Freezing Chicken Broth – Can You Freeze Chicken Broth?

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Are you always in need of chicken broth for a recipe or maybe you’ve wondered can you freeze chicken broth? Here’s how I’ve been freezing chicken broth for years!

Are you always in need of chicken broth for a recipe or maybe you've wondered can you freeze chicken broth? Here's how I've been freezing chicken broth for years!

Freezing Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth is a staple here, but I never buy it. I make my own easily whenever I make crockpot chicken. However, it tends to go bad quickly if you are just keeping in the fridge which makes it hard to store.

You can always Can Chicken Broth. But unless you have a pressure canner, this might not be the best option.

I started freezing it in big containers a while ago but that didn’t work very well. I had to thaw it all out before I could use it and then re-freeze it again. Now I have 2 different methods for freezing chicken broth and they both work great!

When I came up with the cube method, I was thinking of how you can freeze baby food in ice cube trays to make it the perfect serving size for little ones. I figured I could do the same thing with chicken broth! An ice cube size is a perfect size to throw in a recipe and it will melt quickly. Plus I won’t need to thaw a whole bag of chicken broth cubes at a time, just take out what I need and I’m good to go!

Chicken Broth Cubes

Next time you are a rummage sale, look for some ice cube trays. After you make chicken just pour the broth into the trays and freeze. Then pop out the chicken broth cubes and put into a freezer bag. That’s all! Then they are there and ready for you to use whenever you need them.

Ziploc Containers

The other method I use is freezing chicken broth in these Ziploc Twist and Loc Containers. In the picture above you can see that I also use them for soup, but of course, they work great for plain broth too. I get the smallest size container which will each hold 1 pint of broth.

This is a great size for freezing chicken broth if you plan on using it for soup, Soy Sauce, or other dishes that take a little bit more broth than a cube. I’ve tried using regular mason jars but they tend to break in the freezer and are just very difficult to use in the freezer in general. These little containers are great because they don’t break and they don’t leak!

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These are the 2 basic methods that I use for freezing chicken broth (or any kind of broth, you could do vegetable broth or beef broth as well). I’ve tried other methods in the past, but these 2 simple methods are what I like to use on a monthly basis. They ensure that our family always has fresh and healthy chicken broth in the freezer and we never have to buy any from the store.

I really like to freeze things in cubes! Here are some of the other foods I’ve done:

Make sure you check the Make Ahead section for more freezer recipes!

How do you freeze chicken broth?

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  1. I have frozen it in big containers for 20 years or more but you are right about needing a way to have smaller amounts. I just bought some ice cube trays at Wal Mart the other day (3 pk was $1.27) because I didn’t have any so a I am good to go to do some in smaller amounts next time . Thanks for the idea.

  2. We do something a little different. We usually want enough broth to equal a can so we pour 2 cups in a container when frozen we place them in a ziploc bag.

      1. We can our own. When chicken leg quarters are $.39 a lb were cook and can our own broth in quart jars but you could in pints too. We either can or freeze or use the chicken. The broth doesn’t need to be thawed this way and saves time.

  3. My mom fills ziploc bags with broth, and puts them on a cookie sheet, so they freeze flat. Then they can stack up in the freezer!

  4. Muffin tins work also if you don’t have ice cube trays. After they are frozen remove and put in ziploc bags.

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  7. When you cook the chicken in the crock pot or on the stove, how much water do you add to it, without losing any of the flavor?

    1. It would completely depend on the recipe you are making. Just remember these cubes aren’t as “salty” as regular chicken broth from the store (unless you add a lot of salt to your broth!) so you can add it 1:1 for the amount of broth that needs to be added but you might need to add extra salt.

  8. You can also hot water bath can your chicken broth. That is what I do. I usually hot water bath it for 15 mins at a med boil.