How to Sponsor the Little House Living Newsletter

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The Little House Living Newsletter is a fast-growing, highly connected newsletter sent out once a week on Fridays. Our engaged readership is filled with moms, grandmothers, and family decision-makers that love living a simple lifestyle. These stats have been updated as of May 25, 2023.

The Numbers for the General Email

EMail Subs

We also have 4 segmented email newsletters that go out once a week on homesteading, DIY, recipes, and frugal living.

Numbers for One of the Targeted, Segmented Emails (4 different segments)

Email Subs

Sponsorship Details

The general newsletter goes out each week on Friday mornings. The segmented newsletters go out on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, depending on the topic.

I only accept one sponsor per newsletter. I may include other links besides your ad, but these will always be non-competing.

Ad placements allowed: Anything related to homemaking, homesteading, simpler living, saving money, etc. All brands will have to be approved first.

Your ad may include:

  • One image/graphic
  • 150 words of text
  • Two links

You can view an ad in previous emails here:

Skillet Meals Ebook Ad

Life Skills Now Ad

The cost per placement in the general email is $500. The cost per placement in the targeted email is $350.


You can check availability for the General Newsletter and book your slot online via the calendar below. Looking for a spot in the targeted emails? Send us a message at [email protected]

Want to know what our readers have to say about the emails? Here are just a few of the responses from a typical email!

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