Where to Find Free Online Classes and Books

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Looking for something new to do for a while? There are plenty of free online classes and books that can be found! Today I’m sharing some favorites that I’ve found.

Looking for something new to do for a while? There are plenty of free online classes and books that can be found! Today I'm sharing some favorites that I've found.

Where to Find Free Online Classes and Books

With everyone staying at home for the most part right now, I thought today would be a good time to share with you some of the free online classes and books that I’ve been finding. There is so much out there right now that we have no excuse to feel bored, there is always something new to be learned if we want to find it! There’s also plenty of free ebooks out there as well so if you are looking for something new to sit and relax and read, definitely check out the links in the post below.

Let’s find those freebies!

Free Online Classes

Bluprint Classes

Bluprint Craft Classes

Right now, Bluprint has over 50 classes that you can take for free!

Here are some of the classes currently available:

  • Sew Ready – Machine Basics
  • Bag Making Basics
  • Perfect Pizza at Home
  • Transform Your Garden Design
  • Everyday Paleo Baking
  • Beautiful Wirework Jewelry

Go HERE to see all of the current FREE classes.

Bluprint Free Classes

When you find the class you’d like to take, just click on the class. Then you will either click on “Free Preview” which will lead you to create a login (no credit card required), or you can click “Buy Single Class” which will add the free class to your cart.

Bluprint Checkout Class

Login or create a free account and then click to check out, you won’t be asked for a credit card and the class will be free to take!

If you don’t see a free class you’d like to take, their entire library of classes is 50% off through 5/31/2020! No coupon code required for this discount and after you purchase any class you have a lifetime for it to remain in your account so that you can take it when you have time.

That means you might want to sign up to get some classes now during the sale so that you can take them during the winter when you have even less to do!

Here are some of the paid classes that I thought looked great on Bluprint:

  • Canning 101
  • Efficient Weeknight Cooking
  • Handmade Sourdough
  • Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces
  • The Extended Harvest: Vegetables for All Seasons

I’ve taken some classes on Bluprint before and found them to be pretty good and helpful. It’s a great way to learn a new skill without spending much money to do it!

Great Courses Free Trial

Great Courses Plus Classes

Something else that I’ve been trying lately is the classes from Great Courses Plus! They currently have a free month long trial of their program.

Great Courses has some great video classes including:

  • Delicious Dishes for Every Season
  • Food Gardening
  • Improve Your Crochet
  • Intro to American Sign Language
  • Sustainable Living

There are also a great number of classes on history, science, and nature topics. You might even be able to find some good ones to integrate into your homeschooling lessons.

Click HERE to see all of the classes you can take.

Great Courses

Just click the orange “Start Free Trial Button” to get the month long trial started. Their normal trial period is only 14 days and I’m not sure how long the month will last, so be sure and grab it while you can.

Great Courses Membership

Then you will have to choose a membership to sign up for before you create your account. If you think you might continue the membership once the month is up, you might want to check the quarterly plan because it’s 50% off right now! Otherwise, just select any plan.

Sustainable Living Courses

You can cancel your Great Courses membership ANY time in the first 30 days to not get charged at all (which is what I did). I’ve been taking the class on Sustainable Living and have really been enjoying all of the new info that I’m learning!

Where to Find Free Books Online


Free Books for Kindle

I used to love to find free books to add to my Kindle or my computer! I definitely need to get back into the habit because they were so fun to read.

There are a couple of ways to get free Kindle books right now.

How to Get Free Kindle Books

First, you can download the Free Kindle App for your device or your computer.

Kindle ebooks

Go to the Kindle Page here and click on the Kindle ebooks link at the top of the page.

Free Kindle Books

On the side of the page, click the category of books you’d like to look at. Once a list of books comes up (towards the bottom of the page, under recommendations) click the drop down menu on the side to sort by “Price: Low to High”. All of the free Kindle books will then come up first in your search and you can download anything you want to your Kindle account.

Plus once you download a Kindle book this way, it always remains in your account so you can read it anytime.

Kindle UnlimitedYou can also sign up for a FREE 2 month trial of Kindle Unlimited right now. Normally the trial is just 30 days, so the 2-month free trial is a great deal! (The deal is available through 6/30/20)

Kindle Details

With Kindle Unlimited you can choose to keep 10 books at a time and then you can return your books at any time to get more books. You don’t need to have a Kindle to be able to read these books, you simply need the free Kindle app downloaded on any of your devices or computers.

Kindle Books

To avoid paying anything, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME after you sign up for the free trial and you will still get the FULL free trial! That makes it super easy for those of us that tend to forget to cancel things. 😉

Go HERE to get the Kindle Unlimited Trial

One other thing to note if you prefer to listen to books is that Amazon is also offering 2 free books with Audible right now along with a month free trial. My husband prefers to listen to books so he chose this freebie and downloaded 2 audiobooks. The great thing is that the books remain in your account to listen to even after you cancel the trial!

–Learn How to Live a More Frugal Life!


Discounted Paper Books

I understand if you aren’t into online books and reading apps! With most libraries closed right now, it’s hard to find free paper books. If you are looking for something new to read and really need to have a paper book, be sure and check out Thriftbooks.

I’ve been ordering all kinds of books from Thriftbooks for years (I just got a greenhouse gardening book in the mail last week!) and I love their prices and selection. Most of the books are around $4 and shipping is free on orders over $10.

Go HERE to check out the selection of books from Thriftbooks

Are you taking any free online classes or reading any free books right now? Which ones?

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the wonderful advice – so practical. I read your book all the time – so much information. Thank you.

  2. Sorry to say that as of January 2024 Bluprint was bought out by Craftsy and all classes COST real money! I wish this post/article would of been updated before emailed to me, cause I spent an entire hour looking up classes only to find they all cost. I can go to my local community college for less than what these classes now cost on Craftsy. I also wasted my time, could of been doing something more worth while.