How to Make a Brrr Basket Gift

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Chill out your gift-giving with a cozy Brrr Basket! Learn how to bundle up winter-warming essentials like hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and relaxing tea for the perfect cold-weather care package.

Chill out your gift-giving with a cozy Brrr Basket! Learn how to bundle up winter-warming essentials like hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and relaxing tea for the perfect cold-weather care package.

What is a Brrr Basket?

In case you are in the dark like me on this trend (until now!), a Brrr Basket (or you might find them under Burr Basket) is simply a gift basket put together with cozy winter weather gear, self-care items, and activities. These baskets make the perfect gift for Christmas or the holiday season if you just aren’t sure what to get someone and if you live in a colder climate.

The Brrr Basket idea is currently trending on TikTok, but I found the idea on Pinterest (since I don’t use TikTok!). Ever since I found the idea, I thought it would be a great way to put together some cute gifts! Many of these would work any time of year, not just for Christmas!

Brrr Basket Guide

Are you looking for specific guides on how to put together a themed Brrr Basket? Here are some themes that we put together that you can use as a guide while you do your shopping.

Snowy, frosty trees and snow on the ground.

Winter Wonderland Brrr Basket

This Brrr Basket would be perfect for those living in the snow (or those who wish they had snow!). Think of everything white and snowy to put into this gift basket. Here are some ideas:

Winter Wonderland around a barn and tractor.

Red Brrr Basket

  • Red Slippers
  • Red Hat, Scarf, and Mittens
  • Sugar Cookie Kit with Red Frosting and Sprinkles
  • Red Colored Candles (Like Cinnamon Candles)
  • Salsa and Chips
  • Red Velvet Cake in a Jar (make the cake listed and layer in jars)
  • Homemade Hot Sauce or store-bought hot sauce
  • Bottle of red wine or red wine vinegar
  • Cinnamon Candy
  • Red frosted or decorated Christmas cookies
  • Poinsettia plant with red flowers
  • Small red Christmas tree ornament
  • Red plaid oven mitt or dishtowel
  • Cranberry chutney or relish
  • Cherry jam or preserves
  • Red glass candy dish filled with Hershey’s Kisses or other chocolate candy
  • Red grapefruit, pomegranate, or apples for a red fruit theme
Gingerbread House with holiday lights behind.

Gingerbread Brrr Basket

Fall Cleaning with a cozy basket and coffee mug.

Cozy Day Brrr Basket

Couple holding hands with a green grass background.

How to Make a Brrr Basket For Your Significant Other

There are a few ways that you can custom tailor your Brrr Basket for your significant other and make it a little more special than if you are just gifting one to a friend. Here are some additions!

  • A sentimental card
  • Their favorite treat or sweet indulgences like fancy chocolate or artisan caramels
  • A cozy item like warm socks, a soft scarf, or a blanket for relaxing
  • A scented candle in their very favorite scent
  • A gift card to a restaurant you enjoy for a date night
  • Ticket stubs, pictures, or another small memento from a special memory
  • Men’s specialty toiletry items like shave cream, aftershave or cologne
  • A popcorn tin, nuts, or other snacks to munch while watching a movie together
  • A personalized coffee mug
  • A love note recalling a special moment from when you met or another significant time in your relationship

How to Package Your Brrr Basket

Since the idea is that these baskets promote a cozy, warm feeling, your basket should also reflect this! Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that task.

  • Line your basket with a soft blanket or fleece blanket.
  • Wrap your basket with a ribbon that reflects the theme (ie: brown for gingerbread, white for winter wonderland, etc).
  • Wrap the basket with tissue paper or cellophane that matches your theme.
  • Tie on little accent pieces like mini faux fur pom poms, tiny pinecones, and cinnamon sticks.
  • Use natural raffia or jute ribbon to make mini bows and trim the handle.
  • Tuck in battery-operated fairy lights or string lights to make it glow.
  • Use natural elements like birch logs or smooth stones to hold items in place.
  • Bundle stir sticks for cocoa with a sprig of evergreen and raffia bow.
  • Print out a typographic design with the word “Cozy” on cardstock and place in the basket.
  • Cut snowflake shapes out of metallic craft foam to attach as mini danglers.
  • Accent with greenery like noble fir clippings, mini pinecones, and cedar sprigs.
  • Attach a mini chalkboard tag with a handwritten message.

I hope this gives you plenty of brr basket gift ideas that you can use this year. Enjoy this fun and cute trend!

Have you ever heard of a Brrr Basket or a Burr Basket? Have you made one?

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