Organizing My Craft Room on a Budget: Part 2

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Organizing My Craft Room

This post is sponsored by Visa Clear Prepaid and the Prepaid Visa® RushCard, any thoughts on any of the products mentioned in this post are my own.

Make sure to check out my first post in this mini series: Organizing My Craft Room on a Budget here first.

Today I’m going to share with you my finally finished craft room and office space! Over the last month I’ve been organizing it on a budget thanks to the Visa Clear Budget Challenge. Here’s what I’ve done with the remaining part of my $150 budget.


I’ve never had a sewing desk before, I’ve always had to take my sewing machine out and clean off another area if I wanted to use it. Since I love to do little sewing projects I really wanted to make sure I had a sewing desk in my office! The trouble was that I wanted something make from real heavy wood that would last a long time and something that did not have any drawers or anything underneath (so I can easily slide my desk chair from my laptop desk to the sewing desk).

To build a desk I purchased a slab of wood. Hubby used a few pieces of scrap wood to make the legs and put the desk together and that was it! It perfectly matched what I wanted, something very plain and simple.

Cost: $16

Next, I needed a place for all of my little sewing things. I have a small sewing box but it was an unorganized mess and I have way too many things to keep in it! I did a few things. I found some pegboard at the local hardware store and some hooks. Perfect for scissors and other small things. I also found a little set of organizer containers for the small pieces of things that like to litter the bottom of my sewing box. (They were $3.50)


Finally I also ordered this Mini Thread Rack to keep my thread from getting wrapped around everything. It looks like I need some more thread!

Cost: $24.50


Finally I needed one more thing in my craft room. This was something more for the office function of the room rather than the crafty part but since it’s in the craft room I wanted to have a little fun with it! I found an old door in the basement of our house, it was fairly skinny for a door, we think it may have been part of a wardrobe at one time. I bought it upstairs, cleaned it up a bit and then painted the 6 panels with Dry Erase Paint. My hubby secured it to the wall and now I’ve got a nice huge weekly calendar that is perfect to keep track of all my blogging and writing things. Plus it matches the trim in the room since it was already stained the same color.

Cost: $15


I also wanted a little bit of wall decor in the room over by my fabrics which I organized in Part 1 of this series. I found one of my favorite verses in vinyl for $4.99 shipped….deal!

Cost: $4.99

Time to add up the total and make sure I stuck to my budget! In Part 1, I bought some shelving and storage bins to get the room organized, my total was:


And in Part 2 I spent a total of:


For a grand total of:

$124.40, over $20 under my original budget! That means I have extra to go buy more fabric right? 🙂


I love my little craft room and office space! It has plenty of space for more crafty things and plenty of space to work on crafts.

Using my Prepaid Visa® RushCard, part of the Visa Clear Prepaid program, helped make sticking to my budget easier.”I knew how much I had to spend, it was easy to keep track of what I had already spent, and it made it easy to buy things both in the store and online since I don’t have a credit card.

Now I’ve been in an organizing mood…I feel like tackling our clothes closet next!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Visa Clear Prepaid and Prepaid Visa® RushCard.

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  1. I love it!
    I was wondering about the white corner desk. We have been looking for a small desk for our dd. where did you get it? Or who manufactured it….
    Way to go coming in under budget!

  2. Your room looks so neat and tidy. I really like the color scheme and how it looks peaceful. I was just wondering what the size of your room is. We just moved to a new house and I have half the basement. I am still trying to figure out the best way to organize it. I sew, paint, scrapbook, make cards and more so, needless to say…I have A LOT of stuff….lol.

    Thanks for sharing your space!

  3. Having your own space to create in is wonderful, and even better when you can do it sticking to a budget! Love the idea of the door for a weekly calendar. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  4. I love how organized and pretty your space looks!

    Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!