed red grapefruit juice, I’d be hard pressed to waste a perfectly good grapefruit on my bathroom sink, tub, toilet, or whatever. I love grapefruit way too much! lol. I reckon I’ll stick with my baking soda for cleansing my bathroom. Thanks for the tip though! =)

  4. I’m with SimplyRawesome on this. I cannot waste a grapefruit. I will check out your other suggestions though. Maybe I can find something better than the cleansers they have available on the market.
    & while I did see where you said you only use the grapefruits that are past their prime, I don’t think I could purposely let one get past it’s prime. So, I am wondering do you get them from the grocer that way?

  5. I usually use baking soda and vinegar, but this would work great too. (I have started to infuse my vinegar with citrus peels anyways, so it even smells like oranges. This is almost the same thing!

  6. We are concerned about cleaners on our hands and our skin absorbing the toxins in them. This is a perfect solution. Thanks for posting. Simple living is a great stress reducer.

  7. Sorry if someone mentioned this……..don’t use this if you have Travertine. Over time the citrus will “pit” the surface.

  8. Maybe use the “squeezed” half of the grapefruit after juicing. The remaining pulp and citrus oils from the peel will be effective enough to work. THEN you don’t have to sacrifice the juice, and get double use out of the half of grapefruit! I also use lemons this way after hand juicing with a reamer. There will inevitably be SOME membrane/juice left in it even after juicing!

  9. Is this safe for a fiberglass (or whatever that plastic is called nowadays) shower/tub surround? I’m concerned about scratches from the salt. Anyone tried this on fiberglass (or whatever that plastic is called nowadays) and know whether it’s safe for that type of surface?