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Fulltime RV Living

Have you ever wondered if fulltime RV living could be for you? In the following articles, you can follow our journey as we downsized from 1200 SQ feet into less than 400 SQ feet here on Little House Living! You can also continue the journey as we began living in an RV full time again while we moved into missionary work and as we still live in an RV part-time.

Enjoy these tips and tricks and advice from someone that lived as a family of 5 in an RV, both stationary and for fulltime traveling.

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Before the Big Move into Fulltime RV Living

Before we moved into our RV, we made a lot of preparations in advance and over the period of the first couple of months. Here are some of the things we did and we learned that you might want to know before you jump into living in an RV.

Preparing to Move On
The Fulltime RV Living Plan
So You Want to Get Into Fulltime RV Living…Now What?
Preparing to Move From House to RV Living
Fulltime RV Living is as Easy as 1..2..3…Not!
Home Sweet RV
Fulltiming with Kids
A Bump in the Road

The First 6 Months of Living in an RV

After our first 6 months of living in an RV fulltime, I had some new tips and advice after we found what things worked well and what things didn’t.

Less is Really More
How to Organize Small Spaces
Appliances for Small Spaces
A Tour of 400 Sq Feet
Life Doesn’t Always Go As Planned
Preparing for Alternative Sustainable Energy

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The First 12 Months of Living in an RV

After we lived in our RV for a full year, I updated the blog with these tips and our thoughts as we moved on with life.

It’s Time to Update on Our Fulltime RV Living Journey
Small Space Storage
How Our Entire World Changed in a Few Hours
What We Learned from a Year of Fulltime RV Living

Here We Go Again!

Once again we moved our entire family (of 5!) into an RV that was less than 400 square feet so that we could begin living out our calling of being full time missionaries. Enjoy the posts below which detail our home and the transitions that we made this second time of living in an rv full time.

Why We are Living in an RV….Again
Our New Home Tour – Before Pics
Building a Minimalist Wardrobe
What It’s Really Like to Downsize By 75%
How to Comfortably Fit Children’s Things Into a Tiny Home
Our Tiny Home Tour


Short Term Camping Tips

We still love camping and RVing even though we no longer live in one full time. Here are some of the tips and frugal tricks we have from our time on the road.

Camping Supplies List
How to Go Camping for Free
Cheap and Free Black Hills Vacation Ideas
How We Travel for Next to Nothing
How to Make an RV Mattress Bearable

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