15 Eggless Recipes For Times When You’ve Run Out

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Looking for some eggless recipes so that you can still do some yummy egg free baking this week? I’m rounding up some of my favorites so you tasty things to make!

Eggless Recipes15 Eggless Recipes

I know that lately, eggs have been hard to come by at the store and even if you do find them, you might only be able to get a limited quantity. If you happen to have a large family or do lots of baking, you know that one dozen eggs aren’t going to stretch very far!

I feel very lucky that we have access to eggs right now as we are currently in self-isolation with my family (and their chickens!), but in times past, we’ve had to deal with very limited eggs. If you are looking for a larger amount of egg free recipes, definitely check out my ebook, Frugal Gluten Free. Not only are the recipes in it gluten free, but they are also dairy and egg free or they offer alternatives!


Egg Substitutions

Depending the recipe you are trying to make, you might be able to get along with one of these egg substitutions. Here are some that I have used in the past.

  • 1/4 cup applesauce = 1 egg
  • 1/2 mashed banana = 1 egg
  • 3 Tablespoons nut or seed butter = 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon ground flax seed + 3 Tablespoons water = 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon chia seed + 3 Tablespoons water = 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon Agar Agar + 1 Tablespoon water = 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon Gelatin + 3 teaspoons warm water = 1 egg

Keep in mind that these substitutions will not work in all recipes, especially those that use multiple eggs. However, these are good ideas if you just need an egg or two in a recipe.

Ok, let’s get to the yummy recipes!

Looking for a delicious egg free and dairy free cake to make for your family? This simple Chocolate Egg Free Cake Recipe or Wacky Cake is one of our family's favorites! #eggfreecake #wackycake

Egg Free Chocolate Cake

I had to start with my all-time favorite eggless recipe! Wacky Cake is a delicious dairy free, egg free chocolate cake that is SO easy to make! You can also replace the regular flour with gluten free flour if you need it to be gluten free as well.

eggless pumpkin crumble

Pumpkin Crumble Bars

I love having pumpkin treats any time of year so I know that I’m going to be making these egg free Pumpkin Crumble Bars soon! If you don’t need them to be gluten free, I believe you could replace the oat flour with whole wheat flour instead.

egg free chocolate pudding

Egg Free Chocolate Pudding

If you’ve ever made pudding from scratch before, you will appreciate how simple this egg free pudding recipe is! You can replace the milk with a milk alternative if you are out or dairy free.

egg free carrot cake

Eggless Carrot Cake

This recipe uses a flaxseed replacement for eggs which is great if you happen to have some saved in your freezer. If you are looking for a carrot cake to make this spring, you will want to check this one out!

eggless brownies

Ooey Gooey  Egg Free Brownies

This recipe for egg free Chocolate Brownies is THE top recipe on the Little House Living website right now and for good reason. These sweet brownies might be egg free but you’d never know it, they are SO yummy! You need to make them today. 🙂

egg free chocolate chip cookies

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m sure that you all are baking cookies right now, right? And everyone’s favorite classic is chocolate chip so I found a yummy egg free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for you to try! These look so tasty and soft!

recipe for eggless cake
Egg Free Vanilla Cake Recipe

This recipe for Egg Free Vanilla Cake is another delicious cake recipe that I personally make all the time! It also makes great cupcakes.

egg free banan muffins

Egg Free Banana Muffins

These look like a great breakfast option and the recipe is simple. If you happen to have some bananas in the freezer, this would be a good way to use up a bunch of them at one time.

Has making a homemade Vanilla Pudding recipe been on your to-list for a while now? It's time to jump right in and enjoy this simple treat! Serve in a bowl or with some homemade Vanilla Wafers. Either way, this is a deliciously frugal treat! #vanillapudding #homemadepudding

Egg Free Vanilla Pudding

Here’s another pudding recipe if you were looking! This one is just as simple as the chocolate pudding above but a yummy vanilla version. I love a good pudding…such a simple dessert idea.

eggless chocolate cheesecake cake

Chocolate Cheesecake Chocolate Cake

This cake is a bit more involved than the other recipes above but it’s SO good. it does have more dairy products than the others listed above as well, however, if you happen to have them, you must try this amazing eggless Chocolate Cheesecake Cake!

egg free biscuits

Egg Free Biscuits Recipe

Not a dessert recipe, but if you are looking for some yummy egg free biscuits that could double for burger buns or other yeast products, you should give these a try. With only 3 ingredients you are bound to have what you need in your pantry!

Banana Bread

Egg Free Banana Bread

Here’s a great recipe for a quick bread that is eggless! I really like this recipe because it doesn’t contain any odd ingredients, it’s all very simple and straightforward. My favorite type of recipe!

Eggless Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Eggless Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Are you baking any pies right now? I love to make yummy pies year-round, it’s my middle son’s favorite dessert! (Mine too!) I came up with this eggless Pumpkin Pie recipe a few years ago due to our egg intolerance and it’s such a favorite that we continue to make it even though we can have eggs again now.

egg free nut rolls

Eggless Caramel Nut Rolls

If you are looking for a fancier breakfast that doesn’t contain eggs, you might want to check this one out!

Fudge Brownies
Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

Now I realize that this recipe for brownies doesn’t contain ANY normal brownie ingredients, but if you happen to have pureed pumpkin, carob/cocoa, sun butter/nut butter, and maple syrup in your pantry, you can make these and they are SO worth it! These are my favorite treat of all time right now.

Find even more Egg Free Recipes here!

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Frugal Gluten Free Looking for more egg free baking ideas? All the recipes in my Frugal Gluten Free ebook are either eggless or have easy egg substitutes!

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What eggless recipes are you going to bake this week?

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  1. Thank you for the substitutions at the beginning. The few times I have run out, I have been stymied. The recipes are great too!