How to Sew Placemats Quickly and Simply

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Are you looking for some simple, homemade table decor? Learn How to Sew Placemats in just a few minutes with this easy project and picture tutorial.

Are you looking for some simple, homemade table decor? Learn How to Sew Placemats in just a few minutes with this easy project and picture tutorial. #easysewingproject #beginnersewingproject #sewingplacemats #howtosewplacemats #diy #makeyourown

Homemade Placemats Quickly and Simply

I love finally having a nice big table that I can decorate with tablecloths, vases of flowers, and other fun things like placemats. I like to make most of the things for my table because they can usually be made simply and for much less money than I would spend if I actually bought them already made at the store.

—Learn more about Where to Buy Cheap Fabric so you can make your own placemats frugally.

Place Mats are so simple to make and if you find the fabric for the right price you can make them quickly and frugally. Of course, you can always make fancy placemats for special occasions like this cute Quilted Placemat Pattern but today we are going to focus on the simple, but very useful placemat.

How to Sew Placemats

You Will Need:

  • At least 1 yard of home decor fabric (you will need about 1/2 yard of fabric per placemat, depending on how big you make them and the width of the fabric. I get mine from
  • Scissors, sewing machine, thread, and other sewing staples

–Are you new to sewing? Check out my 7 Sewing Must-Haves List before you get started!


Start by ironing your fabric if it’s very wrinkly. Then measure out your placemats. For each placemat you’re making, you will need 2 pieces of fabric that are 18″ by 14″.


Turn the 2 pieces of fabric so that the right sides are together. Sew all the edges together with a basic stitch.


Make sure to leave an opening of about 3 inches so that you can turn the fabric right side out. Cut any excess fabric from around the edges.


Turn the fabric right side out and flatten out the corners the best you can. Iron the placemat, making sure that all of the edges are as flat as they can be.


At this point, you can stitch the opening shut and be done if you’d like. However, the placemat will stay together much better if you do an additional stitch around the outside. You can do a basic stitch if you like or you can do a fun decorative stitch. I chose a basic stitch for these placemats because I used a white thread that wouldn’t show up if I did a decorative stitch.


And you are done! So simple. Repeat and make as many placemats as you need to for your family.

These placemats look so pretty on the table and add the perfect special touch. Especially with some of these DIY Cloth Napkins in a coordinating color next to them.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member? A set of handmade Placemats and Napkins would be a wonderful gift idea!

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Do you enjoy sewing? Have you ever made homemade placemats?


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  1. Thank you! I might make these for Thanksgiving. I was going to seat us at separate tables or zoom and share food from the doorstep. These would make great happy Thanksgiving gifts to newly weds, in their first house, during Covid.