Weekly Menu Plans – Into October We Go

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Need some meal planning inspiration? Here’s what is on our menu for this week!

Need some meal planning inspiration? Here's what is on our menu for this week!

Weekly Menu Plans – Into October We Go

In an effort to have a little accountability in my menu plans, I’ve decided to post them here again. I don’t really do a lot of menu planning in the summer because it’s just mostly trying to keep up with whatever garden produce I have for the day, but in the fall/winter/spring I like to have a plan so that we can have a better school day.

This is our plan for a week at home and getting back to normal after my surgery last week.

This plan is for our family of 5 who are all home every day since we mostly work from home. Since several of you asked last week, I decided to backtrack a couple of days to include all of the meals that we took camping.

Hopefully, these plans will encourage you to make a plan of your own! For more details on how I menu plan, check out my post on The Easiest Meal Planning Method Ever.

**I do not usually plan side dishes, we make those from whatever fruits/veggies we have on hand that week.


Breakfast – Banana Bread
Lunch – Freezer Food (just whatever is in the freezer that needs used!)
Supper – Honey Glazed Wings


Breakfast – Bagels with Sunbutter and Bananas
Lunch – Salads
Supper – Italian Chicken Sheet Pan


Breakfast – Oatmeal
Lunch – Hot Dogs
Supper – Spaghetti & Meatsauce with Salads


BreakfastSheet Pan Pancakes
Lunch – Charcuterie Board
Supper – Homemade Pizza


Lunch7 Layer Dip
Supper – Ranch Burgers and Fries


Breakfast – Breakfast Quesadillas
Lunch – Tuna Mac and Cheese
Supper – Leftovers


Breakfast – Doughnuts
Lunch – Sausages (not sure with what yet but we have so many that need used right now!)
Supper – Orange Chicken

Side note, I have started keeping track of all of my recipes and meal plans again using Plan to Eat. Although I usually write things down with pen and paper, I thought this would be an easier way to share the recipes online with more people and how I put them together. Plus they will put together my grocery list for me and my brain needs that right now! If you want to join me on Plan to Eat, go HERE to join and then let me know so I can add you as a friend and you can get all of the recipes that I have listed here!

What are you planning on your menu this week?

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