Our New Home – Before Tour

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Want to peek in our new fulltime RV living home? Here’s a “before” photo tour!

Our New Home – Before Tour

We are moving into our new home! As I mentioned a while back, we are moving into an RV for the 4th time, this time for an undetermined amount of time. We are pretty excited and nervous at the same time but trusting that there is a wonderful plan in store for our family.

And since I know you all just want to snoop inside 😉 today I’m sharing a quick “before” tour of our new home. These are pictures of what our RV before we did any modifications to it and before we moved in. For those of you that are looking to do something similar in the future, I thought it may help for you to see the stock/standard RV first.

We purchased a 2012 Keystone Montana 3700RL model. (And a big shoutout to Woody at Dakota Discount RV for helping find the perfect fit!) Our wish list was:

  • Quality made, durable inside and out
  • 4 seasons, fully enclosed, able to be off the grid
  • Double fridge
  • Rear living room, no bunkroom
  • Lots of storage
  • Good counter space and kitchen
  • Washer and dryer hookups
  • Lots of windows/open feeling
  • No massive tv wall

Yes, our list was ambitious! But I knew that in order to not go crazy, I needed to have something that I felt was realistic for our family. The Keystone Montana fit everything on our list except the double fridge. I may compensate by adding a small freezer to the underbelly of the camper but I will wait and see how things go first.

Enjoy this picture tour around our new little home! Remember, these are the “before” pics!

RV Kitchen

The kitchen area.

Dining area.

RV Living Room

Living room.


RV Hallway


RV Bathroom


RV Bedroom


And that’s our new home for now. I’m looking forward to showing you our modifications and how we will be making it perfect for our family!

–You can read more details about our new life/journey here.

Do you live in a tiny home or have you ever considered it?

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  1. Wow! It looks cozy already, I can’t wait to see the “after” pictures. Thanks for sharing. And best of luck in this new season of your life.

  2. For 40 years, my hubby and I traveled in gospel ministry…over the course of these years, we lived/traveled in 9 different rvs with 2 sons and 2 dogs! We loved our tiny house living. Upon retirement 4 yes ago, we moved into a 900 sq ft home. It seems big to us! lol. We live very simply and have a good sized yard , a screenhouse, patio, and two raised gardens. We are blessed.

  3. Thank you for sharing your new home, , and I wish you all the best on your new path in life.
    I am in the mist of downsizing from a 5l/2 bungalow, with finished playroom ,office, family room and and playroom. I am a person who collects everything for that someday which never comes. Well now the day has come where it has to go,
    I love your RV, you must feel so. Free with only your necessities & not clutter.
    I wish you all the best again, & please do keep us updated

  4. I went from living in a 2,100 sq ft house to a barely 800 sq ft apt. The struggle is beyond real, in having to decide what to get rid of & what to keep. I collect old, vintage cookbooks & I refuse to give those up. LOL! I’ve been slowly selling other items, just to free up some space in my teeny tiny apt. After I sell off a few more items I believe I’ll be ready to live in a tiny home. I’ve always dreamed of living in an RV & traveling full-time.

  5. Wow, look forward to seeing how you modified it for your family. Love the kitchen and bath!

  6. Looks like a great camper even before you updates. I’m looking forward to seeing what you remodeled!

  7. Looking at this on my little phone screen, the “kitchen area” photo is tripping me out. I see a sink faucet, but it looks like smooth countertop right under the faucet instead of a sink! Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing things that aren’t there (or in this case, not seeing things that are there!)

  8. I’m excited for you. Also I’m interested to see the after pics of your new home. God bless you.

  9. What an adorable RV! My husband, 2 boys, and I are in the market for a Tiny House. We keep going back and forth between tiny house and RV, but are thinking Tiny House will be for more long-term living, but still weighing the options.

    I’m so nervous about having two young kids (one with special needs) in such a small space, but I know you’ve done it multiple times, so that makes me feel better! Keep us updated and congratulations on your new home! Being close to family really is great when you have little ones!

    1. Thank you! Personally, the only reason we are doing an RV right now is so we will be able to travel for our mission work. When we are ready to settle down again we plan on building a tiny/little house. RVs aren’t really for long-term since they don’t have great finishes or fixtures but it all depends on what your plans would be 🙂

      1. That’s why we’re leaning towards tiny house, they’re more durable 🙂 Plus, we’re not planning to travel all that much. My husband’s business is local, so travel would only be for pleasure 🙂

        Mission work is wonderful! Being debt-free brings a huge peace of mind too! That’s what we are hoping for, since we’ve finally jumped into being exclusively self-employed. Tiny living definitely has those advantages! I can’t wait to see what modifications you make to your camper <3

  10. We have a similar 5th wheel and I would love a bunk room. Just curious why you don’t want one?

    1. We wanted to have maximum living room space and we didn’t like the layouts of the bunkrooms (especially the kitchen area). Plus our kids just didn’t need all the storage space that a bunkroom usually has. Since their clothing is little, it all fit in one cupboard in the RV that we picked. My husband and I are usually in the living room or kitchen after the kids go to bed usually working or reading so we also didn’t feel like we needed a whole other room just for sleeping. If our kids were older a bunkroom might be nice but this layout works very well for us right now since we are still doing everything for our littles, and by the time they are big enough to need more bedroom space, we won’t be in the rv anymore. 🙂

  11. What amazing RV. I have a trailer i would love to live in its just where i live is CITY LIFE i hate the city i hate big cities i live North of Detroit and nothing amazing about it. We used to be a country rural until the late 40s which we became a suburb of Detroit i hate it. Well one day i will decided on what i wanna do