Homemade Vaseline Recipe

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Forgot to pick up Petroleum Jelly on your trip to the store today? No worries! With just 2 ingredients you can make your own natural homemade vaseline.

Homemade Vaseline

When we have a cold and one very runny, stuffed up nose there isn’t anything better than a nice smear of petroleum jelly across the sore, red, chaffed spots.

Well, except for the petroleum part.

In the winter where we live, the wind blows like it’s forgotten to do its job all year (even though it really hasn’t because the wind blows all year around). It seems like everything gets chapped and there isn’t much we can do about it, being a family that likes to use all things natural. We don’t use petroleum on our skin because… think about it…petroleum jelly is the by-product of oil production that has been refined and way over-processed. It isn’t really something that needs to be on our skin, especially not when we are trying to heal our bodies.

Lucky for all of us, it turns out that a homemade, all natural version of homemade Vaseline is super easy to whip up! Here’s all you need:

Homemade Vaseline Recipe

What You Need:

How to Make Homemade Vaseline

Mix the ingredients together in a saucepan and heat on a very low heat until the beeswax has melted. While it’s warm, pour into a jar or another container. Use as you would Vaseline. This recipe made enough to fill a little half pint glass jelly jar.

Extra Ideas for your Natural Vaseline

You could add several different essential oils to this mixture for various healing properties. I would definitely consider adding either:

depending on what you want to use it for!

homemade vaseline

For beeswax, I really like buying those beeswax pellets versus the blocks. They are so much easier to measure for projects like this instead of trying to cut a chunk off a large block. Additionally, I haven’t found the pellets to be much more expensive than the blocks. You also want to make sure you stick with the yellow pellets versus the white, as the white have been refined and stripped of many natural properties.

homemade vaseline

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Have you ever tried making your own homemade Vaseline? Do you do it any different than this? What are some of your favorite store-bought things to make homemade?


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  1. I was wondering if I could make like 4 jars up and then store them for later use? Or do you think just doing a small batch use it up and then make more?

    1. you can add a few drops of Vitamin E oil to it when making it in batches, it will keep it fresh longer. and be sure to store it in a cool dark place, like most things it will last longer that way.

  2. I was wondering if the olive oil would go rancid. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Vaseline and store bought lip balms. Thanks!

      1. If you use a high quality olive oil, the heat and wax will cause it to stabilize. It should keep indefinitely. I use a similar technique to make a Shea butter hair and body moisturizer. Well packed, airtight, in a pantry type environment, keeps forever.

          1. I linked to both products in the article above, if you click them it should lead you to Amazon, that’s where I purchase mine:)

        1. Perhaps we should define “high-quality” olive oil… any particular attributes or brands to select for this? And filtered? Virgin? Extra virgin?

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog, I love it! Just yesterday I was thinking about how I want to try making my own beeswax based chap stick since my store bought stuff is almost gone and is spendy. This looks super easy and I have everything I need to make it so think we’ll give it a try today. Thank you for sharing this !

  4. I stir mine while it cools and you end up with a softer product. My recipe is a little different but the stiring will still work.

    1. Would you share it with us? 🙂 I love comparing different recipes and seeing what other ingredients people use! Thanks!!

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  6. Hi Merissa
    I live in Singapore and some ingredients like Borax are not available, but
    I will enjoy trying out some of your recipes etc.. The Green Movement is slowing glinting momentum here.
    . Keep up the good work. God bless you xoxo

  7. I was wondering if you could add camphor and make a rub like Watkins use to sell for chest colds. Mom use to put it on my chest and warm up a towel and cover me up tight. It helped. And put a smigon under my nose if I was stopped up. It didn’t kill me, I am still here and in my 60’s.

  8. Wow, had no idea it was so easy to make! I just finished throwing away any trace of vaseline in the house, and have been wondering if I could make my own. Thanks for this post and for sharing at Tiny Tip Tuesday!

  9. Hey Merissa, this post is being featured tomorrow for Tiny Tip Tuesday! Thanks again for sharing!

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  12. I’m allergic to petroleum products. Thank you so much for giving me an option I can actually use … and it’s easy to make!

  13. Can you recormend an alternative to Beeswax, I am incredibly allergic to it, nut would love to switch to something like this 🙂

  14. I made this vaseline recipe & must say…it works wonderfully on dry, chapped lips & skin! Thank you so much for all the thrifty and very informative things that you post! I’m definitely a new, life-long fan!

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  16. I do the same thing, but use coconut oil instead, it is amazing! I love it on my lips. Going to have to try some with olive oil sometime 🙂

  17. I can’t do beeswax due to allergies either, I get organic Shea butter off eBay in 2lb containers. Melt in stainless or glass bowl placed over pan of hot water, super low heat until mostly melted. Mix in organic olive oil & mix at high speed with hand blender as it cools to whip it into a lighter smoother texture. This mixing technique works with any heavy butters, beeswax, etc. how much olive oil will depend on go you like texture. I use about a cup to 2lbs of Shea butter. You can always add more by remelting.

  18. That sounds great-I even have beeswax on hand! I think that I’ll make some. Another thing that I’ve had since baby #1 (16 years ago now) is Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin. (I’m not affiliated in any way.) We use it for chapped noses, knuckles, elbows, anywhere. Great stuff-we ever never without it. It lasts for a long time too. I think that we are on our 5th or 6th tube – in 16 years. It was especially helpful when we lived in New Mexico.

  19. Instead of vanilla essential oil, could a vanilla oil comprised of a vanilla bean in vegetable oil work? I saw someone make this as an alternative to buying essential oils. ? Thanks for the post!!

  20. A capsule of vitamin E opened and added would keep it from going rancid. Vitamin E is a preservative. But who would not use this up before that ever happened? Heels, hands, lips etc. Now, I know I have some beeswax in that craft room somewhere!

  21. I will be making this for my extended family as well as my household. I like your article and the comments too. Have a great week.

    1. I would love to have the shea butter recipe also…love this site…I have used vaseline for years…I really mean years 40 of them…I have had problems with polyps in my colon the last 2 times I have had an colonoscopy and now I have Barrett’s Disease in my esophagus and found spots in my stomach that also turned out to be polyps. I am really convinced its the vaseline..I have already started on coconut oil and I get the organic solid…filled my film containers and I find that it just doesn’t stay on…I love the feel but in no time I am needing it again…so these recipes are wonderful….thanks so very much…a happy lipster…

      1. Gregg,
        You need to do a fast … actually several … to detox and cleanse your body. Research “healing fasts” online to get more info. I am currently fasting to heal asthma, drinking MOSTLY fresh juices, and some herbal teas and clear broth soups.

        May Jehovah God heal you!!

  22. I am trying to get away from petroleum products, and detergents. I have been making my own soap and lotions for a while now. Off to the Soap and Candle Supply I go. =) Thank you so much for this!

    1. Mineral oil is essentially the same thing as petroleum jelly, just a lower molecular weight. If getting away from petroleum products is your goal, I don’t think you want to go with mineral oil. Personally I would go with coconut oil in place of the olive oil.

  23. Try it with menthol, or tincture of benzoin, or eucaluptus oil, for a Vicks VapoRub or Mentholatum effect. Those may still be available at places online or at some old fashion drugstores.

  24. Hi
    I just want to thank you for that great idea. I made it and it was a great experience and a great and excellent product. I will make more to give to my family and friends.


  25. How about using grapeseed oil?…any thoughts?
    I made this already for my new nephew and I added a little vitamin E. It came out great, but then I thought back on my daughters physical therapy and they were using grapeseed oil for her infant massage. They said it was a great massage oil, and good for the skin, so I was thinking about using it for this recipe….

    1. You could always try it, I don’t see why not! Although keeping a little vitamin e oil in it will help preserve it for longer if you don’t plan on using it right away.

  26. I tried this recipe however mine turned out very hard. I’m not sure why. Do you have any suggestions to keep this very soft?

  27. I have psoriasis and have been searching for an alternative to Vaseline. This just might fit the bill. Thanks for posting.

  28. A friend of mine used vaseline & salt mixed together as a face cleaner. Had the most beautiful skin–I’l bet this would work as well & be much healthier.

  29. Can I add any essential nice smelling oil to this recipe? For instance orange? Or can I scrape a vanilla pod and add the seeds for a nice smell and taste?

    1. Real vanilla would work fine, with any essential oil you’d just want to make sure it’s “skin friendly” before you add it to the recipe.

  30. let me pull out my pot right now. as i had just put some vaseline on my feet last night before bed. I knew it wasn’t good but it works at night so yes, I’m going to making this real soon. Now where is that beeswax.

  31. My grandbaby is mixed race and I was wondering if the straight olive oil/beeswax would be the best for her or if some other combination would be better. She is so ashy all the time and I feel terrible when her skin is so chapped.

  32. I use this to make healing salve, I infuse the olive oil with basil
    (flowers and leaves) and sesame( I crush the basil and sesame seeds, place them in a mason jar and fill with olive oil, let it sit for 24 hours and then put it through a few quick bursts in my bullet), strain it and add the beeswax, stirring until it sets.

  33. I made your homemade vaseline and it is perfect and I love it! It was super easy to make and it works better than petroleum vaseline. I would recommend it highly! Thanks so much for your website.

  34. Just a tip for making the big blocks of beeswax easier (I prefer to buy in bulk from my local honey farm because it is so much cheaper)- I purchased a pot from goodwill and a few ice cube trays from the dollar store. Just melt the beeswax on low and pour into the ice cube trays. Put the trays in the freezer or let cool on the counter and pop out- Perfect one ounce beeswax cubes. 🙂 I use the pot exclusively for melting beeswax so that I don’t have to worry about trying to clean the wax coating. I like to toss the cubes in the pot after cooling for simple storage.

  35. $18 for beeswax!! I cant afford to even make it homemade; I might as well just buy Vaseline from the store for $3.

    1. The last time I bought beeswax, it came to 49 cents an ounce INCLUDING shipping cost. That’s pretty cheap compared to a commercially made product. Since I too make all my own products, I buy beeswax and my oils in bulk from Columbus Foods. If you are really going to make your own products, it’s the best way to buy your waxes and oils IMHO. They have many sizes of containers available if you don’t or can’t keep a perishable oil in quantity. Beeswax lasts forever with no problem.

  36. I just made this. My skin is so dry this winter. Slathered my whole body in it after if started to set but not solid yet. It’s awesome. My skin feels so much better! Thank you!

  37. Hi Merissa! What a great thing to have on hand! And I have the ingredients to make it! I think I will put in peppermint or some other essential oil. So glad you shared this recipe! Blessings from Bama!

  38. I made the vaseline for the first time. It’s great….question : How do I get the beeswax out of the pan I melted it in?? Or do I? Thanks for any suggestions…..

    1. I’m not quite sure what you mean….it should be melted once it gets warm and you should be able to pour it into the jar or container you are using. I use a spatula (that I set aside just for projects like this) to help get it all out.

  39. For some reason, I needed to add more beeswax. So, I used 1/4 c. beeswax (pellets) to 1/2 cup oil (I blended EVO and cold pressed hexane-free castor oil. I added rosemary oil for a “preservative” to help prevent rancidity, and also just for the smell instead of vitamin e (I have trouble with soy in any shape or form). I’m hoping this one thickens to the consistency I like. But, with only 1/8 cup of the beeswax, it was just really REALLY runny.

  40. Do you have a recipe for a daily facial moisturizer? I looked around on your facebook page, but not finding anything under recipes. I have used a homemade lavendar scented cream in the past (from local vendor, Lavendar Moon), but it’s simply too expensive to purchase regularly, however, I absolutely LOVED the way it made my skin feel and look! Thanks!

  41. Just wanted to thank you for all your great recipes!! I have made and use many of them! I had a biopsy done two days ago on a small skin irregularity…the doctor is almost certain it’s nothing to be concerned about, and did the biopsy just as a matter of caution. I’m hopeful she is right! But, she gave me little packets of petroleum jelly to put on the incision to keep it moist. Uch! As if I’d ever put that junk on an open wound! I’ve cleaned it in lavender/tea tree water and decided it was time to try this recipe. As it heals over the next few days I’m confident this “vaseline” 😉 will be a much better healing and moisturizing balm to keep the infection away and heal without scarring. I added a few drops of lavender as well. Thanks again for your suggestions and “how-to’s”! You are my “go-to” site for natural remedies! Blessings!!

  42. Merisa, I think that there is a misprint in the recipe. Or perhaps my scale is off? 1 ounce and 1/8 cup were very different amounts. I used a tad more than 1/8 cup it came out very nice. When I weighed one ounce it was a lot more than 1/8 cup. Thank you for the idea and recipe.

  43. What kind of Vitamin E capsule are you guys talking about? Just a regular capsule from the drugstore? (I’m thinking cosmetic grade vs. supplement grade?)
    Btw I made this recipe with 1/4 c of beeswax and it turned out good, but then the olive oil started to pool. Also, the color was green, not yellow like yours looks. I melted it again and added the same amount of beesewax and a tablespoon of shea butter and it helped the consistency immensely. I am thinking the measurement of 1/8 c. is a little off. I would say more like 1/4 to 3/8 of a cup to make it more waxy and less oily.

  44. Okay, you have convinced me. I need to buy some beeswax, because I keep seeing great things to do with it like this!

  45. I have read that the white pastilles are not actually refined, but just the wax from young bees. As the bees grow and pollinate, the wax takes on a more golden hue. Is this not true? I have read that the quality is the same, only the color is different. Do you have a reference as to the processing of the white wax? I would be interested to know, as I have some white pastilles, but don’t want to use them for chap stick if they have been bleached or something…thanks… =]

    1. Some beeswax can be carefully filtered to become white but many companies will simply bleach it, it would just depend on the company. You can do a search on Google for “making white beeswax” and see some different examples of how companies make it.

  46. Am inspired about being able to make a lotion at home that I can use. I hope to try this out and will be giving you experiences ,challenges and in future additions of interest

  47. Just found this recipe a couple of weeks ago. I tried making this homemade Vaseline while my sister was visiting. Since we had lots to do and didn’t have the time to watch this in a pot or double boiler, my genius sister suggested a mini slow cooker and it worked perfectly. I put oil and wax in a pyrex bowl and placed it inside the mini slow cooker, put the lid on and ran my errands. Came home and it was all melted, perfectly.

    Mine hardened up pretty hard (more like a balm) and wondered if I should try it with a bit more oil so it would be more paste-like. Other than that – its great…and I shared some with my sister, too!

  48. Love your blog Melissa. Do you think I could substitute a good quality face oil or Bio-Oil for the olive oil? The oils are a little thinner than olive oil. Would I add more beeswax to the mixture? Thank you for sharing your recipes!

    1. I haven’t tried another kind of oil in this recipe but I would think it would work. I wouldn’t add more beeswax though, a small amount goes a long ways 🙂

    1. I usually buy it in 2 pounds at a time if I buy it online. The best price for me has always been through someone local that does bees so it helps to ask around!

  49. I made your recipe and I was wondering if I might have done something wrong it is not soft like Vaseline but it is very solid like a balm?

    1. You might have added a little too much beeswax or it may possibly get harder if your house is cold. The consistancy shouldn’t be rock solid nor soupy but it’s not going to be “gel like” like a regular Vaseline either.

    2. for 4 ounces liquid oil use 1/2 oz beeswax (about a slightly heaping tablespoon of pellets or grated). {Mountain Rose Herbs teaches the salve ratio as 1 oz. beeswax to 8 oz. liquid oil; they even sell beeswax in 1oz. bars.}
      It also helps to keep stirring as it cools; I find that helps keep my salves and butter softer. HTH

  50. If I really want to make Vaseline for business, what would you recommend – petroleum or the simple recipe illustrated here?

  51. Naturalist here, wife and mom!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I am really looking forward to trying this diy for the colder months!

  52. You say to use yellow beeswax due to white beeswax having been stripped of good qualities but the link you posted is for white beeswax pellets. Amazon has a lot of yellow beeswax pellets because I checked after realizing that the one you recommended is white, not yellow. I even found organic yellow pellets on Amazon.


  53. I love your recipe for homemade Vaseline! I added tea tree oil in one jar for my feet. I also added frankincense oil to another jar. I use the homemade Vaseline every day! Thank you 😊

  54. This is a great recipe. My hubby was putting Vaseline on his feet daily before I found this recipe. The first time I tried it it was the same consistency as regular Vaseline & my hubby loves it. This second time it came out thicker. I did weight out my bees wax to be accurate I was trying to replicate a jar of Comfrey ointment I bought in Alaska in 2006. It has healed by “caramel” burn on the palm of my hand like a miracle. So now my ointment is to thick. Can I remelt either the ointment or should I reduce the Bees wax in the original the original recipe?