Frugal Friday Week #8

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I always feel like I post many how-to’s and not many “real lifes”. Although I do try and incorporate that into my newer posts, I’ve often thought that it might be even more helpful for my readership to get a better glimpse inside of what our simple/homestead/from scratch/frugal life really looks like.

Northern Lights
We finally caught the Northern Lights at our place last night. They were amazing!

Frugal Friday Week 8

So I’ve started a new series called Frugal Friday and need your help. My idea for this series is to share some of the projects/recipes/things we worked on this week and, in general, just what life looks like.

I need your help because I’ve tried something similar before, and I gave up after a while. I got bored, felt like no one was reading it or cared, and I moved on to other projects. So what I need you to do each week is to share what your week looked like in the comments section. I think it could keep us ALL accountable and may serve as an encouragement to others!

So let’s dive right into this week!

Meals We Ate

I was pretty good at sticking to my meal plan this week. We are eating a lot of my home canned goods for sides right now so that makes them simpler to put together. I did one big baking day for breakfasts so I didn’t have to make any of the breakfast food this week. It was so nice!

Breakfast  – 

Blueberry Oat Muffins (this was a new recipe, the kids really liked it!)
Yogurt and Granola
Breakfast Burritos
Cornmeal Griddle Cakes
Cereal (on the go day)

Lunches – 

Packed (on the go day)
Mac and Cheese
Egg Salad Pita Pockets
Burrito Bowls (refried beans, cheese, enchilada sauce, lettuce, tomato, sour cream)
Hamburger Soup

Suppers – 

Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs
Hamburger Casserole (new recipe from my Granny)
Sausage Bites
Roast with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Shopping I Did

I had a chance to go thrifting this week when I needed to go to the feed store. I haven’t gotten a picture yet because I’m still washing everything, but I ended up with 3 huge bags of clothes for the kids for next winter for about $75. Most of that was for the boys, which I was very excited about because it’s so hard to find boy’s clothes (in good condition) used. I also got snowboots for the kids for next year, on clearance, for $5 each.

I bought a copy of the Off Grid Homesteading Bundle. I’m so excited to dig in this!

I didn’t do much else for shopping this week but I am expecting a big Subscribe and Save (through Amazon) order next week so that will take up my budget anyways. 🙂

Baby Sheep
Our little baby twins. And the goats needing to be up in everyone’s business.

Outside Projects We Worked On

The kids and I built a small lean-to shelter for our “teenager” sheep because our Mama sheep had her babies and needed the barn! Two healthy little twins, a boy and a girl. It’s all I can do not to sit out in the sheep barn and snuggle them but I want to stay on Mama’s good side. 🙂 She’s happy to let me pet them so I will do that for now.

We had more snow over several days this week so outside is simply a muddy mess since we are in that fun snow-melt-snow-melt time of year. We did hear the geese flying north the other day so I’m hopeful that spring is coming!

Cat in a Chair
The king had to watch over me as I was planting the tomatoes this week inside. I’m not sure if he knows he’s a cat.

Inside Projects We Worked On

I had a lot more seedling re-potting and seed starting this week! My shelves are getting very full now and it makes me happy to see the little green leaves popping up.

Planting Tomatoes
Planting the tomato and pepper seeds given to me by a reader.

One of my readers in North Dakota sent me a package full of different seeds this weekend. I had so much fun looking up the different varieties and starting all of the tomatoes and peppers. It will be so joyous to see them produce this summer and think of my kind readers!

Cabbage Starts
My little cabbage plants.

My previously planted starts are all looking well. I repotted all of the cabbage because it was leggy and now it’s looking great. It will be ready to plant in a few weeks once I get my caterpillar tunnel finished.

And as part of my spring cleaning projects this week, I went through all of the future clothing I have saved for the kids. We have everything we need for the summer thanks to my thrifting and I’ve got a good collection going for next winter. It was a big project and took me most of yesterday.

Homestead Bundle

Books I’m Reading

I’m diving into my Off Grid Homesteading Bundle! There are so many ebooks that I want to start with….”Mornings on the Homestead”, “Quitting the Grocery Store” “Monetize Your Property”…and so SO many more. This is going to keep me busy for a long time. The bundle is only available through April 1st if you wanted to grab a copy too!

Apple Turnovers

Blog Posts I Wrote

  • Microwave Deodorizer – This is an easy little trick to get any smells out of your microwave. It works so well!
  • Easy Apple Turnover Recipe – I asked my friend Kendra if she could create a recipe for a turnover that didn’t use expensive puff pastry. Here’s what she came up with!
  • 5 Ingredient Chicken Slow Cooker Recipes – I’ve been collecting easy slow cooker recipes to prepare for summer. Here’s a list of the chicken ones that I found and thought looked good!
  • Crustless Chocolate Cheesecake – I remember writing this blog post way back in the day and this recipe was SO good and easy! I updated the post this week.
  • Canning Chicken Broth – This is something that we do pretty often. It’s so nice to have shelf-stable broth to grab.
Northern Light
More Northern Lights. I won’t forget that sight for a long time!

Looking Ahead to Next Week

Next week I plan to get the cover on my caterpillar tunnel that we built and try to finish getting that set up. I know I need to get peas in the ground soon but I have to have a place to put them first!

Taste of Home Cookbook

One More Thing…

Let’s have a giveaway again this week! I want to give one of you a copy of one of my favorite cookbooks, the Taste of Home Meal Planning Cookbook. To enter to win, just use the giveaway form below (and leave a comment!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So tell me….what did life look like for you this week? What did you do, make, or plan to do?

Me and KadyMerissa has been blogging about and living the simple life since 2009 and has internationally published 2 books on the topic. You can read about Merissa’s journey from penniless to the 100-acre farm and ministry on the About Page. You can send her a message any time from the Contact Page.


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  1. Fun to read about all your adventures! I am recovering from knee surgery so it’s good to read about all that you are doing! Love the seedlings and sweet little lambs!

  2. I have most of my seeds started inside, and yesterday I planted the ones that are frost Hardy outside. I did see some fruit trees on sale this week, so hoping to grab a few of those to plant too. Your weeks sounds very productive, and I don’t blame you for wanting to snuggle the lambs- they’re adorable!!

  3. Hi Merissa:
    You’ve had one busy week. I wish that we could have seen the aurora but it was cloudy here. The city lights don’t do it justice either. It has been a very long time since I have seen the aurora.
    As for my week, I transplanted my tomato seedlings which this year I started from store bought tomatoes instead of store bought seeds. I have 2 beef steak tomato plants and 16 romas. They are really growing. I also transplanted and thinned out my celery.
    Last summer and fall I managed to save seeds from my pansies and petunias and have started them. They will need transplanting in another week or so.
    I didn’t do any baking but do plan to try out your Hummingbird bread recipe in the near future. It looks so yummy. Your stories of thrifting remind me of the days of struggling to clothe 4 boys. I was fortunate that I got a lot of clothes from 2 sister-in-laws who also had boys that were older than mine. My mom would often knit sweaters and hats for them. I would round out their needs with thrifting or waiting for really good deals at some of our local stores. I also did trades with neighbours that had older kids and then were stuck with a late addition to the family and didn’t have in between sizes. Like you I would try to stock up on clothes for the next season. Boys grow so fast and wear out the knees in their pants so quickly. I used to have a shelf in the basement with all the clothes in photocopy paper boxes sorted by size and type of clothing. I would go shopping in the boxes first before going to any store when one or more of the boys needed the next size up. One advantage to having all kids of the same gender is that it is easier to hand down clothes. What one wore as good clothes the next would wear them as play clothes etc.

  4. As always your blog has inspired me.
    I started yard work this week. Recovering from unaccustomed muscle use. Raining today so will use the time for bread baking.
    Wishing you well!

  5. This week I started a lot of seedlings. I had to add another shelf and lights. I potted up strawberry plants. It’s hard to remember what I cooked but I do remember I made pizza, cinnamon sugar breadsticks, corned beef, a dutch baby and bulk cookie dough.

  6. Sounds like you had a very busy week. I received an order from Butcher Box and so need to clean out and organize the freezer. We had shopped at Costco and so the pantry needed to be cleaned and organized. So very glad that it is done but took most of the week to do. Still sewing on the quilt for my grandson and hope to finish it this month. The Taste of Home recipe book looks interesting. Menus are the hardest part of cooking.

  7. I was unable to submit how my week went but I was able to answer the questions. I am 77 and really enjoy your site!


  8. Hi Merissa, Oh those lambs are sweet! I can see why you’d want to stay in the barn and snuggle with them all day! Their dad must be a colorful fellow! I had appointments every day except Monday this week so I didn’t do much cooking and we relied heavily on left overs. We had meatloaf, lasagna, grilled corned beef & swiss sandwiches to name a few. I did make low carb mixed nut bars so that will be desserts for us all week. We picked up some ground beef from a local farmer this week. Then Thursday, raw goat milk and eggs from another local gal. I had planned to get my hair cut this week but it didn’t work out. We did go to Costco this week and that’s always a budget beast. I don’t dare go there very often. Have a great weekend!

  9. I love reading your Frugal Friday posts. I’m getting ready to retire soon and can’t wait to be home full time and get to some of my projects. We have a big garden and do a lot of canning. Also raise chickens (have about 32 right now) and sell our eggs. Just never seems to be enough time to get it all in. Spent evenings after work this week picking up sticks and limbs that have been coming down from all the winds and storms. Will have a hugh bonfire one of these weekends. Keep posting those recipes and helpful hints. I love reading about what you are doing!

  10. I love these Friday catch ups. Lambs so sweet and your seedlings I am so ready to be home and starting on my garden. Not home until April 29 so it’s going to be late this year. I think I need tunnels for my cabbages too they get eaten alive.
    Not been too frugal this week but five days we’ve eaten out of freezer, cupboards and storage boxes in the RV and the food we brought is getting less and less. We’ve bought fresh fruit, salad and vegetables and although I make my own loave here in bread maker I buy baguettes or rolls fresh. A few things here are cheaper than at home so I will be taking good olive oil home, dried beans and peas, fish which we will keep in the freezer, good deals on pasta and rice which has become very expensive at home. It will pad my pantry out. When we get home we will have a freezer month to clear food from last season and make way for new produce. Have a great weekend everyone! 😊

  11. I have been grinding my own flour and baking a lot of bread and muffins this week. As I visit people I drop off samples of my baking using freshly ground flour and tell people about the benefits of using freshly ground flour. I think I have convinced one friend to invest in a grain mill and start to implement using this tool to improve health.

  12. I forgot to say I went thrifting here this week. I got five new to me tops loose cotton ideal for the heat. €9 for the lot I couldn’t have got one new one for that all in superb condition. From an animal charity shop so pleased.

  13. The lambs are so sweet! Takes me back to my lambing years! I live on a farm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. We raise market steers. My garden is 80% raised beds. We are currently having a snow storm (haven’t had this much snow in March since the early 80’s) so my original plan of planting my cabbages, kale and broccoli is bust. The greenhouse is overflowing with starts right now. I love this time of year!
    On menus, I started keeping track of what I made about 2 years ago and it is very handy. I try to implement one new recipe per week (if it’s not a busy week). Since the pandemic I am so grateful for living frugally, canning, preserving and having a strong food supply.
    I was once mocked by my family members, but no longer. They now are asking to observe my canning methods and I always say to take master preserving classes at the local university extension program as I did 30 years ago.
    I thrifted in a big town further from home last week and found 3 pairs of summer shoes for me, that is a rarity as I broke both feet in a barn accident last year. I also found a 80% off hunting boots for winter work boots as mine were falling apart.
    Keep up the great work, I love this new frugal Friday prompt.

  14. I love the weekly round up, so I can easily see the posts from the week!
    I’m thankful for your gluten free recipes as that’s a new venture for our family. I tried the oatmeal raisin granola bars (quick & delicious!) and hope to try making the hummingbird bread next week.

  15. You’ve had another busy week and looks like you’ll have another busy one next week! I look forward to finding out more about the catapillar tunnel. We just got worms for a worm bed. I love the idea of learning about other creatures in our world. There’s such an interconnection between all of God’s living creatures.

  16. I love the idea of frugal Fridays and enjoy the overview of all you are working on around your home and kitchen. Thanks for all you share!

  17. I have been working in the garden this week to weed and prep soil. I have winter crops still growing with greens, onions, scallions, carrots and garlic. I live in a warm desert climate. I did start some things indoors, too. I also made a giant pot of bone broth, laundry detergent, and have a new batch of sauerkraut coming up. Your lists inspire me! 🙂

  18. I enjoy reading your blog and emails. Do you raise everything in your garden from seed or do you buy some plants as well?

    1. I’ve always bought a few plants because I’m not great at starting tomatoes and peppers. This year all seems to be going well though and I’m hoping to not have to buy any plants!

  19. My week proved quite busy (work was more demanding than usual), but I’m slowly trying to integrate at least one new “homemade” thing into my life a week…this past week I tried two new recipes: granola and a chickpea flour flatbread. My partner and I also decluttered three kitchen drawers, which felt like a huge win 🙂 Thanks for all of the info you put out into this world, Merissa!

  20. I’ve been making fried rice at home. I have made it twice and my family loves it. It’s easy and fast if you have rice in the fridge already. I have found several recipes I am going to try out soon to see how that goes. One is a WW2 mock sausage that uses oats. Currently I have an abundance of oats. Hope your weekend is great!

  21. What fantastic northern light pictures! We had dancing lights here last night too with greens, reds and blues.

    What we ate
    Grilled cheese sandwiches, crockpot pork ribs, rice and salad, chicken pot pie and salad (from our microgreens), leftovers, chicken alfredo pasta and peas.
    Lunches are usually leftovers or a quick sandwich
    Breakfasts are often toast, fruit and Yogurt, oatmeal, cereal on the weekend or some sort of muffin or loaf. This week it was orange bread, chocolate chip banana muffins or coconut banana bread. Plus the kids will take this to school for a snack.

    Projects are mostly indoor except for shoveling and ice chipping. Indoor projects are transplanting baby plants and starting lots of new ones plus spring cleaning room by room.

    Spending this is a stock up month for us so spending is a littler higher (January and February were eat from the freezer and pantry as will be April and May). I was able to go to a Costco Business center and get large bags of sugar, flour, grains, baking soda and powder, cheese, and a few other things. Then I went to regular Costco to get milk, fruits, furnace filters and dog food. We are good for a few more weeks until I’ll need to restock on fruit, fresh veggies and dairy.

  22. Well, we had a busy week. We all worked our ‘away from our home’ jobs, & we farmed. My husband & sons worked on the farm equipment & on trucks, doing maintenance. They also sold hay & took care of cows. They help me with chickens, too. We have 1 flock of 95 meat chickens in their finish stage, & we moved in a group of 225 meat chicks in this past week. Having things ready for new chicks & keeping all the things adjusted for the older flock were my farm work priorities this past week. Egg production picked up in the henhouse, so I also spent time selling eggs. We added new poultry videos to our YouTube channel that we call Twin Oaks Farm Poultry. Shopping was just going to the dollar store for some household supplies & going to the feed mill for some new chick supplies. Our meals were simple. We had waffles in the freezer & fruit for quick breakfasts. Suppers were veggie & chicken soup, loaded baked potatoes, tacos, pizza, & a night of leftovers. Schooltime was for reading, discussion, ag classes, home maintenance, mechanics, & problem solving. I am reading Last Act, a book about Ronald Reagan. One of my schoolboys is reading a Civil War non-fiction series, & the other is reading a fiction series with a dog theme. Our house dog Gus got a haircut this week, so I got to visit his groomer & her husband. I also got to visit with the folks at the feed mill when I was paying for chicks, & I got to fit in a short visit with a neighbor. Family fun time for us this week included Scrabble & watching Lonesome Dove on dvd. Family time also included decluttering & cleaning – not as much fun, but very productive! We had 1 day that was in the 70 degree temperatures. It felt so, so good – really makes us antsy for warm weather! Next week I want to declutter at home, & I want to do a digital declutter as well & get some pictures made. I also want to try new recipes. I have been fighting chronic pain & trying to avoid taking any kind of pain medications for it, so it is a little discouraging some of the time, but I just try to keep telling myself to have a positive outlook! I just remind myself it could always be worse than it is!

  23. The Aurora is beautiful! What an amazing experience. And I just love little baby lambs!!! Sounds like things are nice for you right now, I’m so glad.

  24. Hello! You have been busy this week! 😊 I have been planning what I want to grow this season. I hope to be able to start soon.

  25. We had a rainy week, but anyday the lambing begins here for probably the next month. Finally seem to have (hopefully) had the last of the super cold fluctuations, and beginning to think about plants and how to keep up with the summer garden work! Met with my sisters to compare what we have been ‘making’ (sewing, knitting, mending, etc) and enjoying the sunshine at last this Friday.

  26. My sister taught me how to make my own vegetable broth. I do sure you already know how but here goes. No recipe needed. Save your table scraps: lettuce Cora, carrot peels ie ends or both, cabbage scrapes, onion peels or pieces, potato peels or chunks, I even put in chinch’s oh cucumber ANY vegetables you might cook. I know a lot of you out all this into compost but save a bag one week. I put mine in a zip
    Lock bag and put in the freezer to keep it fresh. When the bag is full put in on a stock pot or your canner and fill with water. Bring to a boil and simmer for a LONG time. Add more water if it cooks down. You can salt it or leave it plain.
    When you figure it’s done, pour or ladle into quarts and bring to boil about20
    Minutes. I like to set mine out to cool night, then remove the rights and wash the jars and rings especially the threads on the neck. Let dry completely and put rings back on snd store for use. Hope you like it.

  27. This past week was super chaos here at our home. The 3 teens share a bathroom and a part in the toilet decided this was a good time to stop working! Needless to say, there was water damage! This past week (and a tad of the week before) was all about repairing the toilet & having a professional service dry everything out, which included flooring, vanity, and dry wall coming out. Next week the contractor company comes out to rebuild that bathroom (I am SO glad we bought a house with 2 full baths so we weren’t out a bathroom), doing other rebuilding and lots of painting after some anti-mold undercoat. Its true chaos for us 5, plus 3 cats and 2 dogs. At least its winter so its not too cold because this would be a tad more interesting in the summer if we have to put dogs outside. It gets over 100 here in Arizona.
    Otherwise, I have been keeping up with the kid’s schooling, household things I can do, some thrift shopping (LOVE doing that!), and cooking. I also have a couple new books added to my to-read pile 🙂

  28. Hello everyone! I am sad to say that I have nothing good to post of my frugal week. My family and I have had difficulties and illnesses over the last several weeks, and I had not had a chance to be productive. Can I ask for prayer and good thoughts my way, please? My mom is in hospital, my daughter and children are going thru a difficult time with unstable husband and we are a state way. My husband and I are devastated, we are trying to operate our business, and feel like we are failing at every turn. We have a mentally challenged friend that has brain cancer as well. And the list does not stop there, but I will stop. I know the power of prayer so I will trust there. I hope and pray to have positive and productive for next week. Smiling thru the tears……

    1. Yes Debbie. We will pray for your current situation. You are so cute to ask for prays and good thoughs. Not all the people it’s so honest to share bad moments. God is looking you and please be sure that bad moments will be change for good news in some point.

  29. This week was mostly just working at our local school, and what a week it was! The kids were super wound up because it’s been snowing all the time, and they haven’t gotten to play outside in ages. We ended up playing an elaborate store game today, since only half of the kids were there (super small class), and they finally got to go outside!
    I might watch an alumni basketball game at the high school tonight. Hoping it will be entertaining! 🙂

  30. Hi.
    This has been a week of house organizing. Several rainy days have kept me inside. My kitchen draws have been bothering me. I spent a good deal of time organizing them, and letting go of what I don’t need. It’s much easier to grab what I need now.
    I have been experimenting with different recipes for biscuits. My biscuits have been alright, but not great. I have one more recipe to try, and then my family can vote on their favorite recipe.
    My only shopping this week was to order a new bread cookbook. Should be here next week.
    This week I have started reading Self-Sufficiency by Abigail Gehring.
    I have big plans for next week. I am redoing my herb garden. I have all of the materials that I need. The weather is predicted to be nice. It’s a job that I am looking forward to completing.

  31. Thanks Merissa for updating us and thanks for the auroras picture. Also the picture of your baby lambs.

    I’m far from all of you, then, while you are still facing snow weather, I’m facing the itchi sun here. I use to think that reading your post it’s more refreshing to me than the air conditioning!! 🙂

    My green onions have the tips yellow-dry and I have to move my fig from roof garden to inside, because still to lost leaves for heat.
    Cafeto have mellybugs and this week I used soap to treat it.
    The belly peppers are going to red and oregano, tarragon, turmeric and other herbs going to flower. At least I move the cilantro to shade, before going to flowers too..

    This year I start to preserve what I found in the store more beautiful and cheap and step by step…I already have papaya dice sweet, guava jam, tuna in oil, passata and caponata siciliana canned in the pantry. Also this week I preserve celery from store.

    Because the heat in my country, I have to put in the refrigerator the chucrut and little cucumbers that finish fermentation this week.
    Nice people here!! I enjoy to read all answers.

  32. Yes Debbie. We will pray for your current situation. You are so cute to ask for prays and good thoughs. Not all the people it’s so honest to share bad moments. God is looking you and please be sure that bad moments will be change for good news in some point.

  33. I just started subscribing and it’s like I’m reading a book I can’t put down. It is so refreshing to read that there are people and families living without all the “noise” that usually accompanies our day to day lives. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your world and providing me with hope that the real world really does exist and it can still survive!

  34. Thanks Merissa! I love to see and hear your life adventures! Keep up all the good works that you do for your family and others. I hope to one day visit your neck of the woods! Here on the east coast, life is much different. Enjoy your week, stay healthy and happy!

  35. What an amazing thing to experience seeing the Northern Lights! Beautiful pictures! And the babies are adorable! I started seeds last Saturday and some are popping up already, so exciting to see that, I’m ready for garden season to start. I roasted 2 chickens this week, I need to pick off the rest of the meat and will make and can broth also. I made 5 dozen chocolate chip baked oatmeal cups and 2 dozen muffins for breakfasts this week. I began spring cleaning today, I’m hoping to work on a little each day.

  36. Hi Merissa!

    I have recently cut right back my paid work (mainly gardening) to focus on my work on the homestead. In the last week, I have begun the winter work (Australia) of clearing lantana from the paddock, and that is going well!

    We have had beautiful rain!

    I bought a vintage bentwood rocking chair to renovate. This may become a hobby on the side.

    I love your sheep!!!

    Life is amazing with the Almighty!

  37. Hi it’s me Adriana living in Northern (108 Mile Ranch) British Columbia, Canada
    My email address is [email protected]
    A couple of years ago I found your website when I ordered home-made candles and
    candle holders for the canning jars from a company in a Amish country side store for Christmas presents for my daughters ( I have 2 one 52 and the other 50). You ask what I’m doing this week, I was restoring my antique dining table and side board in the dining room which I finished a couple weeks ago.
    Now next week I will be stripping the kitchen cabinets and redoing them.
    My sister and husband live in Hay River, NWT. and I have seen the Northern Lights when I was up there last year. What a beautiful site and you can hear them as well.
    Next week I will be striping my kitchen cupboards a big job.
    The weather is still cold so I will turn off the furnace and open the 2 side windows to keep the smell down and my two year old cat in. He is an indoor cat because of the wild animals here. Fox, bear and cougar.
    I am 73 years old I owned a restaurant before I retired. ( talk about hard work )
    Throughout the years I have collected many recipes but it is always nice to find new ones in a couple of websites like yours.
    Now that I’m retired I am a quilter, homemaker taking care of my husband who has state 4 bone cancer which he is doing OK so everyday is a challenge and of course a creative new day.
    Thank you for reading this letter.
    Sincerely, Adriana

  38. Hi, it’s Adriana again, I should of reread my letter over again for as I repeated myself twice about my kitchen cupboards, sorry about that I forgot to prove read it before I sent it.
    Silly Me.

  39. Congrats on your baby lambs and I love the part about the goats getting in everyone’s business, ha!

    We had a good week. I’m thinking about planting herbs for eating and use as medicinals. I might try calendula, yarrow, and chamomile. But I need to figure out a plan for bunnies and deer, which seem to chomp any baby plant that comes up, even animal resistant ones. I sewed a knit infinity scarf for a friend and need to sew more reusable produce bags and cloth napkins. I enjoy your sewing posts. Have a good weekend.

  40. Enjoying your updates! I look at what you made for meals and think “that sounds good” but then forget to look again when I plan my meals… will have to jot things down. I went to a couple greenhouses this week and gave me spring fever like crazy! We got our peas in last week and a few other small things in this week but it has to stop raining to keep on. But I did plant my strawberry starts… have a patch of regular ones but planted everbearing in a raised bed so we’ll see how that works out or if picking strawberries all summer long will get old. Started chitting my seed potatoes yesterday so hopefully we have some nice sprouts till it’s time to plant them out. Got some dahlia tubers this week so want to get them planted in pots today. Keep the updates coming!

  41. Hi. These posts are one of my favorite “me” times of the week.
    This week was a blur. So busy in little good ways. Meals were easy with as I made a big batch of sides early in the week, including our favorites: healthy creamed spinach and jalapenos halved, stuffed with garlic cream cheese and baked.
    My major project was dismantling some old raised garden beds. I am replacing and relocating some of them to a sunnier spot and adding an additional one this year.
    I need to start my jalapeno peppers; last year I bought seeds from a highly reputable seed supplier and ZERO sprouted. I have been hesitating on where or what to buy. If anyone grows them, I’d love to hear about favorite varieties and suppliers.
    Enjoy next week!

  42. I always look forward to my Saturday morning reading of Frugal Fridays!! Sunday is my prep day for the week. Getting more into flourless baking. It’s always a busy day making oatmeal, chia pudding, muffins, cookies for the grandkids and sweet breads for the husbands lunches. Keep up the great work!!!

  43. This week has been a rainy mess in Indiana, so we have been doing a lot of paw wiping and floor mopping! I did a little thrifting, a little meal planning, moved my spinach and lettuce babies into the house (had them on the porch in a container garden, where they will return once the weather goes back to the warmer spring temps and past the freezing part of the spring!), and did a LOT of homework. I got seed starter soil and some seeds this week so I will use them both with the peat pots I had squirreled away after buying them at an end of season sale last year.

  44. I love reading how honest, efficient and accomplished you are each week. I know that takes time from you also just to write this but please know that it is SO encouraging to all of us!
    It’s all I can do to keep my head above water these days. A recent major surgery and caregiving to a parent, tons of appointments, etc… my children are grown so I do not have that anymore. But it is all I can do to just get a good meal on the table some days. Working through freezers and other food supplies to use things up that need to be used. Your post on your hubby giving you foods and you creating meals from them was fun to read about and a challenge for me. I have started doing that to myself by opening the freezer, cupboard, etc and finding a few things and then “going on the search” to find ways to prepare it so that we all will like and eat it. Don’t have chickens anymore to pass the left overs to!
    Thank you Merissa for encouraging all of us! You never know what part of what you say will have an impact on the person reading it!

  45. This week I finally restarted my sourdough starter. I had it die when it was neglected after I had an accident an didn’t think of having my daughter take care of it. I have wanted to restart it but could always think of reasons not to. It can be sort of demanding.
    They other think I have been doing is getting rid of stuff that we no longer use or need.

  46. Since I’m single I’m not always motivated to cook, but trying to do it more so. Appreciate your meal inspiration here. Ty for the giveaway opportunity.

  47. Love Reading about your week! I took the “100 Days of Eating Real Food” out of the library that you recommended and enjoying that, Thanks!

  48. It’s always interesting to hear about your week. I always wonder how you can get so much done plus your homeschooling.
    We went on a tour of our state capital this week with our homeschool co-op group then we went to the zoo afterwards. I have never been to either of those places.
    For meals I made grilled steak, mac and cheese, bean and beef burritoes, rice, then I made mexican chicken soup with the leftover beans and rice.
    I also got a bunch of Florida strawberries from a local Amish store. We’ve been eating those with yogurt, cereal, or icecream.
    Otherwise I didn’t do much besides my normal housework and homeschooling my daughter.

  49. Still up to our knee caps in snow!!My daughter and husband came and spent Friday-sunday with me,had our family game nite /meal saturday was so sad to see them leave today): but next month everyone will be back together again!! The week was sunny and FINALLY warming up ,a little!Have a great week Merissa,ABSOLUTLY LOVE your friday reports!!!

  50. My week was one big nightmare. We had flooding in our basement, twice. I had several boxes of Precious Moments in boxes on the floor as well as some books that can’t be replaced. My fridge quit working; it might get fixed by Wednesday if we’re lucky. My husband got a speeding ticket. I was exhausted from holding my mother’s Celebration of Life on Saturday. I can’t put any of the flowers or tablecloths or other craft supplies that I used on Saturday because I can’t take anything downstairs at the moment. And I’ve been extra teary anyway because of my mom’s death last week. So my garden has only been a fleeting thought. It’s hard to get too excited when there’s snow everywhere. Can I still get seeds?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a tough week and period in life lately! Yes, I’ve still seen plenty of garden seeds available in the store and on most websites as well. It’s never to late to plant some kind of garden 🙂

  51. Living vicariously through you with the sheep. We plan to get sheep at the next homestead, the current one is just not a suitable place for hoofed livestock. Thanks for sharing your seedling, as I always wonder how mine are compared to others. Have an awesome week! Never found the giveaway form.

  52. Hey, Merrissa! We love your articles and we recently decided that you should be called the ‘Martha Stewart’ of Tiny House Living! As for us, we have been busy with storage, greenhouse, and storm damage projects/repairs. Over the weekend we took a road trip to Grassy Fork, Tennesse to celebrate my uncle’s 85th birthday and then we came back up through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel to visit with my in-laws in Greasy Creek, Kentucky. It was a great trip! (By the way, I’ve always wanted to see the aurora, but we live too far south to ever see it). Anyway, we are wishing you a wonderful week ahead. –Robert and Amber

  53. I planted most of my potatoes this week, and got 1 of my raised beds ready.
    My seedlings are growing and doing so well except for a couple items i cannot get to germinate .
    Daughter and I took a road trip to a fairly close wildlife refuge to see all the swans, geese, ducks & bald eagles. Was a relaxing day.

  54. I’m finally getting around to commenting on one of your posts. I certainly do need accountability. I live in the Pacific Northwest so should already have my little seeds started downstairs. But alas, I’m behind the power curve again. I did buy a grow tent (soil really gets my mold allergy going) and my hubby bought me a grow light. So you have motivated me. I did manage to quick pickle some daikon radish and took 5 lbs of ground meet to make up my own breakfast sausage. I have a great spice recipe if anyone is interested. Keep the encouragement coming!